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The picnic date took place on August 19, 2017 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos from the 2017 picnic can be found here. 

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Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video Windows version) and for you Mac apple folks - here's a conversion. - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

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Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

Woofstock 2018

Meet us at Woofstock. Dogs are welcomed. We meet at the restaurant across the street from Woodbine park. Here is the location. Meet up happens on May 28, 2016 at 9:30 to 945am. Rain date is the next day. Look forward to seeing your havanese there and the humans too! Don't have your havanese yet? Well join us anyway!

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It's a Day

This is Teddy. He was here for the day. He had a lot of fun and so did we watching Teddy and everyone else.

Here is the gallery.

You will also see Reggie. I didn't cut his front legs. A groomer downtown did. No one has time to deal with knots, it seems. 

Everyone has been playing like crazy. You will see some in the gallery. 

But this is a short blog again as - well I have 2 more blogs to do, galleries to build then all my chores. LOL

We had these litters as we didn't want everyone to wait so long and then we had them and some chose to wait anyways. We can't win but never will we go through this craziness again. I will not cut corners for dog care and puppy care. So what goes? The tv, relax time, sleep. LOL

Dennis looked at me and said we really need to get the Cinnamon pups upstairs to play. 

How old are they? LOL

I do so love the dogs. I mean that from the depths of my soul.


Fun Was Had

This is Benny, Kat's brother. He is visiting us. He is a wonderful love!

Here is the gallery.

The past few days Marco and Cody have been playing up s a storm but I finally had a camera on hand when they were in mid action. You will also see many of the others playing like crazy.

It's been a day of huge fun for all. 

Nathan is taking a nap with those that wanted to go. When we have a busy day he takes one late. The dogs enjoy the naps too!


3 Updates Today

The Ozzie departed today. Lexi Departed. Charlie departed. Benny, Dolly and Trouble arrived. It's been a busy but fun day!

I am running out of steam though.

Here is the gallery.

I am updating way too many blogs and each night I am finishing just before sleep so blogs will be short till further notice.

Besides, I need to cuddle with dogs, play with dogs and I am sure you get that!

Now I need to clean the puppy pens, wash all the water dishes and on and on. :-0


Happy 5th Birthday

Katie and Odin are now 5 years old - wow!

This was one of my most fave photo of them with their mom. I liked it so much, it hangs on my wall!

Outside tie - didn't expect for her to get pregnant without a connection - our first time. Was going to breed her next heat. This is Abigail's daughter. She's a tiny gal - pups were 7.4oz and 6.5 oz at birth. Vet thought c-section. Not a peep just panting and she had precious beings. Sire is our Kat. 

We have 2 birthdays today. This one 5 years ago and the one below 8 years ago. Special date, I say!


Happy 8th Birthday

Happy birthday to Cody, Lady Abs, Sadie and Truffie.

Cody is visiting us so can I say steak tonight for dinner? 

We called this the Ultimate Truffle Gang!


Some Do Some Don't

Here is a video of Clarity and Farley watching the talemaker videos on the IPAD.

Sorry folks - very short blog - no gallery. It's been a really crazy day as we had puppy potentials here and in a few minutes a puppy departs. I have not eaten yet so blogs will be short. I will play catch-up tomorrow but till them enjoy Farley and Clarity. 

Tomorrow brings birthdays!


In and Out Play

This is Marco, Stormy's brother. 

The dogs have been playing in and out today. 

Here is a gallery.

It's a crazy ball of fun group. 

We have had an insanely busy day today. Tomorrow wil be just as busy so we are short blogging it tonight!


There are Days

Everyone deserves a bad hair day and Sky seems to be preoccupied with them. She has class tomorrow - yep on Valentine's Day. Nathan promised me a lobster sandwich from the Good Catch to make up for it. We have a gift certificate and after this month - its all we can do. I love their lobster sandwiches so that's okay. 

Here is the gallery.

The dogs played outside a great deal today but we didn't get the snow they predicted. Looks like Montreal got more than us. Anne made amazing high paths for the dogs to run down - a maze at her home. Us, we didn't even shovel.

