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It's Raining ALL DAY LONG

Barney just departed today and he doesn't seem to mind the rain but today he had had enough of me grooming his feet etc each time he went outside. I was trying to keep him clean for his mom and dad.

Check out today's gallery.

I just love Barney. He is such a loving being. 

As strange as it sounds, I was hot yesterday and chilly today. It's crazy weather.

Dennis and Jon are busy washing couches, carpets and all craziness today. Yesterday they halfway did the garage. Due to rain they couldn't complete it. Tomorrow they finish it. I am determined to get our van in the garage this winter. Each October we say - have to clean that garage and it never happens and new things are added - you know the old coffee maker that bit the dust, the broken sherpa bag and on and on and on. It is dangerous. The reasoning behind that is you must take it to the right dump station and their hours are never the same as ours. 

Dennis has been nonstop working but that means I am everything dogs and I mean everything from grooming to entertaining to having silly conversations where they do not talk back. There are benefits. 

I have changed Spicy's top knot 5 times today where Copper I have only changed once.

Another grooming tip - check ears. If they have a wad of hair stuck together that you can't get out, take some hemostats and pull it out. It is preferred to leave the hair but not if it is knotted. It is a hidden place that you need to check and comb. It sounds crazy but you do. 

Dogs have been silly playing inside. Charlie arrived. You will recognize him as the shaved down dog who despite being shaved down has beautiful markings. He is a handsome guy. Some dogs can do shaved down - some look downright horrible. He is one that can sport that look and still look good, imho. It's like a shaved look on a woman. Some look stunning, many of us would not. I  try not to shave down. Every now and then you have no choice. 

This week is busy. On Wednesday we go off to the farm to see Treasure. We are deciding who to take. On Thursday the pups have their vet visit. Then Saturday the 8 week visit. Not sure if I can fit in a bath for the pups then but maybe one where I don't take photos. We shall see. Maybe wash them and let them air dry so you can all see them wet? Nah but it did cross my mind. They do look silly all wet. 

Well, I had such a late night last night so going to get the blogs done. I wish I could go to bed NOW. But maybe empty the pvr - fat chance and relax. one can dream. I may be stuck hearing the wrrrr sound of the carpet cleaner all night long into the wee hours. It has to be back tomorrow. 


Saying Goodbye

Connor, Magic, Mabel and Velvet departed today. 

Here is the gallery.

I just finished grooming. I thought I could shave a dog down without making him bald as a shiny belly but his mats were too bad so I spent time lifting up the mats so I could give him a short haircut. No names. I don't believe in posting such things except to educate. In this case they washed the dog and knots turn into felted masses when they are wet. Always get the knots out first before bathing. 

Dogs had a great time today. Nathan didn't get much sleep so he was less than a happy guy today. Hoping tonight he gets sleep. I didn't get much either but I live the life that life is too short to be crabby. hahahaha We each handle a lack of sleep differently.

I do need a swim though. A stiff drink is in my hands. Maybe my hands won't hurt so much.

No tv time tonight. Spicy follows me to the office each time to hang out with me. I think she likes me.

Till tomorrow...


What a Day

What a day. We have had a lot of playing going on. 

Check out the gallery.

We started out this morning setting up bowls, adding Fromms, adding ground chicken - our usual breakfast. At night we cook ground veal, turkey, chicken - something to add to the Fromms. Well this morning, an unknown dog managed to get up to the counter and push a bowl off and all over the floor it went. That same dog went after the treats but we caught him and now we have treats, food and everything up high. LOL I have to appreciate the determination!

Inula is a TT and a large dog. She could counter surf but she won't dare. 

Tonight when we lined up the dishes on the counter I stood there guarding them. Each time this particular dog tried again, I rewarded him when he sat down. The rest were miffed wondering why he was getting treated and they were not. 

There is never a dull moment around here. 

We have had dogs ruin outdoor cushions, eat tables, scratch doors. But we learn from it each time someone does something as it gives us an opportunity to use positive training. 

Katie is here as Ruth was rushed to the hospital. We do not know anything else about it as her lady that helps her brought her. Our thoughts are with her.

