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Wild Play

We had a full house by afternoon today. Something about warm weather and people wanting to go out. By tomorrow it empties out again. Funny how that worked out. Pippin was one of the guys for the weekend and as you will see he is having a total blast. I am shocked he is not taking naps. Maybe at tv time.

Here is the gallery.

I got everyone combed out though you can't hardly tell with some of them. We had wild running play. A fun time was had by all!

This blog is going to be short as I have to tape a door and paint tonight. Nathan got a small can so hope its sufficient. It's supposed to be a 1 coat paint. He's cringing as I am going dark but I am tired of the light door and it always looking grungy. We shall see. Nathan will sleep. I will paint. It will either work or not. hahahaha

At least Adele is so far cooperating.


What a Fun Bunch: Added More Photos to Gallery

Scruffy and Pepper are having a complete blast! Unfortunately they depart tonight. Oscar and Mickey arrived this afternoon and Magic is here for play today and a bath and trim. The weather is perfect but I have to get back to grooming. 

The Stormy breaking throughI am feverishly trying to get everyone done and then Adele one of these days will totally throw my schedule out the window. I live for it. lol

Oh and I am trying to paint a door at 10pm one day this weekend before it gets cold in hopes it is dry by morning. I don't have the paint yet so maybe this is a pipe dream but I am tired of the back patio doors looking like grunge due to dogs. It is time to go dark - I think. Praying pups don't come as that will change all plans.

Here is today's gallery.

Oh to have a hubby that likes doing handiwork. Oh well I have the prize as he loves the dogs so!


Love and Relationships

Doozie and Coco have a truly outstanding relationship with each other. It is endearing!

Here is today's gallery.

It's interesting to watch the relationships that are created or exist. I notice Tenshi and Saffron playing like they are never apart. Tchibo was climbing over his mom and kissing her and she cleans him up as if he never left. 

Today Brewski ran on the cover and slid rolling over and got up with this huge grin on his face. Odin, he just plays like he can't get enough. Boy does he have energy. Penny is the queen and she lets everyone know. 

Scruffy and Pepper are back playing separate. It's nice to see. They check in on each other but they also play independent. They adore each other. Life and relationships - precious in the dog world.


Covered Today

Got the cover on. Have a couple of holes but nothing serious. We lived with them last year. Hoping next we find someone to repair.

Dogs loved the cover and managed to get SOAKED. They do lower the water so after today unless it rains they will stay dry. Today the cover got in the water as they were hooking so it was mighty wet as you will see in the gallery.

Everyone had a blast. i did comb out but I soon gave up. It was seriously ridiculous attempting to do so but at least I know they are knot free.

Patches and Radar came today and depart tonight. Shlomo also visited and gout spruced up from table to mom so he didn't get dirty. Tchibo departs tomorrow and we will attempt to keep him clean. lol. 

Coco and Doozie are loving the recliner and looks at me miffed if I want to get in too. lol

It was a great day but as you see grooming and setting up for Adele, I am late. Doubt I will get tv time tonight. Oh well.... Nathan will get all the dawg love!


Very Short Blog Today

I thought I could take a wand and groom and get everything ready for Adele and take photos and and and and and but it's not possible. So short blog today. Adele's area is still not done and most likely not till tomorrow. All the dogs are having fun. I am almost done grooming. The 2 others will be done on my lap tonight. They like that!

Here is the gallery such as it is. Dennis took the photos.

We have so much to do outside to get ready for deep Fall. :-( I may just let my plants die. I really need to dig up my cannas and store them. I must...


Watching the Pups

The dogs look like a motley crew. If this weather keeps up how are we ever going to stay clean? 

I do brush them. I sort have been conditioned and like them looking messy. Ever comb and immediately they roll as if to say - fill in the blank.

Here is the gallery.

Our daughter just picked up River and Adele remains. Good thing this is her home too. She adjusted to their departure immediately.

Tomorrow we are hoping to get the couch out of here. Tonight it's tv time and dogs on laps. Tenshi is staying overnight and we are excited to have her. Be sure to check out Saffron's blog to see how Tenshi played with the pups. 

Off to do tv time....


Oh My is it Windy

It's been a truly windy day outside. The dogs were not happy with it. Think it was more windy than usual.

Here is today's gallery.

We took the dogs upstairs and went wild and crazy with the chase game. It was fun but oh gad was I exhausted after that. I think I laughed so hard! If the dogs could belly laugh they would be.

It was a day and everyone had a blast. Now where is that couch to lay down on? 


Fun Was Had

This is a photo of them waiting to be fed their food with warm ground meat added in. They all look forward to it. It's a riot.

