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Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video Windows version) and for you Mac apple folks - here's a conversion. - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

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Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

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Meet us at Woofstock. Dogs are welcomed. We meet at the restaurant across the street from Woodbine park. Here is the location. Meet up happens on May 28, 2016 at 9:30 to 945am. Rain date is the next day. Look forward to seeing your havanese there and the humans too! Don't have your havanese yet? Well join us anyway!

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Play and Class

We had a ton of play. Despite my desire to run over the leaves, Dennis insisted on raking them up so the dogs had a blast messing up his progress. I told ya!

Here is the gallery.

Trigger is an exceptionally happy boy these days. Oh he is always happy but he is exceedingly happy. Maybe its the smell of the girls.

Tonight we head to puppy drop in with Ali and Sky. They had a bath today. Sky could care less. Ali was only behaving if she was plied with treats. hmmmm

PS: We are off but leaves are everywhere. Piles are gone. Dogs are laughing. 

Will do a Leti puppy update when we return. 

Shlomo and Marlie depart tomorrow. We will miss them. 


It's Sunday

I had a marathon grooming as we had a number of dogs departing. We had visitors. Nathan entertained. I groomed - not my dogs but everyone else's. I played catch up on mine tonight.

Here is the gallery. 

We head into Ottawa on Wednesday again. Dennis will hold down the fort and we will go extra early and come back the same night. This will be our new norm. It's hard when they do not live locally. 

Dani gets her surgery November 2nd. Dennis is getting migraine after migraine and I think it must be related to the closed doors and lack of fresh air but maybe that's not true. My neck still hurts but I am getting used to sleeping sitting up and it is helping. Everyone that is coming to the door is dealing with upheaval - family issues to health issues. I wish I had a magic wand.

The dogs are wonderful. No matter what is going on, they make you smile. They are medicine in a hairy body.

Politics is driving me crazy. I hate the celebration of attacks, excuses for a murder, women's rights fading etc. Most times I shut off the tv. Singing on a trip to Ottawa is better than listening to the latest on Trump. One has to be proactive. I am a Canadian and an American so I want to tune out but if I do will I be responsible by not trying to create a change? Enough politics.

I have a long distant friend - we have been friends for a very long time - back when atari came out with a computer lol  - well she had to put down her cat. I think about how I felt about Risa and I feel so genuinely sorry for her being in this position. Our animals should live longer. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were able to just send vibes that would eliminate emotional pain? 

The photo above is Spirit - Leti's daughter. She is an amazing dog. Those of you with multiple dogs get the reality that each dog brings something different. If you tap into their passion - well the memories pile up. One of our passions is swimming and till next year we will dream about warm weather. But we so try to make that white stuff fun for the dogs. Shovelling those paths though is a struggle. LOL

Happy Monday everyone tomorrow...


Crazy Weekend

Okay Stone had a bath. Raven had but 2 connections - well almost 2 and she says I am done. He's a bit miffed. He thought he was getting a bath for the girl.

We still have girls in heat till November 2.

Here is the gallery.

Between today and tomorrow I have an exceedingly busy grooming schedule. That is why the blog is so late. Marco departed this morning and I was so busy grooming I didn't get to see them. Tonight Oreo departed. Tomorrow Chester, Rosie and Charlie depart. 

Dogs had a blast. I am wanting to crawl in bed as I have another busy day. 


It's a Day

Messy Stone - who loves to play so.... He has seen better days but when I am away the dogs get a grooming reprieve. LOL Lucky them!

Murphy and Mabel hanging out. It's a miracle as Mable is all over Stone every chance she can get. Velvet seems confused at all that attention she is giving that boy. He is a popular one. Every girl likes him. He is massively popular and playful with the pups too. 

Here is the mini gallery.

As I was out today, I did not get my usual grooming and photo taking done. 

I will also have to make sure I update the Leti blog but not tonight. I am tired. 

The dogs, I am told had a ton of fun. Sherry and I had our fun. We ate food too spicy and I know I am paying for it. I hope Sherry is okay. Tomorrow afternoon Nathan and I run out to Helen and Suzie's house. But before that I have to groom - baths, haircuts etc. Then back to grooming in a big way. Sunday is a nightmare of a busy day so we shall see what happens blog wise there. 

I slept sitting up last night. Neck is better but sore. I have more movement than yesterday. On pills etc Trying to do exercises. Anything is better than the 1st night when all I could do is cry each time I moved. I am convinced its due to how I was sleeping. I am going to try to pick up a water pillow tomorrow on our way back. Sitting up is not a longterm sleep solution. But dogs slept on my legs last night and I felt like I had a weighted blanket. You would laugh. How can anyone sleep like that but gad I feel loved by them!


It's a Brisk One

This is Chloe, Ali's sister. She looks a lot like Sky due to the colouring. She has just as much enthusiasm as Ali dies. She's just had a bath and a trim. 

Here is today's gallery.

We have a bunch of fun dogs here. Dennis was out using the leaf blower (it only lasts 10 minutes) and the dogs were jumping through everything he did. I said use the mower but he has to do it his way. That's okay. As long as its not me and the dogs think it is great fun. Nothing like creating a pile of leaves so the dogs can redistribute them.

I did not have a great night and woke the dogs and Nathan up around 2am. He had his annual physical so was not pleased to not have sleep. Me, I had none. Nathan is napping as he says the physical was draining. I bet it was. Me, I could fall asleep if I sat on the couch. But I will wait for tonight. 

