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Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

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The picnic date happened on July 20, 2013 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos are now here! Watch for next year's date when we figure it all out!

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Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

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Gone to the DOGS

Yes, we have really gone to the dogs. We are busy making sure the dogs have more room to play in the yard - not us have more room but the dogs.

Don't you think we have our priorities right?

Can't wait till we can do this...


Changing of the Colours

Someone mentioned that Treasure was getting to be a darker apricot. I don't even notice it as I am with her all the time but they do change tones throughout their lives.

At one point she was pale almost a golden colour and now she is darker. I had to go through older photos to compare.

I rather like that about the havanese - how they change.

In bed Treasure is the dog that always is up next to me as if she is a 2nd skin when I am in bed. She does this till I don't know when and then I find her in the bathroom on the cool tiles. I know this as I do get up midstream at night. Don't we all as we get older.

In this crazy cold weather I find myself opening my window, turning on the fan and piling on the blankets and the dogs love it.

I used to hate being cold and now the dogs are loving it and Nathan is thinking I have lost my mind.

PS: One day I will stay in bed and if Risa had her way she would too and sleep till noon. Some dogs just love that sleeping in especially as they get older. I guess their needs and wants and desires change too just like us.


Bath Times

Nathan washed Socks (not one of ours) from start to finish. I was there giving him direction but he did all the work other than cleaning up the bum area and the pads in 45 minutes and that included my end. A short coat is easier but a long coat that is taken care of can be easy too. I can do Fiona or a number of the others in 45 minutes too.

I took a comb and went over him and I did find a few knots but it gave me an opportunity to show him where they usually are and how to find them. This is normal.

I remember when I did Val's TT eons ago having her go over his coat line by line and finding one knot and I was miffed. How the hey did she find THAT! But she added you did a really good job. I also did a bichon for her and she didn't find a single knot and I hated that coat as it was so thick and tight. I was shocked and she had no clue how much anxiety I had over her criticizing my handiwork. So, with that in mind this wasn't meant as a 'find the mistakes' expedition with Nathan. It's simply a learning experience as it was for me hopefully without the anxiety.

I washed Logan and then Panda and Roxie. When I first started doing Logan he would mat very easily. We have since gone to a once a week bathing with him and it seems to be helping a great deal. His hair is getting longer and it appears easier!. It may be the once a week bathing and the products combined.

All I know is now Logan gives me kisses while I groom him and before he used to try to stop me with his mouth. I didn't blame him and worked hard trying to make it a good experience and part of that was coming up with this new plan that thankfully seems to be working better. Getting kisses is the best especially during a time that they do not like.'

I tell you this as patience is important and making it fun is important. A good experience will help you in the long run and worth the effort. If you take them to a groomer make sure they also have that mindset.

SiblingsI would rather have the dog enjoy the experience or at least not hate it than to have it be a quick job. It takes me 45 minutes to do Roxie or Panda but at least twice that long with Logan and I can do Katsura in a little over an hour. Risa, if I line comb her, and I do, each wash takes about the same time as Logan. She has thick full body hair and the longest part is parting and going through the coat line by line to find the knots.

I am a picky nut though and just like someone who takes a rag over to see if you dusted right (that's not important to me) I tend to use a comb to find those missed knots. If you do you can actually go much longer in-between with brushing.

I am also a freak about eyes and ears. I will find an ear ache faster than anyone else as I have a golden and know ear aches and just how those things smell when they begin.

People come visit with their dogs and I clean around the eyes taking those eye boogers away. I have a friend that laughs at me as she knows when I come in I am going to clean around her dog's eyes. I can't help myself.

The last thing I do every night before bed is spray their mouths with Leba II, clean around their eyes and look at their ears.

Why am I talking about this? To each of us we have important things and things that aren't. Some of us may like a long coat and others like a short shaggy puppy cut. Some may prefer to take their dogs to a groomer once a week and get it brushed out and others prefer to brush while they are watching tv daily and take their dog to a groomer only when they need a haircut.