Can you believe we still have not found Charlie's birthday present. It must be buried deep out back.

Dogs had their dental chews. I dried out chicken strips so after their comb-out they got that. They are happy campers despite the brushing. LOL

Christine also sent me a video. I have to figure out how to save it to share. Her two are watching our videos on the ipad. What fun!


Lots of Photos

Here is Jeannie and her baby Willow. I have to tell you they have been playing and playing. 

Here is the large gallery.

I do believe the dogs like the snow. I am hoping it doesn't turn to ice as they have predicted.

I do not believe it will be a huge storm though it is supposed to snow till tomorrow night. We shall see.

Dogs are quiet inside. Sure they play but lately they have been noisy so Dennis doesn't get much sleep. He does fade out in the recliner at night now that the pups are older. He looks forward to having a couch back here. 

Last dogs in from outside always is Inula and Sky without fail. They think this weather is a gift. Even Charlie and Ty are enjoying the white stuff. Now if it will remain white stuff - well that's okay with us here.


Cooling Play

Some dogs truly like to chill in the snow. Willow is one of THOSE dogs. Wait if the snow materializes how much fun she will have.

Here is the gallery.

Marco has arrived. Silliness has ensued. He is just like his sister Stormy!

Poor Nathan has puppy potentials coming and he ran out of his meds so he is not doing well. His doctor made him come in to get a renewal. We need a good pharmacy other than Shoppers that has truly gone downhill. We have been with them since oh 30 years. Nathan is loyal. They always forget to fax the doctor unless you nag them and for a fee they will give you a day of pills to get you by. Poor Nathan trudged off to the doctor and they blame Shoppers and Shoppers blames the doctor but it has happened so much that we don't care who is at fault. He has pills he is not supposed to skip and he has been without all weekend. The dogs have known something is wrong as they have been snuggling him to a point that borders ridiculous. Interesting how dogs are intuitive.

Dogs have been out to play many times. Nathan picked up steak for the moms on his way back from the doctors. He grinds up some for all the dogs. The dogs are spoiled. Kat slept all night. Nathan not so much. He will be better now.

If it snows starting tomorrow, let it be a huge one. I want to make tunnels for the dogs. But don't remind me if it is a HUGE one that I asked for it. hahahahaha


Wet, Messy and Icy

Stormy is back to having fun with everyone now. She will miss the pups but she knows how to have fun!

Here is the gallery.

We had a great meltdown where everyone was getting soaked and then it got cold and its all ice. 

They say a big storm is coming Tuesday. We shall see.

Not everyone chose to go out while we were clicking but we will catch them tomorrow. It works that way.

As so many are staying on the waiting list we have pups available from the 3 litters. That means we have puppy potential people visiting. This is a first. Our pups are usually assigned before they are born. These pups will be available to go home in April. Then we take a break. We fix a flooded basement, a pool shack out back, pay attention to my garden and swim. I am sure there will be many more things on that list as they are for you. Oh yeah we have the daughter's wedding too. LOL

I am hoping for some great swims with the dogs. We shall see.

I didn't sleep last night. Nathan snored away. shhh But Kat was sick. You see he gets this way after heats go. He gets so stressed from not connecting that he literally gets acid indigestion. I have liquid zantac for this but as busy as life has been I didn't clue in to give it to him when the heats ceased. So, instead he was miserable. I was miserable and I couldn't find it but did manage to this morning. I am a zombie. This too shall pass. Heats on boys that have been used but is no longer used, neutered or not is hard on them. Poor guy but we will give him more tonight before bed and maybe he will just snuggle and let me sleep. 


Melted Snow and Ice

Winston is a riot. he is always posing in some way that you could capture him and he would be doing something different. 

Ozzie is so smittened with Stormy. You will see it in the gallery.

They play so hard by the time it is tv time they crash all over Nathan, in the table, on couches - wherever. I can't wait till I have that time. Pups have to get older before that.

