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The picnic date took place on August 19, 2017 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos from the 2017 picnic can be found here. 

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Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video Windows version) and for you Mac apple folks - here's a conversion. - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

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Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

Woofstock 2018

Meet us at Woofstock. Dogs are welcomed. We meet at the restaurant across the street from Woodbine park. Here is the location. Meet up happens on May 28, 2016 at 9:30 to 945am. Rain date is the next day. Look forward to seeing your havanese there and the humans too! Don't have your havanese yet? Well join us anyway!

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I will try to get a gallery out today but it may not happen. If it doesn't, I will add it to tomorrow's gallery. I trust this is okay.

Anne gave me permission to place this photo up of her duo. Christmas day is just 7 days away. Starting in a couple of days we have a full house. People will enjoy their festivities. We will enjoy the dogs. Many will be having fun with us till well after the New Year. 

Remember if your dogs are with you and you do have a lot of in and out activity, block your entry way. We lost a pup in someone's home due to a dog running out the door so please - extra attention. Also be aware of what they can and can't eat. 

If you are running out for Boxing Day this year we do day visits or over night visits while you stand in line or go crazy over deals. Everyone has their own idea of fun but fun is had here so keep that in mind. 

We also want to say we appreciate everyone that has thought of us this holiday season. It makes our day. Holidays are the busiest for us including March break. We make sure the dogs have a great holiday and your smiles and appreciation makes our day. It truly does. Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tonight I groom again till bedtime. LOL


Strange Toys

You don't need expensive toys to amuse this crew. So funny and they were having a blast.

Here is the gallery.

I did comb out everyone today. It warmed up enough to make everything muddy - joy - not.

We had the alarm people here for 3 hours so that set me behind. 

I am exceptionally tired maybe cause I looked at my ipad too much last night. 

Each time I got up the dogs got up with me so I stopped that. 

I have to wash and give a haircut to a dog tonight as I can't do it till Dennis gets up and when Dennis gets up Nathan crawls into bed. So that leaves me waiting till Nathan gets up. 

I do not have a break till bedtime. I never stop. Balancing new pups and grooming is not for the faint of heart. LOL


Memory Lane

This is Molly when she got spayed. I am rethinking this onesie business. Too many do not take them off daily and comb out so they get thoroughly matted. maybe a cone is a better thing. They still need it taken off to comb it out. 

We are on a siesta from a blog today. Weather has everyone looking like the cat dragged them in. LOL I didn't take photos. Sorry

But everyone is doing well. We had departures and Daisy arrived. I have been combing out the dogs daily. 

I look forward to normalcy as there is no downtime except when I am sleeping. This too shall pass and then we will have a full house for the holidays. 

Five more days for Coco to be out of heat. she's looking forward to that. Us too!!


Blog Coming Or Not

Got 3 dogs to do a full groom so after 2 hours sleep Nathan is up so I can do them. Then we go to bed. 

Here is the gallery.

All the dogs are doing well and Stormy is way excited that Raven had pups.


Totally Wet

No gallery today. Raven is well being Raven. I have an awful tummy ache so we will play catch up tomorrow. I am about to lay on the couch with Raven. Hope you understand.

PS: the dogs are not liking this wet.


Dusting of Snow

Boy did they get soaked today. Check out the gallery. I washed Sage and Willow as they were starting to knot. That is the indicator that they need a bath. Well they got might soaked after their baths. Why bother to dry. LOL

Everyone had a blast with the snow. Something about the white stuff that gets them excited. Even Charlie who is 12 was out rolling all over the place. The snow - it is magic!


Can We Go Outside?

The crew here doesn't use jackets or sweaters. They go out. If cold they go inside. They go in and out so much that its crazy. Ten to 20 times is common. What can I say - they love to have fun.

Here is the gallery.

We have had a total blast today. We are still playing recovery from sleep deprivation but we are making headway till Raven. 

We have some real play monkeys here.

Harper and Rocky are departing. Will be missed!

In among all the playing and grooming we have Dennis cleaning. He uses a blue light to find any offending spots in case. Sounds obsessive? We had a family that came here not too long ago saying our house didn't smell like x breeder. Well, I guess I have Dennis and they don't and well I like a sterilized house. Sure it can get cluttered but clean is important. It's why we have a high pressure steamer and we use a product that breaks down everything. Obsession is a good thing. If we have a visitor have an accident and its cleaned right they won't offend again plus we take them outside so much that the odds are they will get in a habit to go outside. 

