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Dirt and Runs

Oh Ziggy what a game you play. He is a water dog. He gets soaked then rolls in the dirt. He departs tomorrow and I may be giving him an extra whitening shampoo to get the mud totally out of him and keeping him away from the dirt. As you can see the mud is seeping off of him into the pool.

Each day once or twice and sometimes 3 times a day either Dennis or Nathan runs with the dogs. They LOVE it! Today a few departed and tomorrow a few more depart. 

Come mid week Nathan is working at a show and on Tuesday I am going to the CNE with the daughter so no grooming on Tuesday. After this marathon I need a break. Hope you understand. Last time I went to the CNE I went wit the grandkids from North Carolina and they were tired from the drive and young at that stage so they cried almost the whole time we were there. I think it will be quieter this year.

Nathan says what do you want to do at the CNE. I said I got to get out to do SOMETHING this summer. I thought I had August. Weeds are growing - to do list growing - oh well.

Dogs had fun today. I was on grooming overload. Tomorrow another heavy bath and haircut day. 

Amy's dad sent picnic photos. I will add tomorrow. Today I am fading.

Here is the gallery.

I did update Roxie, Saffron and Adele's blog. Check them out.


Picnic Fun: Gallery Added

First and foremost thank you to Yvonne and Alex for opening their yard up to this craziness.

Thanks to Holly and her sister for taking these shots.

It was a grand day! No rain. Lots of people and dogs. Dennis at the home front didn't take photos so the picnic ones will have to do.

Look for the gallery in a bit. I am working on it. It will be tonight.

Tomorrow we go back to clicking the dogs. 

Here is the picnic gallery.



On a given day relationships are created and changed. Let me explain that. One day x dog will really play with x and the next day they still are playing with x or they have moved on to another to play with. It's interesting. Today Skylar, Gizmo and Bissli were as thick as thieves in a fun way. They just enjoy each other's company and did so all day long. 

But they weren't the only ones. It was like a school yard play ground and running, hanging and enjoying.

Check out the gallery. Dennis took these photos so I may not have everyone in it but rest assured they had a great time and when I was taking a break between grooming, I wanted to play with the dogs not click. Sorry.

 I was grooming a great deal today. Plus we have a picnic to get ready for. 

The dogs - well they had fun all day and are still playing. They will sleep tonight.


Wet and More Wet: Update

Skylar is rather enjoying herself. She is a Rowan puppy. It doesn't matter if they are outside or in they still manage to have fun. Due to rain and lots of grooming I didn't click much. Sorry. Here is what I did click.

Brewer is one of the dogs that got a full bath, clip and blow dry and he's still smiling. hahahaha Now Mike is going to have a heck of a time trying to keep him looking good for the picnic. 

Molly is another that got a full bath and clip. 

I also had a few others that I needed to get done and of course I have the ones I am taking to do tomorrow plus Amy. It best not rain tomorrow. I have had lots of feet to clean.

Today we have a 3rd birthday celebration. Be sure to look at Jeannie's blog to see the update. We also have a Roxie pup visiting so be sure to check out Roxie's blog. Plus follow Saffron's blog. I have shaved her tummy. Was going to give her a bath today but said why with this rain.

The daughter is also bringing over Adele as she thinks she is in heat. Oh boy - it begins and yes we plan to breed her for her last litter. Not fair for Dani to have to give her up for a pregnancy and delivery till they go home. But this was the agreement and we think the Stone and Adele combo was amazing. I was hoping no heats till after the picnic. Maybe she is wrong but she is bringing her over tonight so we shall soon know. We may have the grand daughter hanging out here for months. We shall see. I certainly will see them more. heh

Adele is still in our names and we had only had planned on River going but then it all played out the way it did and I do so love my grand daughters. 

Stay tuned.

Yes, Adele is in heat. See her blog.



Leo has adjusted so nicely and seems to be really enjoying himself. That is always a goal. We always seem to manage it. Tucker and Buddy departed. Poor parenst are on Italian time. Hope the dogs are sleeping with them. They did get tuckered out this morning.