Good news, Leti and Sage are out of heat. Hooray! Poor Sage was beside herself. She was so unhappy. It was as if we were making her stand in a corner. Terrible feeling as I knew even though she always had dogs to play with and us, she missed being with all. 

I turn on the shower and go wow I have water to wash dogs. Can you imagine if it took time to fix. I would have been cancelling a lot of people. Glad something worked.

When I said Stormy pups can go home in a week and a half someone alluded to the reality I would be glad. I actually still cry when they depart - not in front of anyone else but I miss them terribly. But I did mention we can move in the couch so Dennis is not sitting in a recliner all night. He can actually fall asleep when saffron's pups are 2 weeks just stay in teh room but he doesn't have anything to sleep in.

6 blogs daily - well going down to 4 will help. As you can see I am finishing them late. But its important as you get to see them daily and that's what I would want. Come the end of April I may sleep for a month. Fat chance but a girl can dream.


A Day and a Half

Well it feels like a day and a half but look here - let's dance. I love photos like this.

Here is the gallery.

I hear Anne and Russell's water lines are frozen. I hope it got sorted out and didn't break like ours. We have been drying or attempting to all day. No headway.

The dogs have been barking too much today. You see we have had a lot of wind and ice hit the back door not once but thrice and we thought our door would break. The dogs were not thrilled. It was really a strong wind. We had flying objects but when it died down they went out to play.

Dogs are TV timing it with Nathan. I am jealous. 

Sky did really well being the only small dog in class last night. I put up a few mini videos.

I didn't have time to go to class but Nathan said I don't want to do anything without you. How nice! So off I went knowing I would be blogging late as I am today. Next class on Valentine's Day - geez.


Request Mateo Update

Diane, his owner asked me to put up a puppy and adult photo of Mateo. 

I used to call him Loverboy.


Short Blog

This is Shy who is out of Truffie and Ella. Ella's litter is Sky's full sibling from a repeat breeding. I adore Sky. She is the last one in the door and does truly outstanding in obedience. I hope she is a swimmer/diver. We will find out this summer. Can you imagine, Sky, Ella and Roxie jumping in together?

Here is today's gallery.

Lily departed today. Rocky visited for the day. Winston and Ozzie arrived. Charlie, Ty and Tenshi are here, of course. It's a great bunch.

Sky has classes tonight. She missed 2 classes due to a delivery and then Saffron's pups. Will she manage to catch up? Will I be able to go? I still want to just nap. 

Tomorrow I have 5 dogs to groom plus Raven and Stormy. So I may be short blogging it then too. 

Everyone is doing well. We broke up the ice out back so dogs are safe. Humans are too.

Till tomorrow!


Crazy Crazy Day

We have an ice storm and the vets and delaying it would mean 2 weeks and that's too late. We had the expense of vet emerg. Last night we had a serious leak in our basement that flooded the landing area. We will have to remove carpets - long overdue to be replaced but not now. We will just have cement down there till we can do that. We have a guy attempting to fix the leak. We have no water. We have a back doorknob that is a specialty item that they no longer make. We could only find 1 for 600 dollars. What the hey have I done wrong? Please February go away.

Updates are going to be late. I have an issue importing files. Since corrected. My memory card had a plastic piece out of place. See what can happen when you get overwhelmed. Silly stuff gets overlooked.

The dogs love this pelting ice - yeah seriously except Charlie. The young ones think it is a delightful amount of fun.

Here is the gallery.

Tomorrow is a busy grooming day but we won't be having moments of craziness driving back and forth from the vets. We have water now. Do you know what you need water for? LOL

Dennis is sleeping. Pups are sleeping after play when they returned. I am still working on blogs with a gin and tonic - a double. hahaha I don't drink much but today I so want to jump to Saturday when we are showing off pups.

Dennis tells me the dogs had a blast. Charlie did go out after the hail stopped. Most are all over but some stay dryer under the gazebos. Best investment - honest!

I came home to most laundry being done, I am told. I have not checked. The dogs are cuddling up to Nathan in the tv room and I am blogging trying to finish the 6 that I do daily - oh boy.