Remember folks, if something happens make sure someone knows that the dog can come here and give them our contact info. 

Katie fit in like she has always been here so no worries, Ruth!

It's interesting the relationships that are developing. We have a full house through the weekend. Nothing liek dogs draped all over you. It's the best!



Visitors are the best!

Check out the gallery.

Everyone is truly enjoying each other. Spicy and Cooper came in the door and made themselves at home. Spicy was digging at my cushion outside and Cooper spread out. LOL

Herschel was helping me weed all around the daylilies. Each day I get something done but I feel like I am going NO WHERE as the weeds grow as I pull, I swear.

But I sat outside in nicer weather surrounded by dogs and some draped on me. I just love it!

This cooler weather is wonderful. I still get a quick dip in and I get fun dawg time. Going to play find the treat tonight!

By the way, I am looking for mild coffee beans. I hate Starbucks and Tim Hortons, I need something smooth. My feelow coffee drinkers, what are you buying? Can I get it local?


Happy 5th Birthday

I hear Trigger is enjoying treats and Mabel is here and got a wonderful snack. Love to hear from the rest of the crew... if I remember right Muntuno was also in this crew!


Cool Day

This is Mabel who is a Spicy pup. I will have to get a photo of mom and daughter together as Spicy arrives tomorrow.

Here is today's gallery.

As I am going out I am trying to get grooming done and the blogs done. Oh yeah and I need to get a shower in. hahahaha

Does anyone have a Sherpa bag that they are selling? If so, we are interested. You see the pups ruined one of ours. They ate right through it. It's the 1st time that has ever happened. It's just the netting portion but with wee ones it is no longer safe so we are using one bag and making 2 deliveries. 

The dogs are truly loving the weather that feels a tad cool to swim, if you can believe. Besides I am too busy and that's okay. I hate missing swimming but it gets warmer tomorrow.

When outside the dogs take over the lounge chairs, the settee = anything that brings one comfort. Can you blame them?

Today we played find the treat. I have to say we had 100% success with every single dog. The nose, knows/ :-)


So Fun

The cooler weather brought some grand fun and then it got hot. LOL

So inside play was also desirable. 

They say its supposed to stay cool each night and the dogs will love it. No more 40s. 

This week should be a great deal of fun. We have some truly fun dogs coming.... enjoying outside, inside and tv time. I find tv time is the best as we truly get the most snuggles.

4 more days and Saffron is out of heat.... let me count the days. When our son Jon moves out next year - if he does, I am going to redo the basement and when the gals are in heat, Dennis will hang out downstairs with a tv and a few dogs so the dogs in heat have company other than just a human. I say this as then we will have no oops and sanity. Right now Kat is beside himself where Stone and Truffie are more behaved. How interesting. 

Plus we can have an additional play area. But we shall see if the son actually does move. LOL

Tomorrow night I am heading out with a friend just down the street. It's been quite awhile since we have done this. Looking forward to good company and hopefully good food. I haven't been too lucky with good food. So blogs will be short, I will get them done before a 6pm departure. 

Nathan will be heading into Ottawa soon again. We are just figuring out timing. He brings back the best egg rolls when he goes but that's not the reason he is heading in.

One of the visitors ate my sandal - well not ate it - just bit it so now I have no side. It's hard to explain but I am hunting for new sandals and they don't make these anymore. Silly me for leaving them down. I should have originally bought 2 pairs. Teach me. 

PS: Dennis was successful in helping the baby bird get back with its parents.


Rain is Here

We had fun times today. I also updated the Leti blog - 2 entries.
Willow went for a swim today then she had a bath. It was ever so hot this morning and then it has been raining off and on heavy downpours. The dogs sniff the air and say not a chance I am going out in that.

Sherry picked up Murphy and saw a baby bird unable to move on the ground. So, Dennis checked it out and is busy trying to find its nest - still. I may lose him for the night as he is determined to make sure its okay and to find mom. Love his heart but he frets.

Here is the gallery.

I have to bathe Leti - she is due for a cleanup. 