I tell you this in case you are having an area offended. Buy a blue light and no Dennis is not up for hire - I think. LOL Training happens as you get obsessed at first and then it becomes a habit. 

Soon TV time cuddles and weighing Stormy pups.


Crazy Tired Day

I cancelled all my groomings as it is like walking on eggshells to groom and to whelp and then watch newborms on less than 4 hours sleep in 2 days. I hope to have a 1 day daytime delivery with Raven. 

Here is the gallery.

Dogs managed to have fun. Above is a photo of Tenshi. She has such a pretty face!

Brewer was spirited today playing up a storm. Everyone was really playing hard inside and out. Lola was in the thick of things. She just has the best of times. Elvis finds Reggie fun, fun, fun as today they were getting into trouble together chasing squirrels. 

Sorry for such a short blog but we need to get Stormy out. I need to wash a dog and a million and a half things before bedtime. Dennis is sleeping so I get to do cleanup before he wakes up. hmmm... fdoes that sound right? Whatever... I am looking forward to having all the dogs snuggling with me as we fall fast asleep. Dennis will be on night duty tonight. 


No Gallery or Update Day

As Stormy is just taking her time no one did photos. Apologies. I am working on very little sleep. We will update you tomorrow. Maybe I will feel alive.

I tried napping but the door and others had different ideas. :-)


Comfort in a Crowd

Inula lays like this in a crowd. She doesn't care. She is comfortable.

Here is today's gallery.

We had a busy day. I had a lot of grooming before impending pups and none were mine. Tomorrow with Stormy's cooperation, I will wash a few of mine and brush mine out. I am just out of steam. 

Now we concentrate on those staying here and impending pups. 

Sorry for short blog but I want to relax. I must!


Hellos and Goodbyes

This is Pippin. He was here overnight and his biological brother Winston was also here. They both departed today.

Here is the gallery.

Scruffy and Pepper also departed and Pepper kept her bow on - all day long - can you believe?

We thank Lori and Roger for the mega soft blanket for the humans. I think the dogs think its for them and well... Dennis thanks you for the chocolate. Let's see if Dennis gains weight. LOL

Tonight Brewer departed and at the door, his canine mom Spicy came out to say goodbye as she departs tomorrow. In Spicy line fashion, Brewer gave her kisses. It was adorable. After all this time he still remembers thats his mom and she remembers him. How nice is that. These dogs are so special - indeed! Their love runs deep.

Even with all those departures, Elvis and Reggie joined us today. Both were really excited to come. 

With pups coming we bought some frozen food to tie us over as when pups come you do not have time to cook. We also bought the best vanilla ice cream. That Loblaws brand won't do. This ice cream is for the mothers as they need a calcium boost during whelping and Nathan says only the best for them. Is he going to eat the left overs? I laughed when he said they needed the good stuff. I do believe we are ready for Stormy now. Let's see how many I can groom and wash and cut before her pups debut. 

Once the pups come no one can be in this room. Only Saffron will hang out here as she doesn't finish her heat till the 14th, I believe. New moms get protective and nervous about their wee ones.

It is going to be an interesting week.


Frigid Day

Here is today's gallery.

Lola departs today. She had a bath and a trim. She will be missed. 

I have had a full day grooming so photos are from Dennis. I still have another dog to do tonight and tomorrow I have a full day. I am hoping Stormy waits. I feel like I am rushing here and there to make sure everyone is done. Its impossible to groom and whelp pups as it needs both of us. Plus I take photos and videos. So here is hoping Stormy waits. Her temps are still up. 

I got Spicy and Coopers feet and Cooper thinned out so now on them I will concentrate on cleaning underside when they go home. 

Pippin and Winston are here and they are littermates. Both are here for a grooming and overnight stay. Other than Pippin being red the brothers look like each other. As he just arrived I won't have photos till tomorrow's gallery of Pippin. It is nice when littermates get together.

Stormy and Raven had their xrays and it was great to share this with Sherrie. Thanks for the upcoming puppy items. It is going to be fun taking photos with the big heart and the fur blanket. 


Dusted Cold

The dogs had a blast today running in the cold.

Here is the gallery.

The gallery includes before grooming photos. Tomorrow is an extra busy day from xrays to a slew of dogs to be groomed. Lola departs tomorrow and she is one of the baths. We will miss the little one. I am hoping Stormy holds out till next week closer to Raven's date. This way I will get everything done. What are the chances?

