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The picnic date is taking place on August 17, 2019 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos from the 2017 picnic can be found here. Yvonne's place is NEXT DOOR to her old place. I will try to put a havanese flag out front. Hope you can join us. Directions are here. The house # is 25.

Grooming 101

Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video Windows version) and for you Mac apple folks - here's a conversion. - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

Certified Pet First Aid

Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

Woofstock 2018

Meet us at Woofstock. Dogs are welcomed. We meet at the restaurant across the street from Woodbine park. Here is the location. Meet up happens on May 28, 2016 at 9:30 to 945am. Rain date is the next day. Look forward to seeing your havanese there and the humans too! Don't have your havanese yet? Well join us anyway!

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Picnic is On

Rain or shine we are there with popups, food, good cheer and the rain is supposed to be gone by picnic time.


Oh My Gad Ten Fold

Tenshi says - see you at the picnic tomorrow!
Getting ready for picnic. Decided Murphy and Misty who are going is not getting a bath. It is way too much. Painting is taking all day. Navigating dogs around this is not fun. Then get this, Nathan has a puppy potential family coming. 

My spanish is rusty but he is loco en la cabeza - crazy in the head. This is TOO much. So, they will have to see the dogs natural. LOL The girls in heat a complete mess as they keep mounting each other.

After that, I get to put the kitchen all back but not tonight, not tomorrow as we are at a picnic RAIN OR SHINE. Says clear in Quinte West. Then Monday I have a ton of grooming so I will stand on my head and try for Monday night. Nathan is at a show Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday till Thursday. 

I do not have much of a gallery.

Dogs are having fun. They are eating late tonight as we have no choice. We can't cook in the kitchen. 
Happy Anniversary to Tenshi's humans!
Condolences to Parker's human. Her dad died. (sigh)
If I speak gibberish at the picnic, please understand. I am really immensely tired.
Hope to see you at the picnic! Remember chairs, a dish, a camera and your dog. LOL Let's see if I remember them. Oh and a bathingsuit and towel if you are going to swim.

Departures, Rain Etc

The Ollie man departs any moment. He got his groom going on and to keep him out of the rain was fun - not but we managed.

Here is the gallery.

We got 2 pictures hung in the hallway. I put the 2 pencil drawings out there. 

Next week Nathan is ring stewarding and setting up at a show so it will just be Dennis and I. Ali is getting spayed on Monday so the Hugo will be visiting us. I will be trying to get things back in place little by little with reducing. We shall see how that goes. 

I have 2 more rooms to clean out that became storage while we prepped then those rooms will get painted and I am so done. Rest will wait till next year. 

Tomorrow is an insane asylum as I get dogs to navigate the kitchen. We already have a plan - downstairs and out back as I don't want any dogs with paint on them. I have a ton of dogs to groom too. We will be superhuman tomorrow and Saturday, RAIN OR SHINE, the picnic will go on. Bring cameras and a dish and your chair, please. 

We sat outside today under the gazebo, piled on the outdoor couch and all over me did the dogs go. It was a riot. is anyone allergic to rain? Not Ollie. He was freshly groomed and thought rain - oh boy. I combed out the dogs outside and I was wall to wall hair from the girls in heat.

Now I get back to doing to kitchen. Joy...


Getting Ready

Teddy just had his bath before the picnic. Now the trick is to keep him clean till then. :-)

Here is the gallery. 

Ollie departs tomorrow. He will be missed. Boy is he a Casanova. Must be due to the gals in heat. Leti and Stone tied today. I washed all the girls in heat about 5 days ago and they look like - well like they never had a bath in 10 years. Okay, that is an exageration but what gals in heat do is bite each others hair, mount each other and create knots. The bottom line is they make work for me. LOL

We are stilll working on the kitchen. Dennis had me buy a sponge mop so he can clean the ceiling without using a step stool. 

Kitchen walls will get painted on Friday. TV and front room where I have been storing things that have to go back - some will be stored, some will return to walls etc will be cleaned starting on Monday till it is done and then those two rooms will get washed walls and painted and that's ENOUGH! It will be done before pups. 

Next year we will see about doing the rest of the walls. Baseboards only partially will be done as I have to have one section removed so I know thickness to buy and then I will stain that. Dogs eating baseboards over the years has not been fun but one bad section was our late goldens. I have yet to hang a picture yet. I have to figure out what and where the studs are. 

No pool for the last few days. Just too busy. 

Boarders and our dogs are invited to the picnic so we hope to see you there. It is always fun. Remember it is NEXT DOOR at #25 not at Yvonne's old place. 