Dogs are playing indoors. They are about to eat. I am doing blogs. 

Saffron has 6 days till the end of her heat - hooray!

Last night I decided to have a gin and tonic - Hendricks my fave and as I was sipping, sitting in the recliner, Noah jumped off the ledge (we have blankets and comfie places for them to sit on up high) and missed his jump and instead knocked the glass out of my hand. Ice cubes, drink and all all over me and poor Noah didn't know what he did. It was cold. I jumped up and oh my gad and Nathan started cleaning up the drink all over. It's been a long time since I had a drink. hahaha Teach me...


Hot Heated Day

Zoe is mighty comfie in our blow up chair that happens to be sitting on a table. She climbed up into it by herself. Of course Nathan was in the chair next to her.

See the gallery.

Rocky departed. Mia, Noah and Zoe arrived. Our installers for the gazebo were also here. I don't want to talk about it but its up.

Benji and Murphy gets baths tomorrow as they depart.  Murphy gal does as well but she had her bath last week. 

It was very hot outside. We hung a sheet over our back door so the dogs didn't bark at the installers. I need to put up blinds. I have not replaced the last ones that broke. Sometimes it is nice to block the sun, I suppose. 

It was too hot to weed. We have to move the chairs back to the bottom deck. I need to clean out my trug. I wil get there when it cools down, I suppose or hack it at night. The dogs really enjoy going out at this time of night. I do believe they are sick of the heat. They say a cold front is moving through on Tuesday. It's supposed to drop to 26c. It's still swimming weather but better than 40c

It has been some summer so far...


Silliness is Good for the Heart

George was having a grand time on the cushions tonight. See the gallery. We have just a few photos today. You see we had the 6 week visit. We are waiting for the gazebo installers. They said 2. They called an hour ago and said they would be here in an hour. What does that mean a gazebo till 11pm? Oh boy....

It means pups are heading upstairs to play and the dogs just had a good run a few minutes ago.

We will play run in the halls. The dogs love that and then tv time. I am hoping this gazebo doesn't take more than 4 hours. They have to come first though. hahahaha Nathan almost didn't get his nap in as we were waiting.

None of us got swimming time in. Tomorrow is a new day, I suppose. To have shade on the deck for the pups other than a popup that we have to use a vise scrip on to take it down will be nice. It will match, I think too. 

My day started out at 7am. I cleaned, did breakfast, brushed dogs. Dennis washed floors. I weeded again. I cleaned the deck. I have so much weeding but its somewhat looking better. hahahaha The dogs surely love digging in the dirt after I pull out a bunch. Do you think they think they are helping me? 

It's been a day - a busy one and it still continues but.... we survived. Did you?


Just Some Clicking

Murphy jumps up on my leg and looks at me with those eyes - treat please. I laugh... ands he knows where the treats are.

Here is a small gallery.

Long day today. I had dogs and puppies to groom and I pressure washed trying to create an edge and all I kept getting was water running towards me. It was funny, wet and messy.

Just heard we may be getting our gazebo installed - yes the lower deck one tomorrow afternoon - only if it doesn't pour. LOL If it pours it will get delayed. We found it on a huge sale and now its no longer on sale. They told us 3 to 4 weeks. We got a surprise on Friday the 13th, I may add. It is actually a match for our upper deck one but smaller as our bottom deck is smaller. We are or will be back to a 2 gazebo house. It helps when it is raining or snowing.

Dogs are loving watching Dennis weed. I am about to go out there myself. It's a crazy busy day today. Tomorrow a fun one with the pups - and well maybe the gazebo. 


Too Busy

I believe Rusty has stunning eyes! I just love this dog.

This has been my day today. I groomed all the dogs eventually - 1 here and there till I finished. I also groomed and bathed 3 dogs. I did laundry (4 loads). I did dishes. I pulled weeds so one can walk down the path. I have a ton more to do but it won't get done before Saturday. Oh well...

Here is the gallery.

Nathan said this was important before the puppy people come on Saturday. I watered plants. I still have not got to front. We had pups out twice. That was just the start. I cleaned bathrooms. I did way too much more. LOL

Rocky likes to garden with me. 