The bath may seem rather scary at first. Lord knows Nathan fought me long enough about doing one and then he did and it was easier than he thought. Of course the coat was short but still it was puppy coat length and much thicker. With the right set of tools and being thorough you actually make your work easier.

So when you are bathing buy a tether and do it in the laundry room sink. Tethers usually come with ridiculous plastic nooses that can't be shortened. You want that rubber part that goes against your sink but you will find more ease with a woven noose that can be tied in knots to shorten it if necessary.

I just bought another from K9grooming supplies here. If you have a grooming table it can be used there as well but just as the replacement for what they give you on a bathing tether is worth every penny. To be able to wash your dog hands free makes the experience much nicer and it was one of the things I was pleasantly surprised with when someone way back when told me that I should get this combo. It works and even buying the replacement as an add on cost still makes it cheap and worth every penny. It is something you can use even when they are an adult.

Really its not hard bathing and grooming with the right tools. But it is you that has to decide what you want to do.


Older Ones Having Fun

If you watch the videos you will notice that Truffie, Roxie, Abigail and a visitor Molly was playing up a storm on the cover.

We experience that every single day - that mad, wonderful fun. It's the same or different players but everyone always manages to participate sooner or later.

It's nice to see the display of the dogs being so full of life.

I want the same energy level - please!!

We are trying to go to the All About Pet Show next week and we usually go with Helen and Suzy who own Hugo and Milo and meet up with anyone else that comes. At Woofstock we actually meet up at a designated point with dogs as that one you can bring them. The All About Pet Show doesn't allow. So its just humans looking at dog stuff together.

So if you are interested... We are thinking Saturday but are trying to coordinate.

Also, I will be posting a - must get list for the pups in a day or two. It's time I amend the one I have. :-)


Toy Play

Truffie loves the wet snow and playing with toys. He's much like his father when it comes to toys. Phantom will jump up on top of a crate for a toy and he surrounds himself with toys and covets them. He takes them to bed, he takes them outside and he just loves playing with them and so does Truffie.

Truffie also finds a stick charming especially if its a big huge one that he can run and jump with and rotate all around with.

I love a dog that can amuse himself. Of course I like the focus to be on me at times too but a zest for play is nice and fun, don't you think?


Puppy Get Together

We had a few people over from the last few litters. It was a great way to spend an afternoon that was warm.

Sure I had things to do but this forced me to set it aside and just enjoy the day, the dawgs, the people and that great weather.

Check out the photos. I didn't have time to crop or do anything else to them so they are what they are. Hope you still enjoy!

We had a couple of Treasure pups, Wasabi pups and Abigail pups and all of their wonderful families plus Logan from Yvonne and Cooper (alias Sinner).

Thank you everyone for coming!!


Crazy Fun Fetch

 Linda, Logan and Panda's mom hung out with the dawgs today and relaxed and watched the craziness of the game called fetch.

As you can see Kat is in the thick of it.

The ball that Steven and My got us was chewed through in one day, can you believe?

This other ball is rubber type of material and so far no chewing.

What was THAT about?

Then this afternoon the rain came and we did fetch in the house. It was a CRAZY dawg house for sure!


Curious Ant Watcher

More than most dawgs, Spice watches the ants go back and forth. You can see the eyes moving as if she has the intense desire to understand what these little black things are doing.

I am not sure why she finds it fascinating but she does it quite a bit - watching but never touching and they seem to leave her alone.

Is she the ant pack guard?


Zipped New Do

Risa has a new haircut and how can you tell? You can see those beautiful white feet of hers.

She still has a ton of hair but quite literally about 4 inches was taken off. She still has a Jlo butt with all that extra hair but it makes her cute, imho.

Clipping feet coming I hope as the video camera was half dead. Hoping it came out.

Argh it didn't will have to do another one tomorrow or later tonight. Sorry about that!


Brr Cold

 It's cold outside and we rather like it. The human is not sure. We like to hang out and let the cool breeze do its thing but she has to get coats and socks and all on.

