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The picnic date took place on August 19, 2017 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos from the 2017 picnic can be found here. 

Grooming 101

Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video Windows version) and for you Mac apple folks - here's a conversion. - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

Certified Pet First Aid

Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

Woofstock 2018

Meet us at Woofstock. Dogs are welcomed. We meet at the restaurant across the street from Woodbine park. Here is the location. Meet up happens on May 28, 2016 at 9:30 to 945am. Rain date is the next day. Look forward to seeing your havanese there and the humans too! Don't have your havanese yet? Well join us anyway!

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Long Day

Rusty is home and tired just like me. LOL He is such a lovee!

This is Meadow watching the videos. Check them out.  I took a few videos of the swimming.

I have my grooming room ready now to be painted. I will have new cabinets installed. The sink is not here but we have to do this in stages. The room looks so large when my equipment is not in there.

It was a ton of work. Walls had to be washed. Appliances pushed out and cleaned behind, cabinets and closet emptied and cleaned. The floor washed. All my equipment had to be moved out. Then when this stage is done, I get to put it back and groom. I need to groom on Thursday - yikes.

Here is today's gallery.

It was a lot of work and that is why I am blogging at this hour. 

I want to go to sleep but back to it. 


Warm But Busy

This is the Gucci gal!

Here is the gallery.

I just finished grooming and I have a very full day tomorrow. I have to empty my grooming room out, wash walls, pull out all my equipment, empty a closet, move out my shelving unit that holds towels to have it read to paint Wednesday. Dogs had a great time today. Me, not so much and I suspect it will be like that for a bit. So - short blog. Enjoy the gallery. 


Happy Cool Father's Day

For Father's day - no feeding, washing dog dishes, cleaning up after the dogs and nap and read books and do what you want. This is Nathan's day. I am glad he is having it.

Here is today's gallery.

It's a no swim day. Nathan tried to lay outside with the dogs but he found inside warmer. 

The next few days is going to be slow blogging. After I am done here, I am starting to box up all my shampoo, conditioner, dog supplies etc and I will be taking each out as I need it. I have overhead cabinets, a shelving unit, a closet - all to empty. Tuesday night I need to wash the walls and make sure my table, cabinet, dryers, grooming wheeling cart etc are all out of that room. Come Wednesday morning the room will get painted. The cabinets will come down, the doors fixed (daughter broke the mirror doors when she lived here). All of this will be done and when the sink arrives, we get to do it again. I say we as its just me. I am not looking forward to any of this but it will look great when it is done. 

We have a few pups here and they are playing like banshees. Oh are they having fun!

I hope all of you are gaving a wonderful Father's Day.


To Meetings and Fun

Look who met each other in the park today!  

What a wonderful surprise!  

Actually Meadow surprised Pablo!

 My girlfriend, Petra, met Michelle in the park recently and she noticed how beautiful Meadow was then started asking all about her.   Michelle starts telling her about Talemakers. My girlfriend put two and two together and said "My friend has a dog named Pablo that I think is from the same breeder!"


We were coming over for lunch today.  So they made a secret plan to surprise us.  

Petra says "I have a sweet surprise for you."  I'm thinking...Yummy she has done some baking!

So fun!

-------------------I was out today but the dogs did play. Here is the gallery. Tomorrow I play catch-up grooming. Though I did brush Scruffy and Pepper who departs tonight. Teddy and Moxie tomorrow. Everyone is getting along like crazy. 

Much to my surprise, I did buy two large planters of flowers - 2 for $40 in St. Jacobs - mighty cheap. I vowed not to buy anything but veggies. LOL You never know. 

Now - Father's Day tomorrow!


Not Warm Enough to Swim

Here is today's gallery. Elvis is just chilling.

No one went into the pool. It was warm but the wind brought the temps down - or it felt cooler. I had a lot of grooming anyways. Dogs went home today or just came for grooming. Dogs going home tomorrow that needed to be groom. I am finally getting my Mother's Day present from my daughter. She finally has time to take me to St. Jacobs. I am looking forward to it even if it rains. 

