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Crazy Busy

It's been a crazy busy day today. Moxie, Rusty and Penny departed today and Magic came for a grooming and playdate. I had a lot of groomings. 

Here is the small gallery. 

Steven and May's trio arrived. Yes, all 3 are from us and Hugo the bichon and Milo the havanese have arrived. It's a fun house of fun play. We have a fun bunch here.

Tomorrow we head out to Woofstock. We meet at 915-930am here.  Hoping many will come. We will be there with Stormy. As we are taking Christine and Sherry's dogs home with us and I am actually heading out with the daughter to a garden center, Nathan will be taking the crew back himself. Dennis and Jon will be holding the fort down till he is back. 

So, the blog tomorrow will be late and I have to make it short tonight as I have to actually get things ready for tomorrow. It's already 8pm... so I best get moving. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Wet Soaked Times

This is a no gallery - hardly any blog today as I have a ton of dogs to wash feet and brush out. Yes, it's raining and I am so busy. Sorry about that!!


Outside and Inside Too

Brushing out messy dogs today was fun but we got it done. They had sticks and branches all through them from running and jumping through the garden. I am extra busy grooming and of course doing pups so I groom one then do puppies then groom then puppies and so it goes.

Here is the gallery.

Roxie took some time to go outside and have her pee break and play with Nathan. It was fun to watch - not the pee break - the play. Winston was here for the day playing his heart out. Rusty loves playing with all. Moxie too. I think they have the play in them in a big way! Penny decided that her meal was so good that no, you can't take it away so we had some looks and then she got it. It must have been the steak Nathan added.

Siopaw and Dimsum are doing really well and are playing so much that they sleep deeply each night.

Life is good... busy but good!



Inside and Outside

I had a lot of grooming today so I am playing catch up. But we have Rusty. His momma brought us bagels from What a Bagel and cream cheese, yum! Plus she brought some dog things and antler for the pups - wow! Thank you, truly!!!!!!  She also gave us a plant so all the dogs and I transplanted it while Nathan took his nap with some of the dogs. That is between my grooming. It's been a crazy busy day but dogs have had fun. 

Dennis gets cranky at times when the dogs bark in the morning. Oh the life of a night duty person. :-)

Here is today's photos.

Rusty and Moxie are getting along in a huge way. I can't believe she is going home this week. Dogs that have been here have absolutely no transition time except to say - hey that's MY spot. Move over - the king or queen is here!

Penny took over the tv room. That cushion is mine, no, that's my spot. What a riot!

Everyone is so tight. Too bad that although warm today we have the water turned down in the pool as its not really hot yet. We got teased with 2 days of it. 


Play Before Groom

Here is today's gallery.

They were a motley looking crew. I combed everyone out exceor Adele and River. I just finished with pups feeding so it is time. I am tired but they get picked up tomorrow. 

Dallas was here. I just love, love, love her. She's a Jeannie baby.

Oreo and Majik is now home. Siopao and Dimsum is now visiting. They are not our breeding and its their first time here. They are settling in very nicely and ate all their dinner. 

I best get my ahem in gear. If I keep blogging dogs are not going to get done.


Gardening and Rain

Before the rain came, Moxie thought she would grab the seedling pots and run like crazy hoping I would chase her. Oh Moxie, are you a gardener in the making?

Soon we had rain and well...

Each time they went out they tried hiding underneath the bench and anywhere else it was dry. Okay, some didn't mind the rain but....

Check out the gallery. 

I didn't get many photos. I did try but it's not fun for me standing in the rain clicking either. 

Chester, Murphy and Reggie departed. Oreo, Majik and Moxie remain. Tomorrow Oreo and Majik depart.

The weekend is ending and next Saturday is Woofstock. Yep they are charging this year. So upsetting but I bought my tix. Same meetup place. Hope to see you there. 

With the pups doing so well, Dennis and Jon will hold down the fort till we get back. Looking forward to it. Pups will be 10 days old then. 

Dogs are wet, laying all over Nathan. He's soaked. heh


Howling for Fun

No time for a blog tonight but everyone is having fun. I have plants to plant before it gets late as I have a cover to put on the trug. 

Chester and Murphy departs tomorrow after grooming/baths. I really wanted to get to the Farmers Market tomorrow on Yonge and Center area but it aint going to happen. Nathan is not a fan and the daughter is out of town - next week but then that is Woofstock. 


Cooling Down

Here is today's gallery. This is Raven. She looks like her momma. But she looks like a sheepdog of sorts? Why? Stormy has this terrible habit of grabbing everyone's rubber bands and sometimes she gets their hair as well. That won't do so after she did this to Cinnamon, this is a saving the hair moment till Stormy gets that this is not what you do. Stormy suits her name and early on I could tell she was going to be a mischievous soul about the time she started to walk. She didn't live up to her name. She was her name. 

