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The picnic date took place on August 19, 2017 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos from the 2017 picnic can be found here. 

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If the gallery doesn't have your dog in it, blame Dennis or the timeframe he took them. hahahaha but all are having a complete blast!

Here is the gallery.

We are lucky as we also have Radar and Patches visiting. Some snuggles they give!!

Shlomo also dropped in and made hi,self at home immediately. He's great!

Rosie is also here to get a spruce up for her film debut. :-)

Jeannie and Inula are in heat. No oops here. 

Tonight Rosie departs. Brewer was hosed down and left (teasing - he had a bath) and Tenshi departed.

Tomorrow the house empties out and Charlie comes for a spruce up. Saturday is my birthday so we are downtown as long as we are both well. Nathans a bit under the weather so we opted not to go to class. Besides, I am exhausted. 

Thank you to Ronnie for the lovely card and movie bonus and thank you Lynda for the gin, tonic and chips - very nice of you both truly!! I sincerely mean that!


Dead Today

Panda always loves to see Trouble. It's rather nice.

Everyone has been having a great time. I am rather tired so this blog is short. Just a very long day of grooming and tomorrow is the same plus class. So bear with me.

Here is the gallery.

Sorry this is so short.


2 Updates Today

Olive is exploring outdoors. Her face spot is on the kitchen chair next to Dennis or next to Nathan when he is cooking. Hmmm food.

Here is a small gallery.  I am skipping grooming other than the 2 that were going home today. Tomorrow I am back to grooming.

This is a short blog as I am trying to get rid of this bug that I have. Nathan too but he is napping now. I was trying to but may crawl into bed when he gets up. 

Dogs are having a blast. 



Spice (Spicy) and Anne successfully achieved the Caring Paws Animal Therapy Evaluation. Anne took Spicy to visit her mom many times and she knew then that she would make a wonderful therapy dog. A new journey is about to begin for Spicy and Anne. Russell and Anne couldn't be happier.

We feel the same!!


Getting Nice

The sun is bright. I decided to groom everyone but departing dogs after blogging as they don't ever look groomed. hahahahaha May as well do it when it is convenient to me.

Here is the gallery that Dennis took.

We will have a short set of blogs on Saturday as its my birthday and I may go to the march and out to eat. We shall see.

I bought a Dupray Steam cleaner when I was on Montreal. Each night Dennis cleans something new. LOL. It is actually the first steam cleaner that I really like and I may use very little or no chemicals from now on. I am impressed. 

We have cleaned the whelping box, the linoleum, floors, the xpen as it stands, back door window, appliances, the steel trash cans and appliances, tile grout, toilets, walls and the list goes on. We owned a steamer - an upright one but this is a canister one and it works so well, it even makes those that hate to clean (me) get lost in seeing what it does. Got to laugh. I originally bought it as I felt it was healthier for the pups not to use chemicals and the high heat kills bacteria etc. Dennis has used it on a new job every night. He was cleaning cabinets last night.

Dogs have been truly sunning today. They love this trying to be warm business.

I am a bit congested so I am finding a couch after my comb-outs and I will hopefully have a blanket of dogs. What could be better?


Sunday Clicking

Roxie just had a bath and I was trying to take a few photos of her - okay more than a few. She is such a beauty!

Here are a few photos Nathan clicked this morning other than the Ms. Roxie.

It's getting to be the end of March Break. A few more depart on Monday and Tuesday and the house empties out. Dogs come here and there but the holiday crew is mostly home and enjoying their families.

Adele is in heat. The daughter kept forgetting to set a spay date so she is now home. She was supposed to be here till Monday night but the boys were beside themselves literally and I have a terminal headache from the whining. So off they went to spend time with the grandkids till Adele is over the heat. That will save the Kat, stone and Truffie madness. 



St Patty's Day

Cara wishes Willow and mom Jeannie a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Our senior gal, Shoshi loving the cold outside.

They really love the sun baking you can do outside. 

Check out today's gallery.

We play. We eat, we snooze - what a life!

March break is coming to a close. I took a half hour nap - who knew I needed it so and Saffron tucked herself into my neck and slept with me till a noise of Nathan coming downstairs woke her up. heh

Usually as a tradition (I am not Irish) I cook corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots. I like to celebrate everyone's holiday. It gives me an excuse to celebrate with food. But we will have to buy some next week. It's a simple meal. In a slow cooker throw the corned beef the night before in water with a couple of bay leaves, spices etc. Next day add carrots, potatoes and the last 20 min add cabbage. Remove a piece of corned beef, potatoes, carrots, cabbage. Add butter and there you go. If the dogs are lucky, I give them a tiny piece of meat. I love easy meals. One day an Instapot. Too many gadgets heh but always thinking of a great way to cook meat to add to the dogs meals. It's all about the dogs.


