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Messy Dogs and Not

I will try for a gallery today if the rain stops. We have a mix of dogs. Sky seems to need a bath once a week. Why? She is a mud dog. She loves the dirt, rain and all that it brings with her - leaves, sticks etc. I hope she is a swimmer. As her line has Kat, Ella, Roxie in it, she will probably be apt to swim as well. She is a very messy dog. She is a mudpile today but with this rain, other than rinsing her off, washing would be futile. I will wait for Monday.

Spice, Tenshi, Murphy, Adele and River all dislike the rain. Sky will literally lay on the deck and get soaked. I should count my blessings that some dislike the rain as the cleanup is time intensive and usually a futile venture seeing they go back out and do it again. 

The rest could care less in variety of degrees except it it is a downpour then no one wants to go even under the gazebos.

The gazebos have been our lifesaver. It stays dry under it and yes we have to wash off the deck and pick up but they get to go out without getting soaked. The dogs that hate the rain are starting to get that they can go out, enjoy and not get wet. 

They say 1 more day of rain. I hate the rain. Used to like it but it means so much work. I wish I had a mudroom like our vet friend has. She has a tile area, with a drain with sides and a sprayer so she can wash feet as they come in. She also washes her dogs there. I like a at waist tub to wash but that mudroom feature sure is useful in spring and fall. 

Gallery will come tomorrow. I am rather spent from all the washes and cleanups.


Rain and More Rain

It's raining today. I am not going to do a gallery. It's raining tomorrow too. I will try to do one then but maybe 2 days of no galleries. The dogs are soaked. I have dryers going. I need to stay off line and clean dogs feet and comb them all out. Each time they come in they are a mess. 

Spicy refuses to go out. She uses the pad and lounges on the couch watching squirrels that venture out when the rain gets light. Then it starts teaming and they hide away. 

Dennis is bringing them upstairs for the 2nd time to play run games. They love it!

Lexi, Brady and Marcie arrived. Tomorrow Chloe departs. Between Passover and Easter, we have a full house. So, much clean up but much fun!

Off to do Cooper who is in love with the treats. LOL

Ella and Saffron has blog entries today!


Happy Easter and chag Pesach samech

Good Friday and Passover is the start of the holiday season for many. May everyone survive it all. :-) 

Teddy sure runs around like he is a pup at times.

I learned of a dear friend that she has uterine cancer. From what I read, aggressive. I don't think I slept a wink last night thinking of her despite my belief that she will beat this. Life throws us curves. Many of you know her but its up to her to share, if and when she desires. I just hope her dogs give her mega comfort through this trying time. My thoughts are with her, her family and the dogs. 

The dogs really enjoyed this warm day. I am still grooming and in the gallery, you can tell who I brushed out so far and who is still on my list after supper. 

We have a date for the pool opening. It will happen sometime the week of the 22nd. That means it could be the 22nd. It could be the 29th. The sprinklers get turned on the 22nd. I guess its spring. We have much to clean up outside but I think it will wait till after the holiday visitors depart then we will get busy. We also have garage doors to replace. 

Tomorrow we head out to the Pet Expo show. 

As we fixed the nozzle down the sink, Dennis removed the p-trap and it appears he cracked it. So each time we do a laundry or wash a dog, it was running through the ceiling downstairs. Now we have a pan under it and I have to empty it each time it is used. Got to laugh. What next?

Cinnamon chewed half of Ali's head hair off so I had to hack the other side to balance it off. LOL Thank gad hair grows.

In the gallery, you will see Spicy messy as ever, then brushed up then messy again. That's a true Spice gal!


Gorgeous Day

It's an absolutely wonderful, sunny day out and it's Dennis' birthday. There goes it always snows on my birthday. 

I got mostly everyone combed out this morning. I just finished everyone else. I am giving Cooper a break today in honour of Dennis birthday. He had a comb out but not a thinning out session. Tomorrow, feet. I try to do things a little here and there so they can enjoy their time playing. The playing is very important as it is good for the soul and good for bodies. 

Here is the gallery.

I will tell you that they are LOVING the sun but they bake themselves and then come in to lay on the cool floor. The pups are outside with the adults a number of times today.

I think we are all embracing this nice weather. We hope it remains!


Pet Expo: 2 Updates Today

Are you going?

My fave vendors are Mistaken's Boutique for the

Portable Pet Water Bottle <-- best as its a no spill one and filtered. I love it. They also have some cute bow ties for the boys. 

Dearmint - I love them for hair elastics, the softest beds. Last year we bought this car seat. We also bought this donut bed that is incredibly soft. Anyone who stays here tries to get into this bed first. This year, I am going to buy a bunch of these

Then the next is Wheatley Wares and if you shop at his store, tell him I sent you as he knows what is good for havanese. I get my mixing bottles from him for shampoo and conditioner. I also get brushes, combs, scissors and much more. If you see anything on these sites you want them to bring to the show, let them know. They each bring a limited amount of things. 