You see if you say to Stormy, no, she smiles and she just can't contain herself - seriously. So, I say no firmly and use distraction. It works if the distraction is good enough. Yes, she knows she is not supposed to do it as she waits till she thinks you are not looking and no hair band is safe. The only one she won't do it to is Risa or Roxie. She tries and they roar at her and she says that's not fun or easy and sighs this heavy sigh and goes on to the next but try she will. 

We have arrived at a point that all she has to see is that I am giving her that look and she prances off to do something else.  Sometimes creativity is a 'good' thing with a Stormy one. Raven and Stormy are 2 complete opposites. But who do you think has the upper hand in the relationship? Who says when enough is enough and stops the play and the play is always on her terms. Raven... 

I just love pups and they are all so unique.

Murphy last night was in heaven. The heat was too much for the dogs. Lesson learned. Even if we have heat for 2 days the air goes on. Last night I had a fan going in front of an open window and the dogs lined up soaking up the blowing air - okay they were hogging it. Today they are loving the cool weather outdoors. The house is finally cooling off. 

Interesting enough most of the visitors went home today so quieter tonight. We also have Adele and River visiting us as the daughter is in Ottawa bringing us back the very best egg rolls that exist. You can even order them online. heh

Got to convince Dennis to build the VegTrug and then buy soil and compost. I doubt I will get plants this weekend or soil. Hey, I didn't even know it was May 24 weekend.

Everyone got a homemade dried chicken strip and you would have thought they were given the very best treat ever. You do not need a dehydrater though I have one. You just need an oven on low, thin strips and patience. The dogs appreciate these little things and when you see how much they enjoy, well you smile. Okay, I am fessing up. They each got 2 strips. 

Have a great weekend....


Swimming 2017

Sorry - we just took Moxie, Ella, the 2 pups and Cinnamon swimming. No one else was interested and we went and tried with each. Plus I am still recovering from pups so combing out every single dog that swims is on me so I feel bad that the warm weather is over for a bit. WE have a summer though and there will be more opportunities.

Here is the gallery.

In the gallery you will see a basket that I got at Lee Valley. I use it in my laundry tub to clean feet. You see if the dogs stand in the sink the water wicks up the legs and the hair stays soaked. By putting them, in this basket the feet drain when you wash and you get damp vs soaked. Damp allows faster drying time or as I have been doing with Roxie, I have been leaving them damp and they are just slightly damp. It has saved me so much time and it fits in my laundry tub easily and its easy on the dog's feet. I like it so much that I will buy another in a different colour just to make sure I have a backup if this one breaks. 

It was a very hot day. We spent a lot of time trading off with time outdoors. Meaning we alternated responsibility for Roxie and the pups. I also had a few groomings today so I was juggling. Even though the pups are doing well, I tend to watch them on my video to make sure everyone is good. 

We just had a big rain and no one wanted to go out after it. They don't realize how comfie it is. I have fans on, windows open and hope for a more comfortable sleep for all of us. Ever have high heat and dogs snuggling with you?

Well, that's my life!!


Two Updates: First Pool Shots

We have most of the furniture out but my couch I got last year for Mother's Day has a waterproof cover on it and wouldn't you know someone jumped up and peed on it. I am not saying names but off the cover came to be washed. Up went the xpen to make sure they can't jump on it again until the cover is back on and even then I mat leave the xpen up unless I am using it. 

Here is today's gallery.

I did get in the pool for about 20 minutes or so or so it felt. It didn't feel long but Nathan did dive in with Ella, Kat and Inula. I couldn't take anyone else in (maybe tomorrow) as I am not up to grooming everyone. Two hours sleep - interrupted as people were coming) is clearly not enough. Tomorrow I have grooming to do and hopefully more pool time but that depends. I am trying. 

Everyone is having a great time. Dennis will go to sleep after dinner. I won' get there till 10 or 11 tonight. He will do the night duty. 

We are excited. We are enjoying the visitors but we are exhausted. 

More tomorrow!


Happy Birthday!!

Our Coop is six today, wow, where did the time go! Couldn't ask for a better dog, in every way! 


Life is Good

We have been sun soaking but we had some spronkles this morning. I am bummed. The pool is only at 74f. Shall I let it run all night?

Today all the dogs had chicken broth ice cubes outside. They loved it. It created such a mess but that's okay. 

Here is today's gallery.

I brushed out everyone. We sat out quite a bit today. Dogs are LOVING the warmth and the sun. This morning we had clouds and sprinkles but boy is the sun out bright now.

Crossing my fingers we are swimming tomorrow but the term invigorating comes to mind. The price we pay for such a large pool. 

Have to get plants out and more chairs outside. Off to do that now. The dogs will join me, of course!!


Warm and Sunny

Here is today's gallery.

Think I must have ate something that was bad as I am not doing all that well. So short this is. Had lots of photos. Dogs LOVED the cushions going out. Still have chairs to come out and my couch. Dogs are loving this weather and pool is now up to 68F. Not warm enough to swim. Maybe by wednesday night it may be warm enough - yikes - sort of hoping for sooner.