Tonight I am off with the daughter at 5:15 to eat at a new restaurant. I deserve it. LOL

Tomorrow - insane day. Saturday after everyone departs - a pool float, I insist!


Short Blog

Harlow headed home tonight. She got to play with the puppies. How fun is that? We rather enjoy this gal! Rusty comes tomorrow and Ozzie heads home. 

Here is a small gallery.

I am making progress on the path. These small riverstones from the quarry was cheap. 

We got a gazebo for the bottom deck. Canadian Tire is busy. Said we won't even call you till the 17th to book a date for install. Here we go again. Nathan can no longer put the cover up on the popup tent. He has rotator cuff tendonitis. It's why I am on my own doing weeding, the path and all sorts of fun stuff. So maybe we will have that gazebo up by the time the pups are going home. LOL

We had fun at Wicked. We had amazing seats - dead center 10 rows up from the stage. 17.50 for a gin and tonic and no lime - really? It has been a long time since we went to a play. We also walked around Eaton Centre before and that was fun. It's been forever since we went to the Eaton Centre. nathan forgopt to charge the cell phone so we kept asking people the time - geez just so we wouldn't be late. Ate dinner in the mall at a Japanese restaurant. Mine was downright terrible. Nathan liked the sushi. Oh well. 

That's it for tonight!


Life is Fine

Oh Stormy you are still a stormy one. What are we going to do with you? We let her come in to see the pups and she treats them as if they are 2 years old. She has no concept yet of these are little beings. We keep trying. We have to keep taking her out. One wonders what she will be like with her puppies. LOL

Winston was playing with me while we were waiting for his human daddy. He was a riot. I couldn't get him to stay still.

Blogs are short as we are heading to downtown while Dennis takes care of the dogs. We are off to see Wicked. 

Take a look at the gallery.

Nathan's camera was refusing to recognize any of the memory sticks. But I took it out, aired it out, blew some air in it and lo and behold it is working. We have my camera but I doubt Nathan wants to share mine with me. 

Sage got her rabies shot and now weighs 7lb on the nose. She also went to the pool store with Nathan but no one was dog people. For shame.


Blogging and Dawgs

I was trying to remember how many years I have been doing the dog blogs. I think its been 15 years. I used to do them on blogger and now here. I have never missed a day. Sometimes short. Sometimes not saying a heck of a lot but still posting. The family thinks I am crazy and should do a blog a couple of times a week. Can you imagine? What happens to capturing the dog that is only here a day or 2? Nah that won't work. 

Here is the gallery.

The dogs are really curious when we take the pups out. They whine to get in. They jump on the sides and they give kisses through the xpen. It is good exposure for the puppies and for the adults.

Ozzie is truly smitten with Ella. You see she smells of milk and that must be a good memory for him. 

It is interesting what dogs relate to as good memories as you can see them reacting in such glee to certain moments that you know remind them of something.

Tomorrow night we are going to Wicked so the blog will be extra short. Our daughter bought her dad Nathan a ticket and I bought myself a ticket next to him so he had company. LOL I hope we like it.

Today is Dennis' day off. This allows him to just do what he wants without cleaning, feeding and all the crazy things we do in a day. It is something each of us look forward to. We just started this and its hard to get my day off due to groomings etc I do try.

I have yet to do the patio area in the middle garden bed. It's amazing I got what I got done. 

None of the dogs got seeds on them today - thank you, Dennis!

My green beans are growing like crazy. I am adding them to salads and I have to start researching some recipes. My berries are yum edible now though the raspberries are just starting to fruit. I miss a certain dog that used to eat them before I got to them in years past. 

What a hot season so far this is and well the dogs they like it cooler. heh

Unless I am in the pool, I like it cooler too.


Very Short Blogs Today: Check Out Safi's Blog Too

Don't you love it. You get them freshly groomed and they always have that sensational unperfect - but what's your complaint look. Here Murphy has her hair across her nose.

