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Family Day Weekend

Cooper - Grooming really?Mickey Doing his Best to Mess his hair upLeo - Time to go homePixie says food before departure pleaseTeddy to go home tonight tooHere is today's gallery. The dogs are messy, clean and in-between. Doesn't Teddy have a cute smile? 

Dogs played in and out but the Cooper does NOT like the ice melt. Maybe that water is too cold? Some seem to care less and others would rather have dry feet. Dolly is one who could care less. 

Jeannie and Zoe was snuggling and Nathan went to take a photo and he screamed there is NO STICK IN THE CAMERA. Okay dear... I think I need to buy more sticks so I can have a pile in the kitchen and tv room. 

Nathan is no longer feeding lunch to Thyme. She is totally miffed. 


Happy 3rd Bday Panda and Kat Crew: 2 Updates Today

We are celebrating with a chicken strip for Ozzie. Boy is everyone jealous! They only get freeze dried chicken.

A huge shout out to his siblings, Chief, Benji amd Bonham. 


Groom and Play

This was Scruffy 2 seconds after I put him on the floor after grooming. He is such a fun dog.

Here is today's gallery.

The dogs had a lot of fun today but we still have slush outside. It was a warm day but a major melt off. People coming through the door had rain melt off from the roof. It is messy out there. It means grooming and grooming. Have to laugh. 

Levon has decided the recliner is his. The cheeky thing tried to tell me - it's all mine. I picked him up, put him on my lap and he was fine. Then Trigger came up and he had this grunt under his breath. I said shhh.. Then Cooper came up and he grunted again. I repeated the process. Then Jeannie and Ella came up and he said FORGET ABOUT THIS and headed for Nathan's lap. The funny things was Lila and Zoe and Spice was on Nathan's lap and Levon thought that was okay. Guess it's the couch vs a smaller recliner. heh

Teddy has become quite the snuggler. He also thinks Raven shoots the moon. 

We had two Zoe's here today. One is Lila's partner in crime so to speak and the other is a puppy who calls handful, ooops what is her name... oh Stormy as a sister. They had a blast together. 

Be sure to look at Saffron's blog to see Tenshi in a barrette.


Ok I Lied

Well not really lied but it's a bit mushy outside so photo taking took a back seat. Hope this is enough photos in today's gallery. 

Scruffy and Pepper are here visiting and its a delight. They fell right into playing. No one likes the wet feet syndrome out back. I thought of taking a wet and vac and sucking up the melt but the thought of hauling it to the street every few minutes, that thought soon became a fantasy. 

I groomed Logan and Panda before departure and the phone rang so Logan's treat was not forthcoming. He jumped on me, barked at me and then I realized he didn't get his treat. Gave it to him and he calmed down. I guess he told me and rightly so!

Adele and River are now at the daughter and boyfriend's house. They are still renovating. We are adjusting and perhaps these weekends away gets us to adjust as well. They are still adjusting to the shepherd but they have a gate closing off the familyroom where the girls (adele and River) can fit through a mini door and the shepherd can't get past. So, they have their safe zone. I got to watch the interaction. It's getting better. Just like I described with Jeannie, I too am trying to make that break. It's a process.

We at Talemaker are hoping that Murphy's mom has an easy move with all this muck. Exciting times coming.


Two Updates Today

Dallas is already home. We miss her already. Dennis took most of the photos today. I took some. 

We also have Leo and Pixie visiting. Leo was from the Emmy litter.

This is a Rowan puppy called Emmy. Are you following this? Emmy is here just to play, a bath and haircut. She departs tonight. It was a pleasure to have her here. 

Here is today's gallery.

Chester also departs tonight. 

Sorry Shannon. When I looked at the photos I do not think Dennis clicked Trigger and Levon. I asked and he said everytime they were playing he didn't have the camera. You sure I didn't click them? It is sometimes a struggle to get him to click. I will do better tomorrow. I promise. They are having fun. 