Charlie pup - Raven's boy was here and had a blast!He has such silky hair and a personality that said - oh my its party time. He rather enjoyed having Pingo here and of course that Misty gal. Pingo is full of fun always! It was a fun day!

Stormy is out of heat and is being her usual fun self too. Spirit and Sky are segregated till the 21st - 1 more week. When will we have consistently hot weather?

Oh well, I did clean all my grooming stuff - bottles, supplies etc getting ready for a sink that was supposed to be done this week. Have the paint now for the room and the cabinets. It will be a huge undertaking and painting will have to occur on a day that I am not grooming as all my equipment will be out in the hall. Still haven't figured out a faucet that will work for my needs. Boring stuff to all of you. 

We had the pest guy here again. He said it looks like the rodents are now under control. Chewed electrical cords are not fun. They are also quite costly. 

Moxie, Elvis and Murphy, Scruffy and Pepper departs tomorrow. they will be missed but we have new ones arriving. It's going to be a wonderful weekend. Happy Father's Day to all. Maybe Nathan will get his Lobster sandwiches again. 

Short blog tomorrow as I may be home late and it will depend on the camera taking.


Rainy Day

Here is today's gallery.

This rain needs to go. It's hard keeping anyone clean and hey it's supposed to be warm. We have Pingo here and we are excited. He's a Stormy puppy. Stormy is finally out of heat so she is able to play with him and play they have off and on. But Misty thinks she is the one he must play with. What a pushy thing. LOL He doesn't mind. 

Tomorrow I have a scary busy grooming day so tonight I am going to relax. 

For all the dad's out there for humans or canines - I do so hope your weekend is a fabulous one that brings you smiles. 


New Swimmers This Year: Gallery Added

Pablo came for a visit and swam but didn't jump in.

Sage jumps off the side or diving board.

Misty jumps off the side or stairs and when she jumps off the stairs, she jumps up high. 

I had an extremely busy day grooming today. 2 was unexpected but it was for a good reason. It was a no swimming day for me. It wasn't that hot and they say rain is coming. 

I believe Saffron is out of heat today so she survived this. 

We are looking at doing a picnic in August at Yvonne's new place - next door to her old one, Stay tuned. It will either be the 10th or 17th. We are solidifying the date in the next few days. 

Dogs have had fun and love chilling outdoors in this weather. 

Just learned a new way to organize socks - gad help me. 

Here is the gallery.


Lazy Day

It's a big stick day and no we didn't buy it for them. Someone thinks they need to garden around here.

Here is a tiny gallery.

It's Father's day this Sunday and the daughter is taking me out to St Jacobs on Saturday. It's the 1st free day she had. So far its supposed to rain but after waiting this long, have umbrella will travel.

As it was a warm day but not a hot one, the dogs truly enjoyed just lazing in the sun. Everyone needs a down day. I managed to get Nathan a gravity chair on sale for Father's day as his old one was flipping him over every time he leaned back. I know it sounds comical and it was after the fact but during the event, it was downright dangerous. His fave chair is a gravity chair. Not sure why but as long as he appreciates it... and I get an XL one so the dogs can sit with him on it. 

Tomorrow, Pablo, Chester and Scruffy and Pepper. Harlow arrived and has taken over the coveted spot in the kitchen that Elvis has been enjoying. We will see how that goes and who gets it tomorrow. 

Till then.... 


Some Cameos Today

As it is a rainy day, hardly any clicking went on. 

Happy Spicy visiting seniors today, got to try the swing! 

Elvis chilling in the best bed!

Oscar looking at me!

Tenshi waiting for nap time with Mr. Nathan.

Wet and comfie, Murphy!

Moxie asks - will the rain ever stop?

They say tomorrow it will. Hooray!!


Sink Ridalco for Sale

I know someone who has 2 of these for 800 a piece and that includes the faucets. He's used them only for a few months and decided to opt for Flying Pigs version. They are 60x24 with stairs etc. Wish I had room for 1 of them but I also wanted a cabinet. Mine is only going to be 36x24 - so this is almost twice as long as mine. With a high end faucet - it's such a steal too. 