I get nothing for this. I am simply giving you a heads up of what I find to be good quality and useful.



Havanese LOVE comfort. Give me soft blankets. Pillows that we can lean on and sleep on. We have so many on our beds and couches. They are a happy lot when they have soft, comfortable surroundings. We may have a true dog house but we have comfort everywhere for the dogs. It helps that we love soft things too!

Here is the gallery.

It's a cloudy day but a somewhat dry day. I say dry as Ollie is getting picked up at 5 and I don't dare wash him till just before he goes. He just LOVES water bowls and has been busy soaking the kitchen floor. He also couldn't help himself but had to run through the water on top of the pool. Oh boy he will be a water boy for sure. Ajax tried the water bowl fun and we told them both off. Ajax listened and Ollie went what - don't you think this is fun? 

Everyone got brushed out today. You may see them brushed or not in the gallery depending on their stage of play. Saffron is a terminal mess as her pups undo anything I do. 

It's not raining but it is indeed bleak out there. Harlow decided it was good enough. You have to understand Harlow doesn't like getting soaked.

Radar and Patches departed. They had so much fun. Radar really connected with Stone. Patches likes her comfort too.

Mr. Teddy has his recliner back. Chloe has really come into herself. She is having a great time. She is reserved but has really opened up. 

Shlomo laid next to Cooper - didn't get a photo but you couldn't tell where one started and the other began. They have the same colour hair. They are play monkeys - both.

Chicklet - he has never played so much. Last visit he was more reserved. Ziggy is going to miss him so. 

Girls are still in heat. Noah and Zoe are living the life as usual here. They are right at home.

Tenshi says please brush me. Brush me again - I want a treat. She is so funny!

I need to wash the Ollie and then we begin feeding. Nathan says ground veal is on the menu tonight - fresh not frozen you know. That's not for us. LOL I have a slow cooker stew that doesn't seem to be cooking. I decided to cut bread out of my diet. Let's see how that goes.

Ollie and Ajax can be found in this gallery as well as on the Saffron blog. Saffron is in heaven with her 2 pups. She struts around here as if she is the queen. 

We also have a Cinnamon blog update. 


Keeping Them Clean

Now to keep Stella clean till 1pm when Val's friend comes to get her - bath and haircut.


Faces of Rain and Treats: Another Gallery Added

It's important to get exercise to expel energy even when it is pouring. Last night the rain was sideways so we couldn't even go out under the gazebos. It was that bad. They say rain all week till Sunday. The dogs used pads and we cleaned pads all day into the night. We tried to get them out this morning. Some said - are you crazy and used the pads and some went out. 

Here is the gallery - the faces of rain.

They still play. Dennis does a couple of runs upstairs and opens all the rooms so they can run from room to room after him. They love it and I mean love it. Not a dog that doesn't participate. 

There are a few females, like Spicy that wants to be with the girls in heat. We make sure she does the runs, gets combed out, teeth brushed and all. We also makes sure she gets into the mix despite her desire to laze with the girls and play girl games. She thinks Ajax is an irritating thing as he won't take no for an answer when it comes to play. Today she finally gave in. Shlomo finds him fun, fun, fun. After all he is a Stormy pup and Stormy doesn't take no for an answer either. lol

Cooper's having his hair thinned out and thinks brush me out, thin me out - whatever just give me the treat. Hmm Stella is like that too. I will do whatever just treat me. They are simply treat motivated as some are.

Harlow has decided she really prefers the pads though this morning I made sure she went out. She was back at the door in a split second.

Murphy and Tenshi try to hide in the crates at this time as really - you want me to get this hair soaked - seriously?

They are all different and we embrace their differences.

We had a very loud storm last night. Only Noah was afraid - Zoe was not and we just spent a lot of time distracting him. We used loud white noise in the bedroom and he was fine.  

Chloe is in love with Dennis. As Jon was out last night, Dennis got the girls in heat plus Chloe as Chloe wants to sleep with him no matter what. She adores him. She is having a great time. 

Ziggy and Ajax, play, play play, I could go on but everyone is having fun and Ella's Charlie is visiting us for the day - bath, play and play. 

Sun is finally shining after lots of wetness. So, we clicked from rain to sun. Here is the gallery. 2 in one dau - don't get used to it. LOL


Wet Again Really?

Wet again - really? Well it is spring. Dennis was taking some of these shots while I was thinning out some of Cooper's coat. I do this a little each day. 

Here are a few photos.