Lila and Zoe have found their spots in the tv room and in the bedroom. Zoe wanted above Nathan's head and so did Cooper. This time Zoe won.

I am going to make this short as I have the Cooper to thin out. Each night I spent an extra 2 hours or so thinning his coat out. I sometimes get on a roll and time slips by and Nathan yells time for tv isn't it? Last night I said no - too tired and he was mighty grumpy but understood. hahahaha

I am also getting Cooper used to an electric toothbrush. I am using mine with a new brush on it. No, I do not brush everyone's teeth. They bring his brush and toothpaste and always tip me so we have fun with the experience. I tend to clean my own once a week and use a spray at bed on everyone. So, yes even the visitors get a spray. 

Off to sing to Cooper so he can look at me like I lost my mind.

Be sure to check out the birthday entry below. 


Happy 3rd Birthday: Birth Photo Added

Katie wants to wish her brother Odin a happy birthday and we want to wish them both a huge happy birthday. Katie and Odin are Roxie and Kat pups. She is such a beauty!

How did 3 years go by so fast?

See their birth photo below.


Up in the Air Day

Dennis took most of the photos today. I took some. Nathan cleaned snow, clipped nails and got a nap in with the dogs. Lucky dogs or is that lucky Nathan?

Katie was also over for a visit and mucked it up before she departed. Tiny was also here just for the day and he always makes the most of it! 

Then Levon and Trigger came in and Trigger went flying outdoors and Trigger went oh ice. That was what Nathan was doing, breaking up the ice so the dogs do not slip. Levon made it to the deck and then as soon as the door was opened he ran to his fave place in the tv room - my chair. He got mighty comfie falling asleep on his back. Got to love him. He's up now but he had his priorities. He had to get his nap in first.

Logan and Panda come daily and I do not groom them till just before they depart. In the gallery you will see that Logan's colouring is so similar to Coopers.

Sorry, Anne. There are not many photos of the Coops as Dennis was concentrating on Chester (puppy). He tends to do that. Oh, a puppy must click. 

Everyone is having a blast. Murphy arrived. Her mom is moving. Saffron and Murphy are still VERY tight.

Dallas and Chester departs tomorrow. Will miss them! We do not have class tomorrow. Pixie and Leo arrive. 

Nathan took Raven to Global. 

Daughter is in high gear trying to get a basement done so they can move in with the kids. That's all they do - eat and do drywall, flooring etc. Two dogs, 3 humans moving - wow. Nathan won't be driving anyone in the morning. How will he survive? Shh I think he enjoys that time with them. 


Valentine's Day 2017

Jeannie and her baby Raven.

I figure in the name of love we will show one kind of love. When pups were departing, Jeannie started separating herself from the pups. Was it for her, was it for them or both? Perhaps both. I know after everyone departed she remained distant to Raven. Raven was a bit lost as she didn't understand, I suppose but if you think from Jeannie's perspective, she loves them up, teaches them and then they leave as if they are off to university and then their forever life.

Then after about 7 to 10 days she started truly playing and teaching her. She started cleaning her again. Cleaning is a true sign of affection. I wish you could say to the dogs, this one is staying but in time she realized. She doesn't play with her 24/7. She cleans her and she does play off and on throughout the day. She also protects her.  If Inula gets crazy jumping all over and is too close to HER pups, she tells Inula off. Best of all she gets excited to see her when she is away. (for instance taking a nap with Nathan means oh my gad you are back - hooray) What I found interesting is Jeannie is loving up her visiting pups. She's a happy gal. 

Dogs love deeply too.

I got everyone groomed before 10am but they don't look like it or maybe they semi look like it. This weather and their snow angels make them appear as if I don't do a thing. Got to love their love for life!

