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Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

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The picnic date happened on July 20, 2013 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos are now here! Watch for next year's date when we figure it all out!

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Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

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Today we had Gidget coming over to visit the pups with her human mom Audrey and Audrey's mom. It was fun to watch Gidget and Audrey with the pups. I remember how Gidget loves them so.

Towser and Tia with their parents is dropping in too.

It's going to be a full house and fun to socialize the pups. Tomorrow they are 8 weeks. WOW

This socialization is 'good' for the pups - canines and humans.

My all time fave photo from today is Audrey (Gidget's owner) getting loving from Spice.

Tell me if you agree.

It's not only puppies that need socialization but the big dawgs too.

It is truly important to socialize every chance you get.


Big Dogs, Little Dogs

When your puppy is young, it is important to get them familiar with the larger set via safe play dates, classes etc.

Sure Spice has Terra so she has some conditioning but big dawgs come in all sizes, shapes and colours.

When Spice goes to handling class, she thinks it's grand that a Great Dane is right beside her. Hey, did you come to play with ME?

It's why we are are taking Truffie to class. He needs that same conditioning. It doesn't start out that way. We are talking about little them vs. the Jolly Green Giant. But once they realize the big one is no threat, they are opened to other big dawgs.

On another note, Wasabi seems to be eating well today so no signs of morning sickness. I suspect she's a couple of days further along than Abigail but we shall see. Last time it was 12 hours apart. Time will tell. Abigail finally ate tonight but this morning, NO THANKS! Nine more days till ultrasounds.

The weather has not been good, as of late. I washed the dawgs and they look like I never touched them. But we finally had sun and I let them run through the grass and they were delighted. We also did walks last night and they were drenched. They aren't pretty but rain is supposedly coming again tonight - joy - NOT.

Gidget came to visit today and had the wet chicken leg syndrome. She arrived after big rains and then the sun came out as if she brought it with her. It was nice. She was making the most of the sun as we all were.

I love this lull between litters that we are in. We are out and about doing classes, seminars, having friends and their dawgs come to visit.

Just a few days ago (should have had my camera going, we had Coco and Doozie's mom and dad here with the pups and Doozie and Spice was playing kissie face. It was a memory I wish I had captured. I have a feeling Doozie and Coco do this with each other all the time.

We are signed up in Ajax at Whos Walking Who for June 1st at 7pm for a class with Truffie. I hope other Havs can join us in Family Dog. It doesn't have to be our pups but anyone who is heading to their first class in the area. Boy would that be fun.

Well, the pool is semi clear. The pool cell needs to be repaired. The pool is sitting at 65F - chilly but better than 50 and that's what it was. So where is the weather? I know, they are waiting till the cell comes in - yeah right.


Snow Faces

We have all heard about snow angels and Havanese do them but Risa spends a great deal of the time just cooling off her head by sticking her entire head into a snow pile.

Then she pulls it out and shakes and here is what she is left with.

I often wonder why she finds it fun to not only stick the head into the snow pile but at times she leaves it there. I wonder how the hey she is breathing and just when I go to pull her out, she does it herself, shakes and almost smiles as if to say this is so much fun.

I do believe it is a game and now she has Shoshi doing it!


Marathon Washes

We are down to the last week of Fiona's pups making their debut so I did a marathon of washing the adults. I have yet to wash the Spice but will tomorrow. I ran out of steam.

When I wash, I cut the hair between the pads as winter time brings snowballs and when the havanese tend to bite them out, they also can create mats between their pads that are painful. Some people use a clipper and I use a pair of curved scissors but also my dawgs lay on their back and let me do it. I have yet to achieve this with Spice yet so with her it wil be a two person job, I imagine. We shall see as I will try.

My goal is to get her to lay on her back so I can find any mats in her armpit area and it also allows me to groom her underneath. It's a true bonus to get them to lay on their back and I always work at having that as a goal. It's just conditioning and trust that is a factor.

I also use grooming time to check their ears, clean around their eyes and just simply make sure they are knot free with a comb. I don't pull out the mat with a comb. I just either hold the mat in place and pull it apart with my fingers after spraying it with grooming spray or I use a brush to break it apart. Then I go on the hunt again with the comb. If you are this thorough at bath time, your job in-between is much easier even at the once in a lifetime 'blowing coat' stage.

PS: they don't blow their coat but actually they get their undercoat and due to the different lengths, it creates mats more easily. That is why so many choose to cut the hair during this time to even it out and let it all grow in one length reducing the struggle.

Besides, hair does grow back says I with my long hair. ROFL!


