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Is This Love?

Look at the way Logan smiles and stares at his Panda. He just loves her. It's so nice to watch. 

Thanks goes to Sherry for such a great selection of birthday presents. She's right, I exceptionally love the pillow that says I sleep with the dogs plus the water container that is metallic. I love the metallics!! 

Thanks goes to Lynda for comfort in our TV room. 

Today my hands hurt. When I say hurt, I mean it hurts to even type. Too many days with grooming matted dogs so unfortunately this will be short.

The schnauzers are having a blast playing retrieve. The dogs, visitors and all love them. They are great dogs. 

Here is today's gallery.

Cody departs tomorrow. He will be missed. Tenshi is on her way to Montreal with her humans. I didn't get a photo of her but I put a bow in her hair and she looked beautiful. I meant to get her photo but as I was finishing her her daddy arrived.


Semi Brush Out Day

Inula has not had a bath. Inula gets groomed by Nathan but she needed to be thoroughly combed out before a bath. Nathan will do the bath. I am finally done. I still have to trim around the feet, do the pads but that will happen after the bath. She's overdue. 

I got mostly everyone else done but Nathan did Logan and Panda. My hands are toast literally. 

Dogs had fun today. Molly dropped in. Amy is here for a couple of hours. 

Nathan is enjoying TV. I am typing away and well here is today's gallery.

Have to tell you that I am so enjoying how close Saffron and Murphy is. Sisters....

Is it spring yet? Love the warmth but come on sun!


Sibs in Step

Ever notice that siblings have the best of fun especially when they stay connected. Here Tenshi and Thyme are in perfect step with each other.

Today was a wet day but we didn't have rain. It was just damp and wet but warm. I bet the plants loved it. The dogs loved it. I did a lot of clean up but if they are having fun, I am.

Here is today's gallery.

Ash and Grey are visiting and having a good time. Grey is the darker schnauzer and Ash is the lighter one. They are amazing as big dog socializers. They love the dogs and play with them. They have such a great nature that it makes for a wonderful experience especially for puppies that look at them and say what are you?

Is spring truly here? 

The dogs are loving the play and by gad Raven has down - down (heh) and is learning to weave through my legs.


Too Busy

Sorry we went out to the Keg and now we are going to watch a movie with the dogs. We are gallery-less but I promise to play catchup tomorrow.

Everyone is well but no time for blogging. Tomorrow is a new day.

Happy Sunday to all!


Wet Day

Barney was ready to go home. He had a tremendous visit playing his heart out. I hope he slept when he arrived home.

Fitz is with us as his mom just had their first baby and they are getting into a rhythm before he meets his new human sibling. Fitz had a bath as he has been here for a couple of weeks and was starting to tangle. When knots start to happen, it usually means they need a bath. 

We had rain and more rain today so photos are not available. 

We are off tomorrow night for the Keg. We tried to find a movie that we both want to see but really there is nothing. Maybe we will stop in to Silver City, get a box of popcorn and watch something at home. heh That may work. 

Otherwise everyone is well. Time to get draped by dogs. I like that experience!



Almost forgot the blog. Mini gallery is all I have. No grooming for me day. Nathan did a few dogs. Everyone is doing well.

Pixie, Leo and Barney departs tomorrow. They will be missed. I start my day early grooming and bathing etc. It's called catch up time.

Originally Nathan was supposed to brush out all the dogs. That didn't happen but he did get to a few. 

Either tomorrow night or Sunday night Nathan and I go to the Keg. We have coupons to use from last year. hahahaha

I spent time teaching Raven to do down. She's not 100% but she is almost there. I called Nathan in to show him as I was proud of her and he then started teaching Stormy down. Do we have a competition? 


2 Years: Saffron and PJ Photo and Gallery and Olive Video Added

Happy birthday to Murphy, Maggie, PJ, Leo, Saffron and Olive. Did I miss anyone? Murphy is hogging the popcorn as she knows a celebration is about to begin. I remember this litter well as it is the day before my birthday. Wish it was on the same day. 

This is Saffron with a scarf on her. She made sure as I clicked she became messier and messier. That's her and I love that about her! Here is the gallery so you can see what I mean. Didn't have time for this so this was a quick throw the scarf on and click. Everyone had a treat from Biopaw to celebrate and I mean everyone except humans. :-)

Hi Darlah/Nathan,

I hope you guys are doing well. We are doing well here just craaaazy busy. Attached is a pic of me with PJ from yesterday, give lots of kisses to Safron from us!

Happy birthday to Safron and to you Darlah tomorrow!

Take care



Olive is 2, See her in this video!