We had Rusty here today. Sam and Ronnie are golden... They brought me a unique bottle of vodka and the guys chocolate. Thank you - truly. I may need a relaxing drink with all the craziness coming our way!

Check out Stormy, Saffron and Raven's blog. 

I had fun doing Spicy's feet. She was a moving target. Think she just wanted to get down and have fun. usually she just stands there. They are having fun so I can't blame them!


Cold But Fun

Charlie was visiting today and he had a wonderful play session with Nathan that I happened to have a camera close by for. 

Here is today's gallery.

Spicy and Cooper came and they brought gifts - thank you again!! Dennis has eaten half the box of chocolates and he said - I think I am getting the flu. I said no you ate half a box of chocolate. He insists its the start of the flu.

We got a brand new blanket from Anne and Russell that we will use for Stormy when her pups come. It's beautiful. Thank you, profusely! 

Dennis laid the floor till 430am last night. Hoping tonight we get the xpen and whelping boxes and tomorrow I will get the supplies ready and set up the whelping boxes.

Usually before puppies I try to get my dogs washed - fat chance that will happen but I do one here and there. I did get them brushed out and started on Coopers legs. Will do more tomorrow.

Cooper was a tad miffed as he thought his first day here should be a no grooming day. He's perfectly clean and knot free and looking wonderful. We are just thinning out his legs and doing his feet. He had other plans. I would have accommodated him but I am always in that mode of do it when I have the time. 

Lola is a Eveready battery puppy. It's a riot. She can also fit through the bars of the gates. 

Teddy has reclaimed his recliner. It's all his. Bria is a play monkey finding fun with Spirit, Tenshi, Sage and Ali. Odin I think is in love with all the girls. He's not picky. He loves them all.

Here's to TV and a cuddle fest.

Anyone getting a puppy - found this deal. 


2 Updates Today

We had a lot of running and playing today. 

Bria is silly playing. It's fun to watch! Teddy arrived today. We have not seen him for a bit so I was so excited to see him. Ella is done her heat. We only have Saffron in heat now and that makes it easier. We have yet to get the family room ready.

Here is the gallery.

Tomorrow Odin, Cooper and Spicy arrive - so excited and Charlie - so excited comes for a play date. 

Lola the puppy we are watching it is impossible to get a good photo of her. She moves so fast. Sky and Lola have been playing all day long. She plays with others but Sky is her main buddy.

I updated Raven and Stormy's blog with belly shots. Xrays are Friday. 

Ali had a bath today. It's her least fave thing as she has to stay still on the table. She has no time for that but boy is her hair nice and silky and shiny. She was overdue for a bath. I guess she will look scruffy tomorrow just like Sky did last week. LOL 

Busy week but exciting week. 


Two Updates Today: Happy 1st

Dear Nathan and Darlah,

Thank you for breeding such wonderful puppies. Coco has been a great addition to our family

She wishes happy first bday to Spirit, Lili, Nala, Dexter, Charlie

Hello Nathan and Darlah,

We want to wish Spirit and Lily’s other litter mates a happy first birthday.

The year has flown by and we can’t be happier with our sweet girl. She is athletic, loving, and such good company for ourselves and our family. My grandchildren love her almost as much as we do. Thank you for your care and dedication. You breed beautiful, well balanced dogs.

Maureen and Paul


Hi Nathan & Darlah,

We want to wish Charlie and all his siblings a very happy first birthday!

Since the day we brought Charlie home, he has brought smiles to our faces and so much love to our hearts every single day.

We can’t thank you both enough for bringing this amazing little dog into this world. Charlie is just the absolute best and we love him more than words can say.

The Gottlieb Family 🐶🐾♥️

His siblings are:

Dexter, Lily, Coco, Mala and Spirit 


Spirit wants to wish all her siblings a truly special day!


Guess Who Dropped In

Louis (Leti pup) and Glory the apricot cutie came for a trim and bath. It was wonderful to have the both of them! Doesn't seem like Dennis took photos of Leti and Louis - now that is upsetting as I like to capture moments like this but play they did. I bet he slept on the way home.

Here is the gallery.

We had wet then white stuff and I groomed all day. Ty was here too and had some real play time. It is wonderful to have him visit!

We have a puppy called Lola that joined us. She's a tiny thing and she is starting to play. She's not one of our pups. We so adore pups. She is 4 months. Sky is taking to her and so is Rocky. You will see photos of her tomorrow as she just arrived tonight.

I would like to say that I will do longer blogs but not sure that is possible at this time. We have a grooming crunch and with pups coming and a room to get ready.... I also need to wash Stormy and River before the xrays on Friday. 