Last night she opened the window and we were extra cold. I know why she did it. Then we get under the blankets and snuggle with her. We don't mind and she rather likes it.

Here's to cool weather tonight and warm cozy times under the blankies!


Charlie & Daisy Goes Home

Charlie and Daisy went home and it's ever so quiet around here. What happened?

I think 2 play monkeys went home and funny I miss that when it happens but it also gives the rest of the crew a tad bit of time to play rest until the next visitor comes.

Daisy is a regular who we adore and Charlie has been here a couple of times now. He is adorable and fun and we enjoy him immensely.

They each had their baths and now are on their way home. Till next time - and we can't wait.

Archie joins us on Monday.

Gad, it's quiet with just Kitzie as the extra here.


Visitors & Pups

Today was a rather hot day.

We have been having a blast. How Daisy gets dirty while Charlie stays much cleaner amazes me. There are just some dogs that find that piece of mud. Have you noticed?

Tomorrow Daisy and Charlie goes home and Kitzie will remain till the end of the weekend. After the weekend ends, we will have Archie joining us. We can't wait!

As you can see in this photo, the pups and the adults get along just fine. Running is a regular thing at our place. It doesn't matter if it is a game of retreive or just a run and games event.

They really enjoy the walks but I tell you, they just adore the play and who can blame them. I love watching and capturing.

Catch today's photos on the Boarders and Visitors page.


No Rest for the Weary

I am way behind as we had visitors and pups are going home tomorrow so I am scrambling to do baths etc so forgive me - photos tomorrow.

Daisy is here overnight and she is playing up a storm with Charlie. It's so wonderful to watch.

We had a couple from Fiona's litter here. It was great fun.

Now to play catch-up.


Visitors & Surprise!

Well today we came back from an ultrasound and Fiona is pregnant. Check out Fiona's photo page for more news.

Keep following us for more surprises. Shh I can't tell yet what they are yet.

WE had a nice warm day.

Today we got to see Fiona's pup Mia and she is a gorgeous silver and white like Kat. She started out as a black and white. We also have Kitzie visiting us and she was from Fiona's last litter as you can see in this photo that her last litter was multi-coloured.

Charlie is also visiting us and is in love with Abigail. Abigail has found her play back with the adults and it is nice to see. I was worried after the pups leave if she would be back into the old Abigail but it looks like she will. We really enjoy how Charlie and Abigail play.

WE only have a few photos from today but I hope you enjoy.


Road Trippin' Talemaker Havanese Style

Yesterday we went on a road trip with 2 Havanese boarders, Charlie and Fiona's daughter Kitzie and 5 puppies and all of our dawgs.

Have we lost our minds? Nah..we are dawg friendly and slow conditioned. hehehehehehe

Everyone had a great time. They played their hearts out. Ate up a storm when we returned home and slept all the way home. It all worked.

This is a good social event as it helps the dogs and the pups experience other friendly dawgs.

Nathan did his usual run around the yard. They all followed after. They loved the garden - well maybe too much. Someone grumbled those 5,000 dollar plants are somehow getting belly flopped on you know but they and the pups survived and so did our 2 visitors and our crew.

Today we had Oreo come to visit to see his new pack mate (one of the pups) and we had one of Yvonne's pups come visit. He sometimes boards with us. It was great to see their daughter Gabby hanging out with the pups saying, mommy, I want that one. heh Kids...

Check out today and yesterday's photos combined on out Boarders and Visitors Photo page. I put them all together - 2 days worth. Some puppy photos are included as the big guys were in them. I also included Big Guy photos in the puppy galleries as well as they just seem t mesh together playing their hearts out with each other.



Lots of Changes at Talemaker Havanese

Let's see, Hugo and Milo went home. This morning Oscar went home. It's back to just our dogs minus two pups that also went home. We will miss them...truly!

It really changes a house like this and the back to our own for a day or 2 is great but the real fun and action is when the visitors arrive as it always adds something new to the mix.