Mother's Day

Hope you are all having a wonderful Mother's Day! The dog's are in their element. It did rain - yep again! It is windy as ever so we have all sorts of debris in the pool. Yes, Nathan is feverishly cleaning it. I want to put the heat on in the pool as Wednesday it will be warm. I am insisting on doing so tomorrow. Nathan is seeing $$ signs rising into the air. But I so enjoy the pool. We do not take holidays so the pool is it. So, I say bring on the heat and we can stop heating if it gets cold again. Crossing my fingers the dogs and I are swimming Wednesday.

Here is today's gallery.

Sherry and I had fun. I came home to groom but we also had chinese food. 

Tomorrow I get back to grooming. Got to. I am such a slacker. hehe


Rain, Dry & No Grooming

Well, Nathan got some of them groomed. I don't think it was this crew when this was snapped. What a messy crew they are. Due to rain we also had mud again so I washed feet before I left. 

I went to Lee Valley and bought myself a vegtrug. I am so excited about it. It won't be delivered to the house till closer to the end of the month. Then I will have veggies etc high up. It is something I indulged in with dematting money. Daughter took me and we went out and had Mexican food. The daughter bought me a beautiful fairy ornament. 

Tomorrow I get to go out with Sherry to eat, shop and enjoy. But got dogs to do before I depart. Tonight I have 4 so a short blog it is. 

Here is today's gallery.

I am crazy busy. Guess Nathan will be snuggling with the dogs and I won't be till bedtime. 



Just a few photos posted - no gallery. I had a lot of grooming and I tried out the pressure washer. Oh boy...

Here are a few photos. 

I vow to do better after the weekend concludes. We are still having fun. It's not raining. No mud on bodies today. Life is grand and there is nothing like the havanese!!

May all the moms out there with canine, human loved ones - well have a grand one!! May you get havanese kisses!!


Pups R Playing

Here is today's gallery.

Short blog today as we are getting out to a movie. We had a lot of play. We had grooming. We had baths. We had dogs who got dirty after baths. Got to keep me on my toes.


Leader of the Pack

The dogs are having a blast with this non rainy day or two or 3 that we have.

See the gallery.

I had fun putting in braids in Roxie's hair. She's always so good about it too. Nathan had a blast playing with Brewer weeing if he remembers his commands and he does. Dennis and the dogs did the crazy run fun that we do whenever the weather cooperates.

Moxie is so full of it. She is getting them all to chase her and she is reveling in it.

Blogs may be short this week.

Tomorrow night Nathan and I are going to a movie. Then on Saturday they are doing Mother's Day for me. It's complicated but that's when the daughter can do it as she has Mother's Day with her family and his family on Sunday. I almost thought it had to be delayed till June the way it was going. But then we had to factor in Nathan's birthday and Father's Day. It was getting crazy.

Then on Sunday I get to go out with Sherry to eat lunch at a new restaurant and shop. Maybe we will buy some chocolates for ourselves. Who knows....


So There!

Dear Tiny sticking his tongue out. He is smitten with Moxie. I have to laugh. He just LOVES her!

Here is today's gallery.

Trouble and Dolly came to visit. They both had a riot of fun and then was happy to go. It's worked. Trouble is on the right journey. I still get sad but this gives me some level of contentment. It just takes me time.

Levon and Trigger departed. Dusty is having fun! That little darling Tenshi always manages to have a splendid time. She is such a fun dog. 

It's not warm but it is not raining. I call that a bonus but the dogs are still getting mud packed into their feet. The ground is still saturated and my grass looks like no grass almost. Got to do more seeds, I suppose.

Off to do tv time with the dogs. They look forward to it so but I still have grooming to do first!


Sunny Daze

As you can see, it is still cold but it is sunny! Nose to nose with Moxie - heh. We had a good time today celebrating the warmth. We truly have a wonderful relationship with the dogs. I can't imagine life without the smiles they give us. 

Here is the gallery.

Puppy play... nothing like watching it. 

Today Levon hogged the recliner. Poor Trigger so wanted to get up on it to rest with him and Levon let everyone up but Trigger. So, I put Trigger up and he sighed. What a pita, Levon. I say that laughing. It reminds me of the game Roxie plays. She waits till everyone is finished eating then tries to control everyone. It's a game and they have so much fun playing. When Roxie tried that this morning I picked it up and said oh well guess you are not eating. Everyone went out with Nathan. I put the food down and she ate it right up. Yes, just a minor thing like that changes the nah nah look what I have game.

We have a busy week but a fun one. Maybe the rain is gone. We still get caked in and I mean caked in mud on their feet. It's so bad that you can't even brush it out. I wash their feet only to have it happen again. It's an Aleve day - heh. Everyone got combed out. Feet were done way too many times and I am having my first glass of water. All I can say is I truly hope that the mud goes away and I will be wondering what I am doing with all the extra time I will have.