Soon Spicy and Cooper will be here and that will be SO SO much fun. 

Here is a photo of Spicy when she was a pup. They grow up way too fast!

As we celebrate the holidays remember not everyone has the picture perfect holiday - if there is such a thing - I think not. Family lives afar at times. Some families have disputes. Some have to work. Some plain do not have money to eat forget about presents. It's not that they aren't giving souls. I can relate to all at one time or another. So, I am acutely aware. I say this as too often we do not see it. It's not that we don't care. We are just so busy that we don't pay attention. So in this holiday season, if you give a gift to someone and they can't reciprocate, or you invite someone out and they don't go but really needs to, be perceptive. 

For us, we work each holiday season. It is our busiest time. But if you want to vent, if you want to have a coffee, or go out for lunch, I will make the time even if it is crazy around here. You see I get a break and I am good at listening - honest. No money? No problem. I have some tips, maybe I will get some more and we will get through this holiday season. Much love to my Talemaker family! I am who I am due to you and I thank you for that!


Drippy Wet

Sometimes mother nature just makes it difficult. We get extra brushes. They try to keep us playing inside vs out and sometimes it just doesn't work. We are dawgs - what can we say.

Here is a small gallery Dennis took.

We think Cinnamon was out of heat yesterday but we are keeping her apart from the boys for an extra day and Ella will be done in 2 days. By the time Spicy and Mr. Cooper arrives no one will be in heat except Saffron. Hooray!!

Friday we go for xrays with Stormy and Raven. 

Dogs are really miffed at this rain as they don't like getting groomed so much but if you leave them you are dematting them so we play games and I treat. They like that part and they get a ton of snuggles. I had a mat in my own hair (sometimes happens with long hair if you don't tie it or braid it at bedtime and you toss and turn) and I have to tell you it hurt getting out. It gave me an understanding of what the dogs go through. So, extra work is preferable, I say. 

We went out to a movie. Just got a lobster sandwich in the same plaza as we binged on popcorn during the movie and was not hungry so we will have to go out again. That's a good excuse. Don't you think?

It's still early so its tv time, dog time and sleep early. Tomorrow starts a week we have to get the linoleum down. I told the boys its my holiday present. LOL


No Gallery Day

Dennis forgot to take photos so we are placing up a photo we just received of Moxie. What a beauty!

Hi Darlah and Nathan:

Just wanted to send you a photo of Moxie doing her favourite trick "chin" in the tinsel.  Hope you have an enjoyable holiday season.  So sorry to hear about Nathan's dad.  Our thoughts have been with you.

Take care and enjoy.

See you soon,



Had a wonderful day with Sherry but Fairview sure is not the same as years ago when I went. LOL Even Hillcrest looks better. Oh well. fairview used to be entirely upscale like Yorkdale. But now we know. Company was great - always manage to have a ton of laughs and gripes - gift for anniversary - wow thank you... Dennis also thanks you profusely!

Dennis said the dogs were crazy running - gad why not photograph that. Then he said they would crash then do it again. I guess even he has to take a break every now and then especially cause we need to get this room ready for pups. He's procrastinating about the linoleum. 6 days and xrays.

I feel like I let you down when I don't do a gallery.


Wet But Not Soaked

I only had to brush the dogs once today. No soaking despite it was wet outdoors.

Here is today's gallery.

We got our alarm thing figured out. They add a piece and no worries. So the reducing phones is plowing ahead. It will be strange to not have a house phone but now you can reach me on the cell phone and you can text me. Our phone numbers will be the same. You can still messenger us or use sms on messages or however you send sms.

Dogs took a nap. Me not! The phone kept ringing as I was stupid and was checking out other alarm companies. When I say stupid - oh boy!

I think this phone was the least learning curve even though it doesn't have a home button and I almost have it the way that I want. I have a live photo of Saffron on my cell phone home screen and now all I have to do is touch it and she moves. Yes, I leapt over and kept falling to the dark side of madly in love with all the dogs. Nathan last night noticed Raven wasn't up against him and he was saying Raven where are you. This was just before midnight. He so loves these hairy beings.

Dogs walked around outside but they more than not was in slow mode not due to a lack of wanting fun but there were too many puddles. I have the allergic to puddles crew. They instead played inside bouncing into chairs and couches and not even noticing. It was great to watch.

Tonight we are off to meet Paula. The weekend is a fun but busy one. I am truly looking forward to tomorrow with Sherry!