Play and Hot

This is Moxie and Murphy playing like crazy!

Here is the gallery.

Tanner didn't go in the pool today as Nathan had the gals in heat outside. they were jumping in as you will see in the photos. I missed a lot of jumps but you can see some and then you can see them swimming.

You will also see Tanner playing with this one or that one. Murphy and Moxie have been playing liek saffron and Murphy play but Saffron is in heat.

I have my first burn of the season. They say rain tomorrow and then hot again. I bought flat beans I need to plant but I am waiting till it cools off. Maybe tonight. Oh - it is tonight. LOL


Tanner is a Fish

I say Tanner is a fish as he not only jumped in a number of times but he also dove in head first. I was in the pool so I wasn't clicking so that's disappointing. We will try to do better tomorrow.

You can see some of him swimming or running around on the videos.

Misty thinks he is a present. Guess she is missing Meadow so she took over Tanner.

Here is the gallery.

We had Helen and Suzie plus Hugo over. Ali went home with them. More in a few days.

The dogs are loving this weather. Us too!

Daisy, Scruffy, Pepper and boy Murphy departed today. 

Let's see who we can get in the pool tomorrow if the weather cooperates!


Awwwww Sun

Brewer is just loving the sun. They all are and can you blame them. We are the same!

Here is the gallery. 

We had a low key day as I had a lot of serious groomings so we hung out. I took a quick dip. Nathan took a quick dip but not the dogs. Tomorrow we have Helen and Suzie over with Hugo. We are going to see if Ali gets along with him. 

Misty is adjusting to no Meadow. She's back into trying to chew this or that. I may kill her yet. Just teasing!

That's it for today. I am heading outside to hang out with the dogs. Got to make the most of it before rain comes on Monday!


Exciting Times

I laugh at this. Misty had a stunning jump in before this one. I didn't expect it so I didn't capture. It looks like we will have more opportunities. I am posting this one as it's a funny one. 

Sage consistently is jumping off the diving board. Two new swimmers - bravo and the Wasabi Spicy line vs the Roxie and Kat line. I also cut Sage down as she had a heavy play, bite the head hair look. This way it will grow and hopefully those that are chewing her hair will stop. I find heats are awful as they mount and chew on each other etc. It is what it is.

Yesterday we had rain. Today, we have sun, sun and more sun and its still warm outside. I have a busy day of grooming tomorrow but I am hoping to jump in the pool between groomings. We shall see. I hate to miss a day of sun that we are finally getting. 

I got a couple of locking garbage cans. My clothes bags are all gone to nearly new. Well, that is a lie. I did 2 more bags but those will go when they can. Nathan is going through his and saving old thing - but with memories. Next rain day, I start in doing a cabinet in the kitchen then my grooming room. 

Here is the 2 day gallery unedited.

We still have gals in heat though Ali was supposed to be finished. 

I have strawberries already and my bearded iris are all starting to bloom. 

I found a surface pen for $40 (CHEAP) and its a dream to use in photoshop. Though all I did was test it on old photos. Now that it is warm weather, I am going to have to sync my laptop to my desktop and do blogging outside but I am still figuring out the most time effective ways to use lightroom on both computers and have them synced automatically. I am not sure if it will be seamless but we will figure out what works. 

Shoshi's test results came back this morning positively. Kat was jumping in the pool repeatedly. Our oldies are doing well and enjoying Summer. We hope you are too. 


Sunny Days NOT!

Read the birthday celebrations below. Tomorrow we return to our regular schedule - gallery and all!


Happy 1st

Hi Darlah and Nathan!

We are so grateful every day for having dear Emmy in our lives!  She brings so much joy and love - from the moment we get up in the morning she's right there at the sound of the alarm...running and bringing us her toys to play with and doing this happy jump (so excited to see you!), down (because she knows we won't pet her unless she calms down) and twirl (so affectionate!)...it's hilarious.

We wish Emmy's siblings Ellie, Desi and Sky a very happy first (!) birthday today.  