Till tomorrow!


Happy 7th

Our little Princess would like to wish her 3 handsome Princes a very happy 7th Birthday!  We wish you all many many more healthy and happy years!  Laci has brought us all such happiness.  We’re all forever grateful to her Canine Mom, Miss Abs and as well the caring Talemaker Clan. 

Hugs to All,

Laci & family.

 Lacie here is a video
Happy Birthday Ringo, Lacie, Tre and Kobe. Tre and Kobe are the only pups that we had born that shared the same sack. 

Ringo is waving his paw to his siblings!!! Happy Birthday!

What a wonderful age!


Happy Birthday

From Alene: Happy 7th birthday to Shady and his siblings!  Not only did Shady get a walk without boots and a coat (which he hates) he got a free birthday drink from Starbucks. A pupperchino and the barista came out to serve him!

From Me: If I have this right as I am working on memory and half asleep - happy birthday goes out to Ossi, Brie, Biggie, RUNVS and Lucy - and of course Shady! Wow 7 years ago!



Here is the gallery.

We had a funny moment today. We were out with the dogs and the snow slid off of the bottom deck gazebo. The dogs scattered wondering what this avalanche was. 

So Nathan brought all the dogs in and with the back door open proceeded to take a broom to the gazebo on the top deck. Off it slid into Nathan and into the house. 

Ella had snowballs this morning. I was a tad irritated as I wish wet snow would LEAVE. No one else seemed to get them. I am not sure why.

I am late getting the blogs done. It has been a crazy day. Come Tuesday I have 10 pups to wash as Wednesday they head out to the vets. Saturday they have their 8 week visit. 

I think I am recovering from the Saffron experience. I have a back door that closes. I haven't eaten a decent meal in days. LOL But things are getting normal.

Last night I cuddled in deeply with the dogs and at 630 Stormy woke me up then one by one they each licked my face and stood on me till I said okay, I am up. I hate it but I love it. I hate getting woken from a deep sleep with my chest getting depressed but I love that they love me enough to be affectionate and wake me up. Okay, it is to their benefit but I choose to think it's pure love. :-)

Magic was here getting ready for Chinese New Year. 

2019 is the year of "ji hai" (or gei hoi in Cantonese).
While "hai" represents the earthly branch symbol that stands for the pig, "ji" represents the heavenly stem for yin and earth. That's why they call 2019 the year of the earth pig.

May the New Year bring you everything life has to offer.


Crazy House Today

Updates will come later. I have 4 dogs to bathe and cut oh my....

Plus we had to have our back door fixed as it would fly open. It's not right still. It works but its the wrong size. It seems like we have a specialty size door knob so the handyman did a makeshift job that works till we can get the correct specialty version. Always something.

Update: The door works but it is makeshift. We had to have a door in front of it or it would fly open. Rather cold for that and we like to be out with the dogs so that wouldn't do. It was cheap and he will come back when he can find one that fits but till now we can bolt it locked and we can open it in a strange way but it works!!

I didn't get many photos but here is the gallery.

Dennis stayed up till the handyman departed so now he is sleeping till bed time. No nap for Nathan. Me, I just kept going. 

The weather is changing as some of the dogs had snowballs on them. Did you hear me curse? 

Charlie departed today. His birthday toy is lost outside in a snow mound, I am afraid. I am going to get him a new one. Doesn't seem fair to have it lost till the snow disappears even though I know he did something to it. LOL

Leti is probably going to be out of her heat tomorrow. That leaves poor Sage till 10 more days - really? 

We have great puppy people. Thank you for the mail, the help, letting me know who I can complain to if I choose that route - all of it. 

Dogs had fun today. Nathan was walking around like a zombie so he didn't take photos. I took a few and Dennis is sleeping. 

I am busy from wake up time till bedtime. Nathan brought the laundry down yesterday. I looked at him cross-eyed and said I guess you are folding. Everyone can only do what they are able to do. 

I can say every single dog got darlah hugs today - long ones. I made time for that. Now they are watching tv with Nathan.