No one wants to come swimming these days except Willow who you can't get out of the pool. She has found a passion - oh boy. Now tp convince her she can't swim when no one else is swimming. Yes, she knows how to get out but - Willow....

Here is the small gallery.

Poor George had seeds all over his face. He was not a happy boy. It took Nathan a bit to get them off his face. Dennis has been out trying to hunt them down to eradicate the bleepin weeds. They are evil as they stick to the coat. So, other things have been distracting us. 

When our 2 gazebos were damaged beyond repair in the wind storm, we had a solar gazebo light on one that smashed to smithereens. I tried to find the same one and no one had it as it tends to light rather well considering it is solar. Finally found them on closeout - the very last one and Sherry was able to pick it up for us. I am so jazzed. it's sort of like fave shoes - you love them, they wear out and then you can't find them again. It was half priced and I am excited to have light out there again. Not sure why they are not selling them anymore. maybe they work too well?

I am trying to get tv time in tonight so short blogs it is. 


Siblings and Fun

The 3 siblings were together having a great time especially with Nathan. LOL

I was so extremely busy today, I hardly had a chance to get a glass of water but watching the trio was one of the highlights of my day. 

Here is the gallery.

Being silly wit the dogs outside was another. Now I am blogging.

Harlow and Murphy boy arrived. They got right into the play. Everyone is enjoying not having the extreme heat - only 27c - yeah only. Hot tomorrow... 

Brace yourself. hahahaha


Waiting for Pups

Some of them lined up to watch the puppies outdoors. The puppies are not old enough to play with them but it didn't stop them from looking and trying to kiss them through the xpen. I have to laugh as the adults were so excited.

Here is the gallery.

It was a cooler day out. Tomorrow things heat up again. 

I ran errands - wanted coleslaw at the Farmers market but they didn't have any - for shame. I noticed all teh garden places at the grocery stores are tearing down. It's only July, folks. Oh well less to take indoors come fall. 

It's been a low key day but a fun day and we are about to take the puppies out again!


Today Was the Worse

It was so bloody hot. Rocky, Tenshi, George and Murphy refused to go in the pool early this evening before the rain came. Well, it started while we were out there so everyone came in. We do not mess around with lightening. It seems it hit several times close by. I hope everyone is alright. Storm is over. Everyone is doing tv time waiting for me so blogs will be short.

Everyone is having a great time. 

Check out the gallery. 

I want to do TV time too and get draped in dogs. Can you blame me?


Still Hot Dawgs

Rocky is saying - are you joking? When I water my plants, I water the tiles to cool it off for the dogs. They appreciate cool water on their feet but still no one wants to get into the pool except Willow.

Here is the gallery.

Saffron is in heat but we are not breeding her. She is completely isolated and at night she heads downstairs to sleep in the cool basement with our son and Murphy goes running down with her. Personally I think its too cold downstairs - basements are always but they cuddle into Jon, the blankets and go to sleep and he loves it. Me - I miss sleeping with them but I like that Murphy wants to keep Saffron company. She's an amazing sister - truly!

I got everyone brushed early and turned around, looked at Stone and he looked like I never touched him and I swear he said - so THERE! He's part of the reason Stormy and Cinnamon's coat got like it is due to his rowdy play but they so love him and a coat is not as important as the 'it makes them happy down to their soul' play. lately dear old Raven is playing like that too. Stone has such an amazing fun personality. 

Elvis is enjoying Rocky and Stormy. They have this tag you are it thing going on. It's something new. I have to catch it in action. I take out the camera. They stop. They look at me. Then say - what? They are not the only ones to do this. I can't begin to tell you the times Nathan says get the camera and they stop midstream when I go to click or they get so close to me, I can't take a photo as I have the telephoto lens on. Try doing this with your dog and you will see what I mean. Some do pose - some - you wish you had a camera planted on your head. lol

We are still under a heat warning. Very hot even more than this heat tomorrow and we may get thundershowers but not enough to cool it off. It's tough to weed. I try first thing then I give up. Oh well, in 4-5 months that white stuff will fly so I need to shut my mouth. I remind myself to try to make the best of it as we have air. Virtual slap for having the audacity to complain.