So come Sunday, I will be getting up extra early to groom dogs going home. Next week is insanely busy. I need heats over. LOL


Last Class and Play

Short blog tonight as I have a lot going on and may be grooming till bedtime - no lie!

Here is the gallery.

Willow and Misty had their last class for this session and both did amazing. We are exploring more classes but will do that after the picnic. We have a kitchen getting prepped. Lots of dogs to wash. The gals in heat - well most I am waiting as what is the sense. They wreck each other in 2 seconds flat. Charlie, April's sister and Ella's daughter was here. The black and white gal who is getting a ton of black coming in even more than Misty.

Parker is here as human mom is dealing with a hospital and her dad. <sigh> Good vibes going out. Emmy came last night. Ollie is the man about town - the kiss the girls guy. It's a riot. What a flirt.

Off to groom. I apologize but much to do.

Another tie for Cinnamon. No one else yet but early for them.


Almost No Blog

This is Poppy growing up! I just received photos of her.

This is a no gallery day.

I had lots of grooming. Had to get ceiling paint, misc junk for the kitchen so it can be painted Friday. This is getting overwhelming but now we have a timeline. Wish I didn't have class with Misty tonight. 

We are bringing a brisket for the picnic, Yum!

Everyone is having a blast even though we have the threats of rain and more rain. 

Catch you tomorrow.


A Sunday!

Well, Chester goes home in an hour. I will miss him. He's such a loving boy! Brewer went home a few minutes ago. April and Shlomo just departed. they each play their hearts out. It's wonderful. 

Cinnamon had a connection today. I will post the times on her blog. 

Here is the gallery.

I now have a growing list of things I must do. I am tired thinking of it. Tomorrow more Home Depot. Got to get ceiling paint and keep scrubbing the stove grease. I also have baseboards that I missed so more staining. Have all the photos down but more cabinets to clean and heave ho. I am not having fun but the dogs give me kisses and I smile and kiss them back. I take breaks and throw the rope toys and they LOVE it!

Think I am going minimal so hardly any photos up. We are still thinking it through. My walls reflect my mind - all over the place, I guess. I am so organized in so many ways and so cluttered - things I can't let go of - memories of moments and people I lost. It's crazy but we are trying. Right now the halls and the entryway only have the keyholder up and nothing else. We will place a painting over the bench and maybe call it a day.

I started going through my closet getting ready for cooler weather and realized I heaved most of my pants and sweaters and warm things. So, if each time you see me if I am wearing the same thing, you know and can laugh at being a bit too much in getting rid of things. 

Tomorrow night is Misty's last class and we take a break and think of some other fun class to do. 

I am trying to figure out a yummy dish for the picnic. 

Nathan is swimming or reading in the pool. I am trying to finish a blog and get motivated. I need to be motivated. 

Dogs are having a ton of fun!


Lounging Day

Even though I took photos off the walls, cleaned 2 cabinets, groomed 6 dogs, I feel unproductive as I truly wanted to empty out all non necessary things out of the kitchen. There is always tomorrow. Nathan says why are you doing it TODAY. I said I must do a bit each day or it won't be ready for painting come Friday. Then we have the picnic on Saturday.

Does anyone have room for Christine to drive in with? We have a full van and we have to go early and stay later so.... do let me know or Christine know. 

As you can see Nathan got his lounging in, got his nap and the dogs LOVE both. I am sitting on the fence on if I should sand down my bench in my entry way and stain it. We shall see. 

Here is the gallery.

April fits between the bars so she has been so fun. I love the mischievous ones. She departs tomorrow.

Murphy got combed out and as you will see in the gallery, well she looks like she hasn't been combed for days. Got to love her!

We have some real players here and Harlow is always moderating when she isn't playing. It's hysterical. I have to get a video of it. Everyone is truly enjoying each other. I am not going to mention everyone but each is having an amazing time. What a great mix. Bedtime is a hoot....

Dennis is busy replacing a CPU for the server. I am blogging. Nathan is upstairs with some of the dogs. It's time to chill.


It's a Rain Off and On Day

The dogs played. Frosty and soon Coco departs. Socks arrived. I need to put things back on the wall. We are vowing to do the minimalist thing on the wall. Deciding what to put back and what to put in storage. Next Friday the kitchen and baseboards but till then, I must do a lot of work scrubbing walls, cleaning out cabinets, behind appliances - all that fun stuff and then start in on the tv room. The goal is to eliminate anything we don't use. 