We had a number of day visitors today so it was a busy but fun day. 

Odin arrived and before he came in the door I heard this screaming outside and we all went running. Odin was screaming with excitement. I so have to laugh!

Here is the gallery. I realize I threw some of yesterday's photos in the gallery but don't have the energy to figure out which ones I duplicated.

They say rain tomorrow so I wonder why I combed everyone out - oh yeah to stay knot free. 

Next week the cover goes on unfixed. Long story but I am miffed. It was just 2 areas I wanted mended but its still safe. Glad Nathan is talking to them or I would be screaming. They had this cover since May and now we hear. Oh well enough irritation. 

I have to go get another piece of linoleum for under the pens and 2 cameras for Adele and Jeannie. Much to do to get ready for that. I need to stop being so lazy and get in gear to get my to do list done and Dennis says the plants need to come in. Oh boy....


Two Updates Today

It was great to see Pixie hunting squirrels today with the dogs. I have to laugh. I think we have a choir of them in our yard and the dogs have noticed. Some chase, some bark and some just cock their head and watch intently. The squirrels are noisy. 

Here is a small gallery today.

I made turkey today. It was really moist - yum and the dogs thought so too. I never saw so much attention after they nibbled on that first piece. Life is good. I make great turkey and roast and everyone looks forward to it. I am glad!

Adele and River are visiting. Adele is getting so huge. Belly shot tomorrow, I promise. Today I am tired. didn't get much sleep so I am in automatic. Nathan is even brushing out Logan, Panda and Brewer for me. How nice is that? I got through the rest earlier. 

Penny is visiting us for a few weeks. Check out the earlier posting today!!


Happy 8th Birthday!!

Penny wants to wish her siblings a happy 8th year of entering this crazy world of humans! We are the brave ones and living the life. Here's to 8 more!


Two Updates Today

It is so wet and cool out today that the dogs would sniff the air, say no way and at times go out when the rain stopped. I finally turned the air off. I guess the heat is gone and we are in for a wet miserable fall. Okay, not that bad but still...

See the gallery.

Not many photos but Stone did get to meet his pups and Ozzie did too but we didn't get to get Ozzie on photo as it just happened when he came in the door and Saffron was protective. 

You can see Stone's play with the pups in a link on Saffron's blog that I am about to do after this one.

Tiny was here for the day, bath and cleanup but I surely hope they can keep him clean. I had bathed Marco yesterday and do you think he looks like that today. We so try.

Tomorrow I am cooking a turkey. Never got around to it and Nathan is out for most of the day so who knows what I will get to click. We shall see....

I think Nathan turned on the heat as I can smell that just started smell. \Oh the seasons... and the dogs make up for it!

Be sure to check out the next entry today and say Happy Birthday!


Happy 3rd Birthday!!

Clarity and Farley enjoying some birthday split antlers

Caelen wants to wish her siblings a happy 3rd birthday.  Happy Birthday to Clarity, Maddie, Charlie, Rocco and Reggie. 


Quiet Times

I clean the Marco all up and he looks at me to say - if you want to click, I will soak my face with water. Got to love it. Really look at that face giving me that look. hahahaha

Dennis only took a few photos - sorry. Here is the gallery.  

Marco is the only visitor tonight. He's rather relishing the lap time and wink wink the gals to himself! It's a quiet night. 

I visited the genius bar to get my ipad diagnosed. It was the battery. 

Usually I take photos but it was a busy day. I came back and we had visitors and then Lucille (Yvonne's sister) came and dropped off my tylan powder. It was one of THOSE days.

Jeannie, I will do a tummy shot. She wants to come into my office as she knows she is having pups. I will wait till Adele is here on Thursday. Adele will be staying here till the pups are 10 weeks old. Jeannie I believe is a week after her. Adele will have her xray on Monday and a week from Monday Jeannie will have hers. Then we figure out the setup of this room and reorganize. That day will be a short blog day. heh

It was a warm day. The dogs are enjoying it. Nathan has to find out about our pool cover. 

So much to do, so little time. Pups had an outdoor visit today too but no photos or video. Nathan was out with them. sigh We try...

Just had a UPS guy come by. We had to get stair replacement pads and he rings the bell, pounds on the door and you open the door and he is driving away. Got to love those delivery people. Wish it was something more exciting but the replacements are not the same quality - go figure but at least the dogs won't slide on the stairs.


Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Thank you for giving us Alvin! We love him so much!

Send our regards to Darlah, and Alvin's mom Roxie and his bro Stone!



Radar (he is 2 today) is the joy of our lives, along with Patches of course.  

Happy birthday to all the siblings!!!