Skylar arrived and is fitting in really nicely. She loves running with Dennis and sitting on Nathan's lap and when I am using my ipad and she is sitting on my lap, it is as if she is reading it too. She is fascinated by the pool cleaner.

Ziggy decided it was hot enough and went for a swim. We are always there but the last few days he has been edging up to the edge even when no one is around him and looking and looking and today he said - why not! So we took him in again and he swam and swam. Ziggy has a lot of energy so the swimming is good for him. He is so excited about life. He makes me laugh.

Here is today's gallery. We didn't take that many photos but sometimes we have to just play, help new ones get adjusted and you can't do that with a camera in your hands. Now it is time to feed. 

Tomorrow and Friday I wash and wash for the picnic. Miss Molly who is loving the runs wil get a bath tomorrow and depart. She is one of many that I have to get ready for their owners. :-)


Extreme Heat or Rain

I give up. I tried to get some great photos but we would go out it would rain not drizzle, pounding rain then it woudl get so hot it would take your breath away then it did it again. 

Here is the small gallery. Really they had fun but really drizzle they like. rain drops fine but pekting down rain - NOT.

Miko the TT was over and Murphy the havanese had a walk in step thing going on and trul;y enjoyed themselves. Miko played with everyone but today the guys connected.

Sun is shining. I shoukd go swimming but I think I just want to snuggle with the dogs and relax. I have a lot of grooming going on starting tomorrow. 

I also have a video I am posting on Roxie's blog of Tuesday. 

Not sure why but it took Roxie quite a bit of time to get past the no puppy thing but she is better now. I hope the picnic perks her up. 


Another Nice Day

I see you.... this nice weather is so addicting.

Tenshi is over for the day. Isn't she adorable? Molly also dropped in - she's adorable too!

River and Adele departed. So did Rocky. Ozzie came for a day visit and Muntuno came for a grooming as we have a picnic this Saturday. I so hope you can come!

I had such a crazy day of grooming. I did get the pool in but without dogs and with daughter. 

Here is the gallery.

I had plans to do chairs - long story but not today - perhaps tomorrow. 

Hope you had a splendid day. 


Lucky Times

We were lucky to have Christine, Farley and Clarity come for a swim and Christine brought a yum lunch. Thank you!

The dogs had a great time.

Such a great time that they fell fast asleep before dinner and now they are back raring to go.

I kept trying to do Magic's hair but she was saying who needs a rubber band - not I!

Here is today's gallery.

I still have the 2 dogs to demat so this blog is short but know we are having a great time - well and all those sticky things are gone - we hope!!


Click Click

The day started out with Ziggy and Rocky playing up a storm after eating breakfast, of course. We have our priorities. 

We had the TT come to visit and Inula played with him today. We also went next door and had a blast.

See the gallery.

Ziggy was having a pillow fight with himself. hahahahaha 

It rained. The sun came out. We had a TON of play and now I have 2 dogs to demat, I an doing a little each day. Maybe get some done while watching tv. 

Now Nathan and Dennis are getting sticky things out of Jesse and oh boy I came back in to do the blog. I should have clicked a photo but they would not be impressed. It's not an easy job and Dennis has to hunt this plant down to eradicate it as it's not the Star of Bethlehem but a sticky seed substance. Leave it to Jesse to find it and oh all that hair and he is COVERED.

Poor guys.. all 3.


Full Day

Rusty is smittened with Panda. 

I had a very full day grooming and still have another to do so the blog will be short.

Here is the gallery.

August is busy as people take their last minute trips. Nothing on my to do list is getting done. Life...

We have Adele and River here. Tomorrow we will have three Murphys here - yes 3. 2 boys, 1 girl.

Teddy departs tomorrow. We will miss him. 

Bissli who we haven't seen for a bit is also visiting. 

Crazy dawg house but we love it!


Inside, Outside, Next Door Again

We invite all the dogs to go. Some choose to and some choose not to. We place up an xpen between the gates and they go from one yard to teh next. 

Here is the gallery.

Murphy was in heaven and so were the rest of them. We finally managed to get Tucker and Buddy over. We are going to get a different mix tomorrow that includes Teddy as I feel he will enjoy. Today he looked and went back to Dennis as Dennis was eating and well he had his priorities.