Wow - can our baby be 2 already?

We miss you and will be in touch to play soon!

Olive and family


Cold But Dry

Okay cold but dry except on the pool. 

Here is today's gallery.

The dogs are truly enjoying each other. Pixie is such a good egg. They (Leo and Fitz) jump on her and when she has had enough she lets them know. Good one, Pixie! She does play with them and she really likes the attention till they are just being boys... 

Nathan told me today he bought me a baby gate for my birthday. Should I swat him?

I have to go practice with Raven. I also have on my list tomorrow after grooming to clean my front room and by Sunday night we have to move the damaged tv room couches to the curb and we are putting different ones in there (not new). So, much on my to do list but looking forward to the change. So if the blogs are short, please understand.


Not Much But Nice Weather

Not many photos today. Dogs have been having fun. Not too muddy today - hooray.

Here is a mini gallery.

We had class last night and Raven did well despite a dog being in her space all the time. She improves weekly. Stormy is a star. Raven is getting there though she does some things much better than Stormy. My fave restaurant I would stop at on the way back to get takeout is gone. No warning. We had Harveys instead. Yuck. But I didn't want to come home to cook at that time.

The girls had their rabies shot today. 

New date for the daughter's move out is April 1st. They are getting excited.

We are visiting a friend tomorrow so we are gone for the day. Dennis is holding down the fort. I need to stop at Buy Buy Baby on the way back for a gate. Our metal one broke. We are holding it together with a bungee cord. Have to laugh. Didn't like white metal gates anyways. :-) This one will be bronze.

Stormy gets all the dogs to kill the stuffies. What I mean is she grabs them and shakes them over and over and over while someone tries to grab it and they attempt the same. 

Tonight the Daisy departs. We will miss her. By Sunday is a quiet house - relatively speaking. 

Nathan is out back as I type running with the dogs. they are having a blast!!



Too Much Melt

I really do not have photos of everyone. It is whenever Dennis clicked. Me, I spent 90% of the time cleaning feet and getting dogs ready to go home. March Break is starting to come to an end. More depart tomorrow.

As you can see in this photo they run right through the water and right into the dirt. It's awful so cleanup has been constant.

Here is today's gallery.

We have class tonight. I am exhausted. Tomorrow the duo get their rabies shot. 

This was the look - is it dinner you are doling out - yum I smell that ground beef.  Everyone ate rather well. 

Everyone is having a blast despite the cleanup. Dennis has a permanent mop and pail that he keeps changing out and cleaning. Mud time - heh

Me, I want to crawl into bed. Think my hands are vibrating.


Crazy Day

Sorry long day. As this is almost the end of March Break I have been grooming from morning till now and its like that tomorrow. This is Holly who went home today. The boys just loved Holly and she them so her hair was much work but all well that turns out well. 

Ozzie and Murphy also departed. 

This is a no gallery day.

The son is playing drums (oh my head). Radar and Patches arrived and is mixing in VERY well. Tomorrow many go home. So bear with me if galleries are weak or non existent.

This too shall pass but not today and tomorrow. 

Hope all of you have had a great weekend. Class tomorrow night and who had time to practice. argh


Still Winter

It's still winter even though its spring in some places - just not here. Tomorrow and Monday most go home. A few remain for the week. 

The boys LOVE Holly and oh boy her bath will be a big job. I am combing her out but they all love her so much. She must love them as I put her up on the chair with me and she jumps off to get the boy attention. 

Here is today's gallery.

Rosie was here for grooming. 

I am tired. 

Dawgs LOVED, LOVED the snow falling down. 

Me, I want to climb on the couch. Maybe I will!


Happy St. Paddy's Day: Gallery Added

Cooper wished everyone a yum good day!

We 'may' get a gallery up but otherwise we will play catch up tomorrow.

Lynda (Panda and Logan's mom) is taking me out Akasaka. It's been a long while since we were able to get out and eat, talk.

My birthday is March 24th but I have a very full grooming schedule that day. March 25th is not any better so I am now calling March 26th my birthday. Fitz will be done just before bed so he stays clean for morning pickup.  I am not booking anyone for that day. I try so hard to take Sundays off but I will have to insist this time. :-) 

Daughter pushed move out date till end of month now. Renos are such fun. They have not painted or put down the floors yet. 

Dogs are having fun. Dennis is cleaning up like crazy - me too. I brushed out the dogs this morning. 

We need snow or a melt - just saying.

Here is today's gallery.


So Much for Clean

Yes, we cleaned this window and see what we have today? hahahaha 

Here is today's gallery. 

Dogs come, dogs go - it's March Break. It's let's have a blast week.