Short Blog

Just a short blog to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. This was sent to me by Anne!

Marco plays so much you wonder what combing him out does.

I am a tad under the weather so no gallery today. Dennis spent the day in bed but is now better. Hope mine is short lived as well.

Hope everyone is having a grand weekend. 

Teddy departs today and I will miss him.



This is Maddie and Clarity and Reggie is also here. Nothing like siblings. They do have a bond - well sometimes.

Here is a small gallery.

Due to rain all my brush and comb-outs went to seed. sometimes you go - but why. But tomorrow Teddy departs and gets a bath. He really needs one. Reggie doesn't depart till Monday and he is beyond clean. ROFL. But look at it this way they are having FUN!

We are off to the daughters for a couple of hours while Dennis and Jon holds down the fort. 

So short blog as when we get back we want snuggle and tv time. I may steal some turkey for the dogs. I won't be cooking mine till - not sure. :-) Maybe Monday???


Holiday Yum and Fun

Farley and Shlomo was having a blast today. I still have grooming to do but that's okay. I was bathing and grooming for others so their dogs were beautiful for the holiday. So, I am a little behind but I will play catch up with tv time. 

Here is the gallery.

I made a prime rib roast and the dogs thought they died and went to heaven. Never saw them smacking their lips so much. They were very pleased with the dinner tonight. The roast came out perfect and all of the dogs wanted to stay close to see if they were getting any. 

Be sure to check out the update of Rheo on Roxie's blog.

Jeannie got a bit of extra roast as she is pregnant and so did Saffron as she is feeding pups. But the rest got almost as much. 

Did manage to get Murphy combed out and I looked at her and went - oh you need another comb out. 

Maddie comes tomorrow. We have not seen her for a bit of time. We are excited!

Time to snuggle and comb out dogs and watch tv. Everyone loves this time of the day!


Relationships and Fun 

You brush out dogs and then they play. I have to laugh. Nathan tells everyone it takes 5 minutes to groom out a dog. Believe me it takes more than 5 minutes if you are actually combing them out everywhere. Jeannie has very thick hair that I thin out every now and then but when it is thick it takes me 20 minutes to go section to section. There is combing and then there is combing. hahahaha So if he tells you 5 minutes and it takes you 10 minutes don't think you are inept. The number of days you do not groom between the longer your grooming session will be. The dirtier the coat is, the longer the grooming session will be. A clean coat can be done quickly. A dirty coat not. If you wash with mats they will get tighter so you want to get the knots out before washing. 

That's my grooming tip of the day. 

Here is today's gallery. 

Jeannie and Raven have an amazing relationship. Each morning Raven bangs up against her mom trying to engage her in play and they do play. Raven is Jeannie's first pup that remained here so their bond is great.

Now I am off to groom Tenshi. What a smiley face gal she is all day long. It's delightful.

Tomorrow I am cooking a prime rib roast. Nathan found one on sale and I make a great one. It will be my first roast in the new oven. 

The dogs will be feasting this weekend - lucky them! Lucky us.

Clarity and Farley have joined us today and they are truly enjoying themselves. 

Little by little I am getting baths done. Tomorrow Logan, Panda, Raven and Stormy and my regulars. Busy day tomorrow. 


Table or Not

I got everyone groomed today on the table. I think they like the tv time grooming the best.

Velvet, Mabel and Winston departed today. sniff... Pixie and Leo depart tonight - sniff

Here is the gallery.

Barney and Teddy arrived. We will soon be heading into Thanksgiving weekend. the dogs will LOVE the turkey!! I make a great moist turkey. Just don't know which day I will make it.

It is cloudy but it was warm. Going to rain. You can feel it in the air. Will that cool things down?

Pool is still not covered. Nathan has to go in next week to see if they can't find our cover. Something is wrong.

I think I am coming down with a head cold - joy.

We sat outside for awhile and did retrieve. Most just wanted to lay or sit around and take in the wonderful light breeze.

Me, I want to lay down on the couch.

Have an appointment next Tuesday at the Genius bar at the Apple store for my ipad. Who knows what that will cost. 


Grooming at Night

I like this grooming at tv time. This allows the dogs to be dawgs all day then grooming when it is relax time after a full day of craziness. 

Here is today's gallery.

I am having a tough time with my ipad mini 4. It's not charging then it does. I have to get it into repair. I use it to do the videos the majority of times. Oh well.

Dogs are enjoying the weather but funny they want to play indoors more than out.

We did a find the treats game. Marco and Brewer seemed to find the most. heh The rest didn't do so bad. Everyone found some. I have to blame it on some know the game and some do not but as soon as they clue in they go crazy.

It's been a fun day!