Well Nathan kissed and hugged me in the morning and said Happy Valentine's day then he had a big lunch and when I said to him I thought we were having a meal together for Valentine's Day he said ooops so he is out getting dinner for me. Yes, I meant to do a run on sentence. hahahaha

But while Nathan was having his lunch, Cooper invested a lot of time trying to convince Nathan that he should share. It was a riot. You will see in the gallery.

Things are melting outside. That will bring us joy.... We will see how tomorrow's weather is when it happens.

The dogs have been having a lot of fun. Thyme was so tired she fell asleep standing up. They do play hard but they also take naps throughout the day. They are all looking forward to laying all over us and watching tv with a treat. We are looking forward to having them on us. 

Enjoy your Valentine's Day. Do something special for your dogs and for yourself. 


Snow Paths and Changes

Here is today's gallery. They had fun today but I think they like it when the snow is falling down or so it seems. Still, they ran and enjoyed but I was doing grooming for others so the camera clicking mostly was done by Nathan. He doesn't click as much as me. 

Oliver has departed, Tia will go tonight. We miss them!

Most of the photos are ungroomed as it was clicked while I was doing other people's dogs. I did manage to get to them but it wasn't till early this evening. 

I am thinning out Cooper's coat so I do it each night sepaarate than the usual comb out and brush. He seems to enjoy that one on one extra time and of course he gets treated more and I do believe he knows he is getting more treats. He's smart.

Tomorrow Frannie comes. Hooray! Haven't seen her in a bit.

In a few weeks Adele and River will move out with the daughter. I believe they will come here when she is working during the day. They were gone for the weekend so I am starting to get conditioned. 

When Adele goes into heat she will come here. River will get spayed. They will live close by and come swimming in the summer. It will be a change. Adele came back in the house after being gone for 2 days thinking she was going to boss everyone around. It was interesting.

Life is always evolving. 

Be sure to check out Adele's blog for a puppy (2) update!


Up in Air

The dogs had a total blast in the snow today. See the gallery. Cooper found fun with Stone today but was also in hot pursuit of Ella. Oliver (who is an Adele pup) also fancies the Ella gal. 

Nathan had remove snow from the top of the gazebo and Dennis did it twice. Dennis also created paths but as he was doing them Dallas was at his heels saying hurry up. We have paths to run you know. 

The floors got soaked and I mean soaked as they came in. Towels were used to dry the floors. No one got snowballs except the 2 littlest pups. Raven got hit the worse. Still she kept going outside and then when I washed her with warm water she enjoyed the experience. 

You will see in the gallery everyone had a tremendous amount of fun. We will hate to see Oliver and Tia depart tomorrow. 


To Compete or Not

I am told Clarity and Farley had a great time here while we were at the Orchid show and as soon as we returned, Nathan went for his nap.

Here is today's gallery.

It looks like Cooper and Oliver are still competing for Ella's attention. Oliver departs Monday so Cooper may do a happy dance. No one is upset. They just invest a lot of time trying to attract her attention. It will be interesting to see when Oliver departs if he is still interested in Ella or the real attraction was the competition. Time will tell. 

Zoe and Lila seem to be playing with a variety of dogs and not exclusively with each other. Dallas seems to like Saffron, Spice, Jeannie and Truffie. Tia and Charlie LOVE everyone.

Adele and River are sleeping out with Tracy, the girls and Kevin. They say it is going really well. I said take video! I would love to see.

Not much to report seeing I was at the Orchid Show but I will play catchup tomorrow. The dogs are enjoying tv with us!!


Got Snow But Not Much

Why does everyone love Ella? Whenever Oliver engages with Ella Cooper tries to get her to focus on him. It's a riot. Here is today's gallery. Be sure to check it out to see who Brewer wa playing with. 

I brushed everyone out - HONEST but I think most photos were taken before I got to brush out as I had dogs to bath and cut etc this morning. Tomorrow I will be brushing out NO ONE. Them I will start in again on Sunday. 