Rusty also found it to be great fun and of course Brewski just was mellow as ever so I wondered what is that about. Nathan was watering plants and when he stopped and started running Brewer and the rest came to life. Slackers... heh

We are also going to try to get male Murphy and Jesse over and neither seem inclined yet. Think they just don't get it but I want to have it on their terms not a forced thing.

I went swimming today. Nathan took a nap with some of the dogs. None of the dogs went swimming. I was blow drying late yesterday so maybe that's okay. :-)

Amy is enjoying a frozen cloth. It's a great way to cool off. She was at her house in this photo!


Swim and Play

Sparky is a great swimmer. Can't get over how much he looks like Kat.

We have a new swimmer in the house. Raven seems to LOVE it!! She goes in from the stairs without us asking her to. Bravo, little one!!

Sorry I am so late on the blog.

Here is the gallery.

We had a ton of fun but I had a lot of grooming. 

We ran. We played. We swam. we soaked in the rays and we only had 2 minutes of rain. Hope this lasts!!


Inside, Outside, Next Door

It's not easy getting dogs to go next door. We use an xpen to block them so they can only go from our yard to next door. It works but no visitors wanted to go next door except Brewer and oh boy we tried. Shlomo said nope Tucker and Buddy - nah not interested. Ziggy said not interested. No one wanted to go. maybe they are simply played out today! We will try again tomorrow if it doesn't rain.

But Brewer embraced it. As we were gone today we wanted to take them next door and run our fool heads off - well Nathan and the dogs while I clicked. 

Here is the gallery.

If it doesn't rain tomorrow we will try it again then. I also want a swim in. Go figure!

We had a great time in St. Jacobs. Got ground meat much cheaper than locally. Got wonderful veggies and fruits. The market was packed. The outlet mall not so much but on the way back we stopped at the Trafalgar Outlet mall and loved it. Such grand sales. If you are in need of clothes or the kids are going back to school, the sales were great - honest! We just got some shirts for Nathan and Dennis but great quality - great prices and I got some sweats but could have got a lot more but felt guilty and tapped out as I got a few things in St. Jacobs.

It was a good day and we rarely get out so it was nice. The rest of the month is busy and we have a picnic on the 19th that I hope you can come to. There is Nothing and I mean nothing like the experience as the dogs truly enjoy each other and you meet all sorts of great Havanese lovers. 

Tomorrow is busy, busy so life is back to normal. Maybe we will fit in a movie before pups if anything decent comes out. I know greedy to want another day or a couple of hours - heh. 

Now its snuggling time with the dogs. What more can you ask for?


Playing Indoors

We get out between the rain but really don't you think this is insane - all this rain? 

Here is today's gallery. Sorry about Jesse and his lifting leg. It's what dogs do but I didn't mean to catch it on camera. I am just too lazy to redo the gallery. 

Tomorrow Nathan and I are going out for the day to St. Jacobs. The two sons will be home - yes 30 plus old so not little kids. It took a lot to juggle groomings and boarding etc just to be able to get out for 1 day. Seriously crazy. Here I thought we had August. hahahahaha But I am grateful to have tomorrow. Perhaps we will get a movie in too sometime in August. Weather is lousy so I had plans of swimming daily. Hoping the rest of August is good. The dogs are certainly sick of the rain. 

Looking forward to going out tomorrow but the blog will be short. 

Shlomo and Tenshi just are having so much fun.

Murphy looks gorgeous after a bath. Now to try to keep her that way till she departs. Rain seems to be coming again. Enough...

Teddy captured his recliner - it's all mine! Good for him. Everyone is having a grand amount of fun!


No Brush Day

This is Clarity and Farley. They are not here but their mom sent me a photo of them mucking it up at the park. This is my no brush day. Every once in a blue moon I don't brush for the day other than to do those going home or grooming dates. it is extremely rare that I have absolutely no grooming. Usually if I am really sick. hehehehe Everyone needs a break every now and then.

Here is today's gallery.