Holly likes to sleep on my head and last night when I rearranged her, she made noises and I turned over and she sat on my head. I couldn't breathe but I gently pushed her off and she kept trying it all night. I wonder what she was trying to achieve. I think she likes me. The girls surround me as if I am in a cocoon. 

I usually watch my tablet and fall asleep to it but not the last 2 nights. The dogs and I even slept in till 720am when Nathan went are you taking the girls down?

Got everyone groomed. 

It's a dawg life here, I tell you. 


So Much for Storming

It's March Break. We were promised snow. We though tunnels, and paths and well snow fun. All we got is a dusting. We didn't even have to clean off the gazebo. Is this the last storm? What do you think?

The dogs have noticed its dark when we get up and light late. As I am typing right now the sun is interfering with me seeing the keyboard. I do believe this is the preferable time but keep it like this all year round, please. It's time.

Here is today's gallery. 

March break is still in full steam. We played a mad game of retrieve and I think my face was going to fall off. It's cold out there but tell that to the dogs. If I am too cold, they come in. Nathan was out of town so it was Dennis and I. Nathan is now out getting food add ins. He buys ground turkey, beef, veal etc The dogs eat well. 

Adele and River are gone till Sunday. The reno is going slow but they figure total move out will be after my birthday this month. Her goal was before. Renos are like that. They still have floors to put in and then paint.

Then Trouble has a new home after her heat subsides. Lots of changes.

The pups are having a blast. 


Just a Dusting

The siblings got to play and boy did they have fun! Well, everyone had fun today but so much for the big snowstorm. Here is today's gallery.

Blog is going to be short tonight as I want to get to tv dog draping time. 

As it is March Break it is a busy house but a truly gut wrenching laughing experience as there is always someone doing something to make you laugh. What could be better than that!


Lickity Lick

The dogs are so hilarious at times. As you know, it is mighty cold outside. We all sit waiting for snow. Better than mud, sticks, twigs and all sorts of things the dogs bring in. Dennis washes the floors at 10pm after we go to bed and by 9am it looks like he never touched it. He got so frustrated that he says I am NOT sweeping this floor again. So bring that snow in. 

Here is today's gallery. 

Had a great day with Sherry today. Sorry that Nathan didn't clean Murphy's feet. Guys... :-)

Tomorrow I get to play catchup with grooming. Hands are still swollen. Oh well... quit complaining. 

Dogs were happy to see me. That feels good. Nathan got his nap in. 

Dogs were in and out all day but just a bit ago the were lifting their paws. It is getting too cold. Time to snuggle and watch tv and forget about grooming just for today. :-)


Oh My Time Flies

With the time change doesn't it feel as if the day went by too fast? It did for me. Tia got a haircut and went home. I brushed everyone out as I knew I would be out tomorrow. Grace, Tucker, Fitz and Buddy arrived. Grace departs tomorrow. 

Clarity and Farley is the winner of the eat so fast experience. Check it out here.

We had a dusting of snow. We managed to stay in bed till 730am. We went to bed at 930. Dogs didn't mind. 

Here is today's gallery.

Is it bed time yet? hahahahahaha

How did you survive the time change?


Really Stormy

Daisy is looking at Stormy as if to say - really?

I have a video of Stormy eating. It's rather noisy. You see Risa barks for her supper and then soon others chime in but this will give you a comparison between Stormy, Thyme and Raven. 

It's mighty cold out today. Dogs are having fun. We are trying to get to bed at 9pm. But we have a pickup it seems at 9. So, maybe I will go to bed and Nathan can wait. hahahahaha

Tia dropped in over night. Holly joined us. We have a truly fun crew. 

It's spring forward time tonight. Will the dogs survive? Will the humans survive? We will let you know tomorrow.

Till then, enjoy the gallery.


New Stands

My daughter was looking for bowls for Adele and River and I shared this one place with her on Facebook. Angela saw it and went and ordered. Here are the results, If interested I am sure she will share the info with you. Do the bowls come with it too? 

On another note we are looking into acquiring another slow bowl. It seems Stormy has reached the point of needing one, burping as she is eating too fast then still looking for more. She bites hands fir treats so you have to close your hand around the treat and allow her to calm down before she gets ut. It is working. She is too food motivated and this does happen. Where Raven says unless I have the great stuff in it, no thanks. Raven is eating out of her bowl now but needs a low rimmed bowl to do so and of course added treats crumbled up. 

We have all types and with visitors we see a variety too. All are eating well except the boys Truffie, Kat and Stone which happens when the girls are in heat. They eventually get extra hungry and eat, of course.