We had Rocky, Stormy's sister over for a full groom. We had Chester, Saffron's pup over who departed today along with Tenshi. I have a gallery and video up on Saffron's blog of the visit and I will be posting the same on the Adele blog for Rocky. They all had a blast.

Lila, Zoe, Cooper and Tia are having the time of their life. We have such an amazing dogs that are truly enjoying each other.

I am looking forward to getting out tomorrow. We are still dealing with medical issues that are serious. But it is great to get distracted. Now to see if I can find an orchid or 2 or 3 that I can buy.

Be sure to check out Saffron anad Adele's blog as well.


Still an Ice Mess

Come play with me, Cooper Winston says. Copper likes the younger set and the ones that are persistent. :-)

Here is a small gallery taken today.

As this is class night I vow to do better tomorrow.

The dogs are having a blast. Winston, Murphy and Daisy departed. It is still a crazy mess outside. We put stuff down in front and well its still treacherous. Sorry. We are trying. If you are coming and need Nathan to come out to get you (he is very sure footed) he will. 

We are off to put more down. This icy rain is a bugger.

Due to getting a lot of mail messages, I figured I would address it here. 

I do not use cheap shampoo on dogs that are 'pets'. All my products are quality lines. I use Nature's Specialties, Pure Paws, Isle of Dogs, Vellus, Chris Christensen and now some Black Passion. None of it is cheap. I believe in quality products. Black Passion is downright expensive. I do not use products out of local dog stores with the exception of a detangling spray from Tropiclean that is lovely and works well. My grooming spray is OMG (1st choice), Tropiclean (depending on need 2nd choice and sometimes 1st), Panegenics (3rd choice). I will tell you Panegenics is more expensive by far than Tropiclean.


Ice Mess

Dennis took a few photos but there is no way I am going to fall on my ahem out there to take photos. Sorry. We had an ice storm last night and it is pure ice out there. See the very few photos he did take. 

The dogs are not happy but Dennis has been playing the game running of the bulls with them. You see the game with Nathan and Dennis when they run with the pups but it is a bit more chaotic with the larger dogs and they all compete. I would have captured a photo of it but Dennis said you can't take photos of me. So here we are leaving you to imagine. 

We do take them out several times a day but its a slow process. Hoping it warms up to melt and go away but not sure that will happen. 

Dad's back in the hospital. They repaired his esophagus but they can't figure out why he can't eat or drink. Nothing has changed with Eli. 

Heading to the orchid show on Saturday with Christine. I may buy a few for my Valentine's day gift to me. I look forward to going out with Christine and the dogs will give Nathan some company so win/win. Counting the days.

Tomorrow is the last class for Thyme and the siblings. Then we get to do Raven and Stormy. 


Sanity Questionable

Nathan took over feeding Ms. Raven when I mentioned how bonded she is becoming to me as I am feeding her. Hmmmm

I got mostly everyone washed, groomed and today we have slushy, yucky wet. The dogs look like they never were brushed. 

Here is today's gallery.

Thyme will get washed Thursday for her last class. 

Today Ella is Cooper's 'gal-friend'. We are having fun watching his kisses but more her face when he does it. I have to capture it. It's a bloody riot.

Think it' time to go out again seeing I just got everyone dry. I think I need rubber boots. 

Oh and I made noodles and vegetable stir fry and I dropped one of the noodles by accident and Spice slurped it up - yes SLURPED it up faster than a blink of the eye. I was 3/4 of the way to the floor and I swear she smiled at me. It has really been a smile day!


Another... Really?

Are you really taking ANOTHER photo? Here are a few photos I managed to take. 

Dusty and Dolly departed. Cooper and Murphy arrived. We want snow around here. Can we get some? They say rain tomorrow.

Ella is almost 2.5 years old. When she comes into heat she will have her first litter. I am excited about her puppies. 

We are trying out an expensive shampoo and conditioner and well it works magic on damaged coats and protects coats in good condition and oh my does the coat feel good. 