Here is the gallery.

We played a wild game of fetch with all the dogs. It was fun. It is interesting to see who is really into it and who prefers to watch. I started to weeds and April and Misty went running away with the ones I pulled. They were funny. the dogs had a total blast!

Ollie, who is above relishes his naps with Nathan each day though Mia kept waking them up. Shoshi just slept through. 

Our cable is down. Seems Roger's is having an outage everywhere. Joy....


Playing Silly

Here is the gallery.

We are painting our halls, fixing our baseboards, doing our kitchen so I have been busy prepping and cleaning. We are not doing the family room nor the bedrooms as its just too much with dogs and all that we do so next year for that. One step at a time.

My house is a mess but so be it. Paint has to dry before things return to the walls etc

Dogs don't mind and we have no smell from the paint.

We played retrieve a great deal. No pool. Just plain too busy and we had rain and overcast weather along with mugginess. 

We have strawberries - well too many and the dogs love them so we found a use other than for ourselves. Strawberries are full of antioxidants so if you can get them to like them - wonderful. Maybe its the competition but they can't get enough of them here. 


Just Play

Remy, the black and white dog is from Wasabi's 1st litter. I think he is a kid again as he is playing and playing. He rather likes the puppies.

Here is today's gallery.

We didn't go next door again but am determined to do so tomorrow. Can you believe their gardners cut the lawn again? Are they coming twice a week?

That's okay. Misty has found a new found love. A rope toy that she can play fetch with all day long. Yes, she will go and go. 

Zoey departs tomorrow and then Friday Frosty and Coco. 

It's been a fun summer and looks like it's a busy one. Remember the picnic this month on the 17th. I promise you it will be a ton of fun. Bring chairs, a dish, your camera and get ready to have fun. Bring swimsuit if you are inclined. Hope to see you there and that includes ALL our visitors that come to stay with us. You are welcomed to attend!


2 Updates Today

We play indoors when we have rain but its not the same. We do our best to help them expel energy but inbetween the rainy moments, we take them outside. It is awfully muggy so no one wants to stay too long. 

Here is the gallery.

This is Dennis day off. I think he is sleeping in even at this hour. LOL Nathan was taking a nap then doing other things. I am doing dogs and at the moment and a blog. 

I got everyone combed out while Nathan was napping. Tonight I take things off the wall to get ready to paint the entryway. This is turning out to be the busiest summer holiday. That's funny! But hopefully the end result will be nice. We shall see. Dennis has his doubts. Yee of little faith. 


Happy First Birthday

Hello Darlah and Nathan,

Big hugs and kisses to you for looking after me when I was just a little fur ball.

I want to say Happy Birthday to my siblings and big kisses to mama Leti and papa Storm. 

My human family spoiled me today with a juicy beef bone. 

Beau Yan

Louis had his First Birthday party on Sunday with his buddies who all enjoyed his ice cream cake.

Louis wishes all his siblings ...Happiest Birthday!  XOX to his Mom & Dad. And of course more XOX to you both, Grandma & Grandpa.

Thank you Darlah & Nathan for this wonderful puppy.

Hi Darlah and Nathan,

Can't believe how quickly the time has passed! Wishing a happy first birthday to Echo and all her siblings!

~Laura and Adam


Leti and Stone says happy birthday to Echo, Maddi, Oliver, Beau, Louis and Coco!


Sharing the Fun

Sometimes you have to share this fun with dear friends. Sherry was able to come, watch them play and run a bit herself. Hope she didn't do damage to that hip but the dogs sure did love it!

Here is the gallery.

I am a little late in getting the blog up as I went to Loblaws for fruit and wipes. We use wipes for so much but especially on that stainless steel. The store was EMPTY just like I like it!

We have the raging hormones chain reaction going on. Cinnamon, Ella, Leti and Raven are in heat and Stormy, we are not sure yet. No one has bred. We are trying to figure it out and will announce when we get connections. Otherwise - oh my howling boys, uncivilized gals. What's new?

The visitors that can and are inclined LOVE, LOVE the runs next door. We are also playing find the treat. Puzzle games. It's been a ton of fun for us and the dogs truly!


No Next Door

Sorry so late. Tons of grooming. Here is the gallery.

They ran, they played but we didn't go next door as their grass was cut by their gardeners and we didn't want green feet. Tomorrow is a new day.

Lexi, Amy and Thunder departed. Bria and Parker arrived. It's a truly fun long weekend. Lots of brushouts and I just finished.