Tomorrow Kitzie, one of Fiona's pups comes to visit and Charlie - a real party dawg Havanese. We really enjoyed him his last visit. He gets to go with us to our friends to hang out and play. They are both in for a treat.

Check out the photos from the last couple of days in the boarder and visitors photo page.

Tomorrow we will have our adventure photos or maybe the next day depending on how late we get back.


So Many Changes at Talemaker Havanese

Oscar goes home tomorrow morning so he had a bath today. So did Hugo and Milo.

By tomorrow we will be down 3 visitors and 2 puppies. Now that's a huge change.

We have really enjoyed having Oscar. He has been a delight. He's not a party monster like Daisy but are all of us humans? Instead he's just like our Risa. He enjoys lazing outside, snuggling, walks, his food and TV watching. He also likes the gals.  He's my kind of guy. hehehehe

We have truly enjoyed him and he feels wonderful after his bath. He's going to be wonderful to snuggle with in bed. We are going to miss him.

Hugo and Milo headed off tonight and they were passed out on the recliner waiting for their moms to bring them home. They too had baths and with all the baths, no time to do photos but I promise I will get some up tomorrow.

We love this duo. They challenge you daily and we scratch our heads trying to figure out who is smarter than a Havanese and Bichon?

More tomorrow...


Changes at Talemaker Havanese

Daisy just went home tonight after her bath. It's been raining off and on today so wet dawgs we certainly had.

Milo and Hugo go home tomorrow. Their parents are going to love seeing them. We got to see Hugo's littermate and boy do they look different. Do bichons actually all look the same? Nah...

If it rains tomorrow, it certainly going to be a challenge keeping this duo clean. I will deserve one of those awards. hahahahaha But we will try and we will succeed.

Rain, rain go away come again another day!

I have really been enjoying Oscar. He rather enjoys my company and I his. He also likes a few of the gals here. He goes home Saturday and we will miss him!

On Sunday Charlie and Kitzie arrive and we may be heading to our friends (weather is supposed to be good) to give the pups exposure in a safe environment and for us to relax and our adult dogs to enjoy. I am really looking forward to it after 2 of the pups going home.

No photos today. I am too tired and vowed the paperwork has to get my attention and so do the pups as they are leaving soon and I need my snuggle, watch tv time with Hugo, Milo, Oscar and our crew. You should see the dogs draped all over us at TV time.

More tomorrow.


Daisy Joins us Overnight

Daisy always enjoys it around this place and she enjoyed seeing Oscar as well. Daisy is a regular and will be here overnight once a week. This way she gets her play going on with the Talemaker crew but she will certainly miss the puppies. She also has Hugo's number and bats her eyes and he follows. hahahaha

Oscar didn't mind all the gremlin puppies around today. I swore I caught him smiling. He seems to be really enjoying himself.

Hugo and Milo has settled in a big way. They didn't like going up the staircase when they first got here especially Hugo but that soon went and now they attempt to run up the stairs. We practice walk vs. run.

The gang had time with our grandkids, our family and everyone seemed to enjoy that. Oscar really liked all the humans around. It gave him a ton of snuggles.

Daisy goes home tomorrow night after her bath and Milo and Hugo head home after their baths on Friday.

Our home is constantly changng and our dawgs and visitors are better off for it. Constants and new visitors add a good and healthy mix of socialization.

Check out today's photos.



Havanese Conversations

Today has been a chillin' day and I do believe Oscar gives the very best hugs ever. Oscar is spending the week here with Hugo and Milo. He is such a laid back dog and loves the walks.

Today has been overcast but we managed to go out a number of times. Oscar is adapting to the puppies and Hugo thinks they are bigger than they are. <heh>

Our son from Iraq is here and I overcooked the roast, almost overcooked the gravy. I could go on but its good to have him here. I usually cook a truly fine roast but hey in life things happen - don't they.

I imagine the dawgs wil love the leftovers. <heh>

No photos today as I am not sure I am capable. I mean what would I do to the photos being this distracted so tomorrow. I hope you understand.