Well, I went to wash my hands on the sink and the sprayer fell off the hose into the drain. So, no washing dogs or laundry - nada till we figure out how to get it out. What's next? 

When Nathan gets up from his nap, I suppose he will have to get an auger as we have tried everything else. 

Play has been so wonderful that the dogs end up being a total mess from the play. I would prefer that then no play. It's more work for me but more laughter. 

Spicy has decided to stay in my office with the girls in heat and the puppies while I blog. Everyone else is doing the mad run with Dennis. I wish he would allow me to take a photo as its really a sight to see. No wonder why he stays so thin. I swear the dogs look forward to this in such a huge way. Dennis does it so the dogs get the exercise even when it is raining and they love it.

Well.... till tomorrow and hopefully a fixed sink and no rain. We shall see.

Yeah, Yeah the sink is fixed!


Muddy Times Again

I guess at least its not snow. Today we are at a wedding but here is a gallery for you to enjoy. Chicklet and Ziggy are fast friends. Shlomo has decided since Teddy left, the recliner is his. It's a coveted spot when it comes to watching tv. Cooper loves the pillow on top of our end table. Yes, it's a real comfie place for the dogs. 

Scuffy and Pepper departed last night. They will be missed. They fit in so well. Ajax... well he is a riot with everyone. Those Stormy pups indeed has her personality. Makes me laugh. Zoe and Noah is playing with others without their housemate. It is usually the 2 with someone else.

Fergus and Chloe has bonded and they both love Stone. Fergus departs on Sunday. He's had an amazing time here.

Stella - well she's the boss. I love her. She makes me laugh. She plays like crazy but she wins. Tenshi, she's everyone's dog. Harlow as soon as she sets foot in this house she says to dad, talk to the paw - I am off for fun. She's such a riot. 

With Easter and Passover coming, we have a full but very fun house. It is so much fun. Even being sick - it is a blast to watch and play with the dogs.

Time to brush hair before we depart. You don'r expect Dennis will? LOL By the time he takes more photos, I bet they are a mess. Starting with the Coops who has been playing hard. 


3 Sisters

Realize I am still sick. Nathan thought I was nuts. He says - again? I said, yes before Molly departs.

I did brush them all out but by the time we got them on the table - well they didn't look like it but we tried. It was the best I could do in the shape I am in. I haven't taken meds yet.

Here is the gallery.

We did 2 rounds of it and on the 2nd round it was just me doing it all. Poor Nathan kept getting in the way so I had to delete, delete. Maybe I should have left those shots as it was comedy hour but I didn't.

Glad we had all 3 together at once. Molly's human dad has died so she was here till this morning. We are very sad truly. Stella's mom is on holiday and Spicy's humans are on holidays. It all came together.

We are pleased, sick or not to capture this moment.

No more galleries today. As we are at a wedding tomorrow, I will put up today's gallery tomorrow before departure. We don't expect to be back till late as it is in Stratford and the reception doesn't start till 6pm. 


Two Updates

As I had a special request from Anne, we attempted to take a shot of all 3 together. It reminded me of family where there is always someone not looking forward and smiling.

Now I am not up for doing my best but this made me laugh. See our progress in the gallery.


Love Blooms

Chloe loves Stone. Everyone seems to love him.

Fergus loves Chloe. These 2 have really bonded to our son Dennis so you will see a few photos of them sleeping on his bed and chair in his room. They are doing really well.

Cooper and Spicy has arrived. Trigger and Levon will depart tonight. 

Weather is awful when it comes to grooming. We had snow then rain then cloudy. That %$%^ Sky got into the mud again. What am I ever going to do with her? I may dress her up and see how that goes. LOL

Here is today's gallery.

Stormy remains totally in love with having Ajax here. Ajax likes to go in the puppy pen to play with the wee ones and then he has had enough. His fave was Poppy who departed.

I am still sick but better than yesterday. It's debatable on how much but progress. 

Dogs played a grand game of hide and seek and almost all got it but not all. We will keep playing each day to see if they catch on. Dennis also does a wild game of run upstairs when its wet like this and it sounds like the running of the bulls. They look forward to it so much and expels their energy. Maybe that's why Dennis stays so slim.

Maybe I need to start running... again...

Oh and we have hail coming down at the moment. Thankfully we have gazebos. This way they can go out and they won't get pelted and we won't either!


Broken Record

Today I crawled into bed and I am not doing well. After this departure I am going to crawl right back. Thing is Nathan needs to as well. 

It's a no photo day. Nathan didn't comb anyone out - its usually me. I got them done. I need to be better tomorrow. 