Nathan and a couple of dogs went in the pool. That means brushing and combing for me. Weather got cool and everyone got out. Looks like rain again. 

Everyone is having a good time.

Saffron is back eating well. Leti who eats some days and other days she says nah (always been like that) ate 3 meals yesterday and ate 2 again today. Some dogs will hold out for the good stuff and Leti is it. In Saffron's case she must now be over the morning sickness. Her belly is also getting round.

Dogs are really enjoying themselves. Murphy and saffron are still stuck like glue. Shlomo and Stormy never seem to stop playing. Ziggy plays with everyone from Riley to Chewie to Murphy - just come on play. That is what I am here for.

It's a great crew. I just hope everyone is enjoying this weekend. Hoping teh weather cooperates for all of you. If it rains we may snuggle up on the couches and recliner, watch tv and enjoy. You should try it too. Nothing like multiple dogs on your laps giving you snuggles. Best...  


Feels Like a Fall Day

Well after all that we figured out we absolutely had a dead cell. We certainly exhausted everything on hopes it wasn't as they are expensive but they usually do not go for a number of years. They go on sale in the winter so in the next year or 2 I may buy an extra one. heh We shall see.

No swimming today. It was bloody cold - well like a fall day all day. Dennis did get the weeds pulled between the houses. I groomed. I played with the dogs. We are trying to figure out a day we can go to St. Jacobs before pups arrive. 

Here is today's gallery.

Barney and Remy headed home. Amy heads home tonight. Ziggy and Gracie arrived. Monday the house empties out.

Be sure to check out Rheo's update on Roxie's blog and a Saffron update.

Dear Ella jumped in the pool today. We were upset with her and she knew but she had to try it. Stormy is now after Stone's head hair. I thought she was over that. Will she stay mischievous all her life? We shall see. raven is such a laid back dog. The pups are so night and day. 

Shlomo is truly enjoying playing his heart out. We make sure he has some downtime. All the dogs appreciate a nap halfway through the day and Nathan likes to take one with them. 

Weeds are growing. Thought I would get more done. Oh well.....


Well Rain Again

Leti is really sick of this rain - me too. It was a no pool day. I hope tomorrow is not that way. 

Here is the gallery.

I had way too much grooming today. I want to nap but Nathan has someone coming over so I will blog while we wait. :-)

I did update Saffron's blog. 

Everyone is having a great time but if Stormy wrecks anyone else's coat again, I may - well I don't know. You see I love her anyways but please.... give Mommy a break!


Such a Slacker

Sorry we went out to see Treasure and her mom Kate. I am posting this photo as it's a really funny expression on Treasure. Her mom manages a lot of gardening plots near hwy 50. She also maintains her own huge plot. It was muddy. Ella had fun but needed a bath when she got home. 

I also managed to stop in Bolton to get my scissors sharpened and one fixed. 

We so enjoyed the visit but then the daughter came to swim and then we had a storm I realized Dennis had not taken any photos. But hopefully you enjoy our visit to the farm. 

Here is the gallery.

Visitors and our dogs are so enjoying themselves.

Hopefully no rain tomorrow.

Happy long weekend! 


Day Off

Sorry - just way too much grooming today. So blog is short and no gallery. This is Teddy. Dennis also had a migraine so he is trying to rest and I am being quiet as Nathan is also taking a nap. 

Looks like it is trying to rain. I so had hoped to get in the pool but not today. 


TT Puppy Came Visiting

See the gallery. 

It was fun to have a tibetan terrier pup come visiting this morning. The havanese loved her especially Chester and Cinnamon. 

Chester departs tonight and so does Goldie. 

They say rain tomorrow. We still don't have the salt chlorinator figured out. It may be a sensor. Getting crazy silly but I am swimming anyway.

Off to wash Chester. He surely needs it. hehehe

I am being lazy. I have a long to do list but not making a dent other than taking down puppy stuff (yesterday's news) and redoing it to be more adult stuff. Dennis is pulling vines down. I repooted some stuff. Still, we are playing recovery. Me, I am still grooming like silly crazy. 

Did manage to win a Heineger clipper so may shave Shoshi down to try it out. hahahahaha