Emmy got a special cake!  She wouldn't pose for pictures though...just wanted to dive right in. OK fine, just this time!   

Thank you both!

Emmy, Rosalie and Ulrich

Happy 1st Birthday to my lovely sisters Sky, Ellie and Emmy!  Love to our beautiful Mommy Ella!  Darlah and Nathan, I am coming to visit you this summer!  πŸ’•πŸ’•


Ellie would like to say a very happy Birthday to all of her wonderful siblings! Happy 1st!!πŸŽ‰β€οΈπŸΎπŸΎ

Ellie’s a petite 8.5 pounds, loves belly rubs, cuddling with mom and playing tug of war with her brother and sister. One of her favourite things is daily car rides to her sister’s dance studio 😊she’s small but mighty, with such a personality..we all love her so much.

Here are a few reminiscing pics of her as a puppy and a montage of her bday celebration 😊

Scroll down to see yesterday's 1st birthday celebration!


Happy First

Happy birthday first birthday to all my Cinnamon/Stone litter mates! I hope you’re all having fun!

Loads of licks and lots of woof,



Lexi, Ali, Wally, Joey, Chloe and Javie - May it be the very best!


Does This Look Warm?

Sweatshirt - pile of dogs and his reader. I put sweats on. The dogs - well they loved it.

As I was grooming most of the day, here is a small gallery. After blogging, I need to finish grooming. I had plans of washing my bedroom floor, washing in and out the dressers but its not happening. Hoping I get back to it tomorrow.

I need to clean out my grooming closet. 

Meadow departs tonight. She's going to sleep well tonight as they have had mad running games with Misty - under and out of the couch. She also now jumps with ease on the couch. Oh boy. 

Harlow also departs and she will be missed!

We have to collect urine from Shoshi tomorrow for the vet as she is coming into town. It will be fun chasing her with a plastic dish. LOL

Nathan tells me Moxie loves him the best. Just because she gest excited about me - he's the one that she really loves. I am laughing. 

Tomorrow is a birthday for one litter... find out tomorrow but it is also our grand daughter's birthday as well. 

Dennis has been weeding for me. 

Tanner is coming this Saturday. We are excited.

Now off to finish grooming before I crawl on to the couch with the dawgs!


Sunning on a Cool Day

Here is today's gallery.

I had a full day of grooming and then I started in again on purging clothes, I figure every 25 or 30 years you need to. LOL I finished my closet, the dressers and much more. Tomorrow I vacuum, wash floors and tackle that stack of books that is collecting dust or so it seems. Nathan collects books but now he reads on his reader vs a hardcopy. He has made the leap. That means the books have to go and the library does not take them unless they are signed or rare. LOL

The dogs spent a lot of time with Dennis while he weeded. Nathan took Misty to the dog store.

As you can see Brewer and Tenshi was lazing outdoors catching the rays. 

Everyone played off and on all day but as Dennis said, I don't carry the camera when I weed. So, we got what we got.

Fitz departs today. Jeannie's blog has an update. Seems we have a swimmer! 

Meadow departs tomorrow. We will all miss her but especially Misty. It is why Nathan took her to the store without Meadow. 

Warm weather is coming Thursday or so they say. Ziggy misses swimming. LOL I think the rest of us do too. 


The Fun of Play

Ash and Grey depart today - so sad. Look at the way Grey plays. It's amazing how gentle he is. 

Here is the gallery.

Dogs are loving the cooler weather. Though not cold, it isn't swimming weather. 

With girls in heat, we have them outside with one of us and then the rest of the dogs go out with one of us too. Ali is almost done with hers. 

Murphy gal arrived and is enjoying herself. Scruffy and Pepper arrived for the day.

Dogs are enjoying themselves. 

I need to clean out my clothes closet. I am at the point that I need to bag up clothes that are 30 years old and never going to fit. LOL Never mind they are not even in style any longer. I also have clothes from my late mom that she used to leave here so she had them when she visited. So, if it stays cool and between grooming, I will attempt to make headway.  

Still have grooming to do and well some games with the dogs. I like them to have some thinking games.