No Gallery Day: I Lied

Too sick to do a full fledged blog. Everyone is well, Bria heads home today.  Weather is rainy then cloudy but warm. After I do the chocolate gal, I will crawl on to the couch with dogs. Now Beni is departing. Hoping tomorrow we all feel well.

Okay, after everything that went on today,  I haven't laid down yet as I had all sorts of things to do. I had to wash Sky while Nathan napped. You see, Sky ran through the pool water sitting on the cover. Then she swam on it. Then she ran for the dirt that was mud and then through the cedars. All the while Dennis was telling her to stop.

Here is today's gallery.

He carried her inside miffed out to the max. He knew I was sick so he was going to wash half of her. I went to look and it was a full out bath time. She had algae, sticks, dirt all over her. She was a major disaster and to say she didn't have fun doing it would be a lie. I was NOT up to washing her but you do what you must. I am not sure why we had algae - 1st time but glad its gone and we may be opening earlier than later - well that's my excuse.

No one else did this thankfully and our pool pump arrived and Dennis pumped all the water off the cover. 

Dennis birthday is the 17th and he reminds me it often snows on his birthday so don't open it yet. LOL What a downer he is!

Dogs are having fun. Me, I am going to lay on the couch. I must.


Rain and Balmy Weather

We have so many dogs named Charlie these days - boys and girls. This is Charlie boy! He had a great time running - yes running through the water on the pool cover and then went straight for the garden. He was a mess. One has to laugh.

Teddy has departed. Bria, Trigger and Levon arrived. Tomorrow Bria departs and so does a Saffron baby. 

Bria likes to eat up on a chair. 

Here is today's gallery.

Dennis is sick now. Nathan is getting better but is still sick and napping. I have chills - they're multiplying. LOL I am going to take a stiff drink after grooming (still on my plate) and blogs and chase it out of me. I have no time for sick.  I have a wedding to go to on Saturday!

In 9 days it is Dennis birthday and I told him I am going to send him out to eat, to a movie with his brother and he can do nothing but what he wants to. He's talking about pumping the pool off. LOL So I told him start now and by next week it will be water free on top of it. 

The dogs find the water fascinating. It makes grooming interesting. So, Dennis now has a goal of having it done before Thursday.

We have a pool pump that is supposed to work fast that is coming tomorrow. LOL Not a sump pump, not a ultilty pump - a pool pump. Why didn't we have thsu years ago?

Plus Spirit just got brushed *see how she messed herself up* and is heading downstairs with Roxie and Jeannie with our son Jon. She's in full blown heat too.


The Sisters and Play

Here is today's gallery.

I believe the sisters know each other. They have similar mannerisms. It's fun to watch. They even eat side by side. It was ground sirloin added in so they never left their bowls. The pups got a treat too. 

Chester and Lexi have been playing up a storm. But I noticed them both as I just combed them out. 

Rosie and Ali has been playing like crazy. 

Teddy is departing tomorrow. No pups are going home. We resume on Tuesday. 

Trigger, Levon and Bria is coming - Charlie too for a grooming. Going to be a fun house tomorrow too.

It was a nice day out and as Nathan goes out to pick up output and we have had the great melt - still some ice left, he decided he did an excellent job picking up on sight this winter. You never know with snow. Bravo Nathan. LOL What a thing to celebrate but really its so important to pick up on site. Come true spring you will be glad!


Clean Up

We do clean up daily. LOL This is Charlie's last day. He departs shortly. He has made some serious friends. It is so nice to see how this senior plays like a 2 year old. We look forward to your future visits.

We never found his toy so he has 2 waiting to go home with him.

Here is the gallery that Dennis took.

We have Molly with us - Stella's sister and the siblings are getting reacquainted. Stay tuned to tomorrow for photos. I have been falling down with photos as I have had so much going on but the dogs never get the short end of the stick. My galleries and photo clicking does. :)L

It was a blamy day. Dogs were playing their hearts out.

Nathan is still sick. I am congested but not much else. Nathan does not do sick well. 

A few dogs spent cuddle time with the sick one for his nap. They are probably not in the gallery but are rested. LOL


Playing Hard

Playing hard and messy as all get out. It's why I like to wait till about this time to do combouts but this dog actually had a combout BEFORE the play. I shake my head. I guess I am going to do her again tonight. 

This is a no gallery day. I apologize. I will play catchup. Nathan is in bed sick and has since Pablo departed. I got pups to take out and I have dogs to combout. 

When pups go home, it gets extra busy. 


Two Updates


Early this morning we heard from Susan Ginsberg that Larry passed away. With much sadness we share this news to those of you that know Larry, Susan and Molly. They never missed a Woofstock visit. The picnics with all 3 were always wonderful! We so enjoyed our conversations, the mutual love of the unique Molly and the so many stories over the years. Our hearts are broken with this loss.

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