Messy Look

Went to the Home show with Sherry. We had fun. Poor Sherry is still sick. Ate at Burger Priest - my 1st. It was good. Came home and brushed out a few dogs, took photos and videos of the pups and here I am blogging.

Here is today's gallery.

I am told Dennis got up at 4pm. That left Nathan doing it all. I got home and Nathan took a nap. LOL

The dogs had fun today. Coco departed. I am exhausted but dogs snuggles are the BEST!!


A Cool Warmish Day

We had a great play day today. It was almost warm today. Well warm enough for this time of year.

Here is today's gallery.

Not much of a blog as this playing catch-up has been interesting. Comb, comb and brusha brush. 

Tomorrow Sherry and I head to the home show. 

Olive arrived. I do believe she is the smallest pup we have ever produced. She is such a cutie. I believe she is 6lbs and solid but small. We are going to have fun with her. She is Saffron's and Murphy's sister. 

Some went home. Some arrived. It's March Break. :-)


Just a Dusting

Ella is getting in shape for diving in the pool. Let's practice position.

Dogs have been having a ton of fun. We only got a dusting of snow today.

Here is the gallery.

The pups are so adorable. They play their hearts out. Coco tries to tell Spirit it's all my food. It's a riot. Spirit says really and just almost sighs. They are so enjoying each other. 

Nora has taken over the kitchen chair. She so loves sitting with Dennis. Penny departed.

Check out the gallery for puppy and adult fun. They so make me laugh.

I wanted more snow. I have now almost played catch-up with all comb-outs today. I think Nathan was busy as he left it to me. LOL

If anyone is going to the Home Show (Canada Blooms) on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, please if you want company - I am looking to go with someone. I was supposed to go with Sherri but I think she got the flu. <sigh> Will watch your dogs no cost. LOL

Saffron was beyond excited to see me and is each morning. All the dogs were. It has been an amazing reception that has lasted. 

Tomorrow, Marlee, Sadie, Brady, Toby and maybe Leo departs. Friday Murphy and Coco and girl Murphy and Reggie arrives.



It's back to normalcy now that I am back. hahahaha This is Teddy who just came for a bath and trim. Isn't he a beauty?

Here is today's gallery. 

Nathan is taking his nap - 1st one since Friday. Dennis is up. I am blogging it and taking care of Saffron and the pups but I am tired. 

Here are the pups after eating lunch. It's fun to have the pups back for a visit. They are really enjoying their holiday too. 

I am playing recovery but also combing this one or that one here and there.

The dogs are still happy to see me - yes that includes the visitors. LOL


Playing Catch-Up

I heard the dogs had a blast while I was gone. All I know was the reception I got and it was over the moon delighted! 

Here is a huge gallery. There may be some bad photos in the lot but I am too tired to care. Poor Nathan is off to get my ipad, cords etc at Tracy's house that we left in the car. He is exhausted too. 

I have to say my legs hurt from all the walking. I got a few clothes and a steam cleaner and dog toys - of course. Couldn't find anything for Nathan despite looking hard but I did get him a neck pillow as all the shirts were made for 20 something skinny bodies - something about slim fit and anything I saw was like that. sigh. How's that for a run on sentence - take that English teacher!  Did get him bagels and slaw and pickles. heh

Dennis got chocolates as he is a choco-holic.

Till tomorrow. Oh am I looking for bed, Nathan and dogs and according to Tracy I snore fierce. LOL Nathan and the dogs don't mind. hahahah maybe that is why Nathan needs naps.


Home Tonight

Look for updates as much as I can muster tonight.


Holiday Blogging It

Nathan says he is doing well. Jon and Dennis are helping him. I can’t update with a gallery but will after I return home tomorrow night. I asked them to take photos and save them. They have no time or clue what it takes to put them on my computer, create galleries and resize photos but to be honest other than you missing out, that’s ok. It is best for them to focus on the dogs vs. Doing blogs. 

i know this is not fun for you but we will play catch-up. Nathan tells me they are having a blast. Him he is tired. I think he will know what it’s like without me. Hope he brushes as dogs depart. Till tomorrow night and I promise a gallery then.