More tomorrow!!


Continuing Play

I won't bore you. Look at the photos. 

Dennis brings some of the dogs over but doesn't take photos as he is watering the plants. Usually I do this but he took on this job. I am so glad as I have been busy staining baseboard in the garage to replace the chewed ones in the house. I have been forever embarrassed and have been spending tip money to paint and stain. I am doing this here and there as I can in hopes that it is done before deep fall. 

Thunder and Lexi depart tomorrow. Boy Murphy departed today. 

Shoshi gained .04 ounces this week. We believe with tylan powder we are able to control her loose bowels and therefore she is gaining. Not huge but I will take that. Shoshi is so incredibly spoiled now and that's okay. 

I find that taking the dogs for a run next door, playing games have deepened bonds with the visitors. It's wonderful. There is something about racing around that expels energy and increases the enjoyment. We are enjoying being a part of and capturing moments.

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. Gone are the days when everything was closed. Home Depot was busy telling everyone they are open Monday. 


Start of the Long Weekend: 2 Updates Today

Run, run, run some of the dogs did next door. Some not. we saw passion in movement as you will see in the gallery. Some appreciate the find the treat game played in the house and which hand has the treat etc. Fun was had by all. 

In a few we will have tv time and chilling. They so look forward to that - me too. Love the snuggles. 

Here is the gallery.

I bought 2 floats for the grandkids that couldn't come. As they do not have a pool, they said to keep them. So, today I blew them up and some of the dogs reacted and some did not. It was fun to watch. Shoshi was hysterical and with her cataracts (old age), one wonders what she saw. 

We have a full house due to the long weekend. It's so much fun! I hope the humans are having fun too.

Sherry and I went to Costco this morning and I got 2 bags of lobster claws and I spent an hour cracking them, cleaning and draining and then I made a lobster salad for Nathan. It was worth it for him to enjoy it but it surely is too much work. LOL He has enough for tomorrow. I expected more meat. 

PS: the dogs had 1 piece each. Can't help myself but they wanted MORE!


Nike Update

NikeHere is a photo of Nike on his third birthday, July 24.    Nike has become a real blessing for the residents of my wife, Norma’s, Long Term Care.  He is known as the unofficial therapy puppy for our Village.  Nike is now greeting residents at the adjoining Retirement Phase where we now live.   As Nike has only know the Village life, he feels that he owns the place and let’s all visitors know that he is here - gently of course.  Visiting children get to know Nike as my PeePee Poopy Puppy.  Nike has a special acquaintance with Thumper, a middle aged rabbit living here in our pet room.  They actually touch noses when they meet.

Congratulations on your new pups.

Ernie, Norma and Nike


More Play

Rusty had a bath today as I have errands to do tomorrow. Prayers for Rusty's dad.

Good news, Coco's human sister is now home today. Her heart gave out at camp and she was flown to Sick kids. It was scary times for them. She is getting better.

Here is the gallery.

Raven's Willow was here for the day. Happy Anniversary to her human parents.

Brewer also had a blast next door though Rusty and Brewer do not run like the wee kids. I have to laugh. They gallop vs the wee ones running like their life depended on it.

We are off to dinner with our son and girlfriend so can get to know her. Life...

Oh and Tenshi would run up next to me making photos impossible but I still managed to get Tenshi mid air. Lexi was also screaming fast. It was great fun. We take different dogs at different times. They love the run!

More tomorrow. 


Run Free

Some of you that have been around for quite awhile know that we watch our neighbours yard next door when they go on holidays. I weed. I water the plants and in return we can let the dogs run in their yard. We took some over today and each day we will be doing the same. This is Louis enjoying his run time next door. Louis was here for a grooming and a play day.

Here is the gallery of the running and play. Unfortunately one of my memory sticks is unreadable or I would have had more. Tomorrow we will do it again and catch the rest that are not in the gallery. Guess I best buy a new stick. 

We have plenty of space to run but until we close the pool, we don't have that ability to race up and down quite like this. They loved it!

I had lots of grooming today. I have a ton tomorrow. To be honest I have a ton for the long weekend. I am hoping I get pool time and I also must stain my baseboards so they can be cut and installed. Tomorrow I hope Dennis starts working on getting our landscape lighting working. We bought an outdoor wifi plug so we can control it from an app. They are cheap but how good they work - well we will see. It's slow getting progress around here. LOL

Dog's are curious when I weed. I try to get some time in each day but feels like I make progress and in less than a week the weeds are growing. It is summer and August tomorrow.