But why wash? Well, I was playing catch up after being sick but with rain coming, I will be questioning my sanity. 

Everyone is playing and soon we will be doing draping tv time? What is that? The dogs drape themselves all over us and we all watch tv. We look forward to it!


Two Updates Today

Amy is visiting and the siblings are having a blast! She's just here for the day and making the most of it.

You will see in the gallery quite a few photos of them full out playing. 

Daisy was supposed to be heading home tomorrow but her mom has the flu. Hope it doesn't last as long as mine did. If it does, the Daisy is welcomed here. 

Dolly and Dusty departs tomorrow and Mr. Cooper arrives. We will miss those departing but mighty excited about seeing Cooper, Anne and Russell. Plus we have the Murphy coming. We always get excited to see her. Saffron gets excited too!

Got to go out to Longos today. I put the groceries in the van while Nathan went to the bagel store. I sat in the van waiting for Nathan and watched this silver and grey long haired guy throw his groceries in his car. He looked angry and all I could think of is wow why buy all those groceries to demolish them. What a waste of energy and money.

Such event-filled days. hahahahaha

So where is the snow they said we were getting? The dogs want to know. No paths this year. For shame!

PS: Check out photos by Amy's dad in the Saffron blog.


Happy 5th Birthday!: Another 2 Siblings Added

TreHappy 5th birthday to Tre, Kobe, Laci and Ringo. May you celebrate in style with the half time show. See the world is celebrating your birthday!

Yes we had 2 litters 1 day apart. Imagine that - 5 years ago! Kobe and Tre shared a placenta and was in the same sack. First and only time it has happened.


I hope my 3 brothers are having a fun filled day!  My nieces and nephews phoned & sang me happy birthday and we had a party & cake yesterday.

Mommy & Daddy shared their scrambled eggs w/ me - YUM - my favorite weekend treat.  Mommy laughs @ me b/c I wait for her to lie on her yoga mat and then I run and pat her on the shoulder and ask for a belly massage.  I walk around so she gets me in all the right places.  :-) 

Life is good!

Luv to all!

Miss Laci

(Darlah - excuse the poor quality photo!)  

Ringo enjoying his birthday!!


Happy 5th Birthday: The Daily Gallery Added

Its Shady's 5th Birthday.  Celebrations are in full swing today!  Shady and Nora have brought our family such joy.  Happy Birthday to his litter mates!

Brie also says happy birthday to Shady, Ossi,  Biggie and Lucy. May it be the best celebration!

On another note, here is the daily gallery.

Raven is doing better with food. She is now eating out of the bowl. She is the slowest eater and would only eat if you spread it out on the floor. As that is not what I want to cultivate, I persisted and the last day she has begrudgingly eaten out of the dish though mighty slowly. As the 3 pups, Thyme, Stormy and Raven eat together under my supervision I get to use leave it. Thyme gets this but Stormy sure tries a lot of tricks to steal Raven's food. Thyme will sit patiently. She wants it but she listens. I am impressed with her.

I was up till 3am so I took a nap today. I had plans to play catch-up washing dogs but just did one for someone else. Tomorrow is a new day. I would like to be fully caught up and start doing my desk etc. When you have plans to accomplish things life gets in the way. Oh well...

Dogs are having fun. 


The Dogs and Fun

Here is the Rusty. Isn't he a handsome guy? I think so. He looks like his momma!

Took a video the other day of some playing. Click here to see it. 

Here is a gallery of some groomed and some not yet groomed!

Be sure to check out Saffron's blog to see the 5th class gallery and video.

We had a long day waiting for MRI results but they are clear. Hooray! They still do not know what is causing the headaches and the vision issues. I believe this is good news.

Sorry this is short. It's been a roller coaster ride today. Going to go wash Risa. Since I was sick, I am slowly playing catch up on my own dogs. Shoshi and Trouble was done today and now it's Risa's turn.