Well Nathan is not sure about updating the blogs so I may be doing it remote and finding out how things are going.  Stay tuned. Here I type not trying to wake anyone up. I am surrounded by dogs. I must admit I did crash so watching Pups via my iPad didn’t come till now. The term exhausted comes to mind
This is is my first mini vacation I think in 15 years. Wish it was not so short but then again how will Nathan survive without me? Plus I am going to miss out. Crazy mixed feelings.
I am having an issue resizing photos so may just have to text update. Nathan says everyone is doing well and they are surviving. It’s snowing here in Montreal. It’s windy. It’s cold. We have walked a lot and bought nothing and had bad food. LOL

Meeting of the Minds

I am literally trashed. It's a miracle I am awake and I still have to pack and depart at 7am. But I am glad Saffron had the pups during the wee hours vs. tonight at the same time. 

The dogs have been having a blast. We have some hail out back and it was so light they didn''t mind.

Here is the gallery. I didn't even look at them. Sorry. Usually I take out blurry ones etc but I am too trashed. 

I have had 3 hours sleep. Nathan is napping now. He will have had 4ish hours. Dennis will go to sleep at 430 and sleep till 10. He's on night shift tonight. 

I get to sleep with the dogs tonight - hooray@! It's March Break so its a full house. Pups are a riot! Adult dogs too. It's as if they were invited to a party and they are making the most of it. I look at them with eyes half open and smile. I want their energy.

Look for Nathan's updates. I will be reading but not updating till Monday or Tuesday night. I will be home Monday night. I may need rest from the rest. LOL


Two Updates Today: Coco and Breeze


It's my Birthday and I am 8.  Birthday wishes to Raylan and Breeze and my other brothers and sisters I am just laughing out loud.



Celebrating Breeze's Birthday in Florida!

Hard to believe she is 8!

They get for so many walks here and we all love the weather here.  They are so friendly and we have met so many people and dogs because they are so cute!

Our duo are the best and we are so blessed to have them in our lives. Thank you for doing all you do to give  the love to your pups and their Moms.

We are all snuggling in bed and we are all tired at night here🐶🐶❤️❤️

Love them so much and they are our babies👍👍🐶🐶❤️

Hope all good with you both and the crew and see you are always busy looking at your website.

Love from Breeze, Chinook, Al and Shelley


Dogs Just Want to Have Fun

The theme of the day is fun and we have a lot of that. March Break begins and we will have a full house with fun, fun, fun!

Check out the gallery. 

We also have a double class tonight. Looks like Saffron is cooperating. I have been so busy I can't think straight. 

But oh boy are the dogs fun - in a wow way!

Tchibo departs today. Grace and Tia also. they were here just for the day. Elvis got a bath as he had to have one. 

Let the fun begin!!


Cool But Fun Times

Elvis really likes the girls and can you blame him?

Most times you can always catch him with a gal. He is due for a bath as he doesn't go home till the 22nd and if I don't wash it will make his hair hard to maintain so he may be getting a bath tonight. He will get another when he goes home.

Catch the gallery here.

In the gallery you will see dirty feet on Inula despite her having a bath today. Nathan maintains her coat and well 2 minutes after she got outside her feet were black. You can't win. 

It is threatening to snow but we had a morning of drizzle. That is why the black feet. Got to love it. 

Tchibo has managed to really much it up. He is a fun spirited boy. He is wonderfully likable.

Penny likes to make the couch her own. I laugh. She loves her comfort! Marlee and Sadie has settled in just fine as they always do. Pixie and Leo are playing and playing now. It's wonderful to watch. 

Teddy and Shlomo have departed. Miss them already!

Nathan is taking a nap with the dogs - well whomever wanted to join him. Soon Nathan will be cooking up ground beef. the dogs will be sniffing the air and he will be adding it into their food. They do so love dinner. After playing so hard they have quite the appetite!


Fun in the House

The dogs were running today and having a blast.

Check out today's gallery.

Marlee and Sadie (Thyme) arrived. Here you can see Sadie under Kai saying who are you?  Oh you are my sister from another litter. LOL I called Sadie Thyme by accident and she still responds to both names. What a smartie pants.

Check out Saffron's blog for a surprise.

Tomorrow Teddy and Shlomo departs. Soon it will be March break. I want May and the pool. hahahaha

But the dogs are having a blast. 

Movie was good last night. We ate at Me-Va-Me. Huge portions - good. Sure beats the VIP movie food. It was good to get out!