No Class Dogs Again

Raylan is sitting on 9 points and needs 1 point. Yet again people don't show or pull their dogs and as you can see my face...what is that about?

If Raylan gets his point then he's done. So let's hoping we at least have competition tomorrow.

Otherwise I will have to put my mug up again and you don't want me to do THAT - now do you?

On a good note, we had fun with the amount of people that loved him. He is such a happy boy and so lovey to everyone. That's what a Havanese should be but tomorrow I have to get up at 5am, wash him to do it again.

I am sooooooooooooo tired. Maybe I can sleep on the way. We shall see.

Just keep me away from the vendors will you?

The hubby hands me $$ and its not enough. What can I say, I needed some stuff including a new brush.

The hidden items you have to have to show - the tools...the products.


Playing With Younger Set

With no boarders, it's a quiet house - seriously. One has to laugh but yes, there's not a peep in the house. The puppies are snoozing and so are the adults.

I have photos to do and I have no energy and dogs to walk. Suck it up and get to it, Darlah. Tired is a state of mind - right so why am I yawning?

I promise by Monday, I will have new photos up, videos and I will learn how to use the video on my camera. Think of the time I will save.

More tomorrow after baths for Risa, Shoshi and maybe the pups after rolling under the deck.



Lazy Spring Havanese Pool Cover Days

We are testing this thumbnail business to see if you like this better. The load is faster and if you want to see the larger photo, just click on the photo.

Ever wonder if those safety covers are ... well safe? They are. Look at Nathan laying on it with some of the adults and puppies. If you have a pool, it is a wise investment for kids, you, the dogs etc.

The weather was gorgeous so we spent a great deal of time outside. The pups truly enjoy that and so do our adults. My crew needs baths and I will get them done, here and there. I still want to learn the new things on my camera but have I? NO. Something always comes up.

But tonight I am either going to wash a dog or read my manual. Do you know which? Even I don't know.


We had 4 Generations of Havanese Here

Why oh why didn't we take a photo? We have Risa and Fiona and we had Fiona's daughter Penny and Fiona's mom Maggie here. How silly of us not to take a photo but we have been a tad crazy around here trying to get a magazine out - well Nathan is so I am pulling up my bootstraps, so to speak with other things.

We had Penny go home and Ripley come to visit. It's downright quiet - well as quiet as it ever is here.

More tomorrow when I am a tad more awake. Had little sleep last night. Dawgs were great but Nathan had to go to the airport at the crack of dawn.

No rest for the weary but hey we are getting conditioned. ROFL!


Havanese Jay Leaves Talemaker Havanese

Well, all good things come to an end and we will be waiting for the next visit. These past few months, we have had some truly outstanding Havanese and non-Havanese.

Jay's a funny guy. He just loves everyone. It's that fun guy craziness that adds an element of fun to this place. They also help others find their fun. Each dog has their role when in a pack and we always help that along.

We also have Miss Maggie and her grand daughter visiting us. Penny has been finding fun in puppy play. Miss Maggie is enjoying Nathan and his taking her for errands. Her best time is when the pack lays down to watch tv, that's when she makes sure she cuddles right in.

Penny was born here so when Nathan says, puppy, puppy, puppies - well she reacts bigtime. It's a riot to watch. They do remember.

The crew has been running up a storm inside and outside only for short spurts as it has been heavily raining. Check out today's photos. Grooming was done early today. Shoshi was washed and so was Jay and now it is Cesar's turn as he will be going home in the early morning and Nathan will be out.

I best get started so we can all snuggle and watch TV. :-)





Playing Ball & Much More

Playing Ball Talemaker StyleIf you ever wonder what we do around here, well here's what our day has been like so far.

We woke up and took the dog's out. Nathan gets to pick up the deposits. We go out in front and get the paper, make cofee and get the breakfast ready for the crew. Nathan is the one who prepares the meals. I just do it when he is not available.

Then we watch the crew to make sure everyone gets their own food and nothing more and then take them back out. Each time we go out, either Nathan (more him) or I get to clean up.

We come in for a bit of play and go out maybe 40 million times - well not really but we are in and out all day long through the evening.

We do walks, 2 at a time and I do groom each and every one of them.

When we go out, we just don't clean up but we play games. In today's photos, you will be able to see how much fun they have going after the ball. It's a riot to watch and truly fun to play. We do this one a great deal as they love it so but we do running and hiding and all sorts of silly games including laying on the ground. Why? Well we believe if the dawgs aren't having fun, we shouldn't be doing this.

Hope you enjoy!