He asked who wanted to go up with him and Ella decided it was me and this room she wanted to be in. I will never hear the end of it as he says Ella is his. LOL Murphy decided to go, Oreo, Marlie, Chester and Mabel. Velvet decided to stay with me. I got everyone groomed except Kat and Jeannie. 

The dogs are back out in the cold windy day having a blast.

Raven has been bred to Stone. Stormy still likes the tv room with the gals. LOL

Tomorrow afternoon, I am out so short blog, I suspect.


Paradise: Another Yucky Day

Oreo was playing up a storm. For an older dog this was delightful. It was wet outside and everyone was getting damp, dirty so we played a great deal indoors.

Here is the gallery.

We think Stormy is out of heat - hooray. I will be glad when everyone is done. I will also be glad when the sun is out. Got to take the gazebo curtains down and wash them, put them away till spring. It means all those clips to hold them up also has to be taken off. 

As I am typing, it is pouring out. No way that job can be done and thankfully the dogs went out before the latest downpour. 

Marco is having a complete blast. I think he thinks he is in a treat store. He seems to be pals with every single dog. It is nice. 

Chloe is here - Ali's sister and boy do they play to the point of exhausted. She goes home tomorrow and Ali will miss her greatly - so will Cinnamon. 

Shlomo looks like a wet rag as he does like the rain. But he grows weary of all my comb-outs. I can't blame him.

Chester is his usual play monkey. He is extremely playful. He truly knows how to party!

Velvet and Mabel are allergic to the rain. LOL - Well that's okay. I am too when it is cold and windy.

Friday I am heading out with Sherry to go eat and shop. I am looking forward to it immensely! The things you can do with less dogs and no pups. 

I have update the Leti blog and will continue to do with photos people have sent! Everyone seems to be doing well.


Long Day Short Blog

I heard that the dogs had a blast with Dennis and looking at the photos it had to be true.

Here is the gallery.

He may have missed someone but hes not great in saying I clicked this or that so I need to click this one. He just does it when he has time. Still, there are some fun photos in this gallery.

It was a long day for many reasons. Dad is sleeping a lot. We did get him to laugh and he so wishes he could have a party for his birthday in January but knows its not likely. 

We are looking for a good quality tempur padding, If he sits up he gets sores as his bones are sticking out next to his skin and it hurts to sit. So - ideas. He has a cheap one but its not helping. Maybe nothing will but we are determined to try to find something for him. 

Till tomorrow. Just too exhausted and I need to reconnect fully with the dogs.


Laughter and Wet

As you know we have girls in heat. Kat has been going loco quite literally and Patches and Radar was trying to comfort him then they had enough and turned their back to him. That's dog speak for enough. It was priceless as I wanted to do the same. One can only handle this whining for so long. It seemed to work as Kat is quieter now.

Here is the gallery.

It has been miserable outdoors today and finally as the evening starts the sun comes out. Everyone needed a comb out and rinse the feet experience. I really hate rain. I used to like rain. 

I am thankful that we have the gazebos as they will go outdoors under them - me too and as they are metal tops they will remain up all winter.

Tomorrow very early we head out to see Dad in Ottawa. So a short blog it will be. I am sure Dennis will take some photos.

Today, among grooming everyone, I got a hall closet cleaned (now that was a joke). I have all the gloves in one basket, all the hats in another and all the scarves in yet another. All the old shoes and coats are gone or put in bags for donation. It was a big job. It shouldn't have been but I have been ignoring it for what feels like years. Just throw more things in and then you can't find a thing. These are the normal things I do not have time for. I also started cleaning my desk and did a ton of laundry - bedding, and all the dogs stuff we use so they will be ready for the next crew. 

I have decided after all that as soon as we have a few days that are dry I am going to mow over the leaves and break them up and not pick them up. It will be natural fertilizer and easier than filling bags. Sometimes we need to look at easy vs. oh my gad all that work.

Buddy is now home. He had but 1 connection with Stormy but it was a long one so I suspect it did the job. No connection with Raven but it is early yet. Poor Nathan gets to do all that and it can be frustrating. 

Oh my Kat is back at it... I really hate heats. 

I am missing the pups but I am getting some things done. I need to find down time too or what I call learning. I have classes online that I bought that have been sitting there waiting for time.... that elusive word.

Well, till tomorrow late... We are hoping dad has a ton of time. I know that is not realistic but still... 6 years ago they said 3 months and they fooled them.


2 Updates Today

It's been a busy day with 2 puppies going home. Tomorrow the Ozzie and Murphy departs and Murphy arrives. LOL Yes, 2 different Murphys. One is a girl and one is a boy. 

Here is today's gallery.

I am now after doing this blog going to play catch-up on grooming everyone. 2 pups going home takes time. LOL So, what you see at the gallery is not what they will be before bedtime. Silly, why not wait till tomorrow? I want to make sure everyone is knot free. 

You never know who you bump into when you are out and about. Sherry and Alene bumped into each other on a walk. We will be seeing Murphy tomorrow! 

Tuesday we head into Ottawa. We will have a very short blog. I will play catch-up on Monday.

Today we took down the xpens on the deck and now the dogs have the entire 2 decks to hang out on. They are happy.

The puppy room - our familyroom - my office is now xpen free and we are waiting for one of our sons to get home to move a couch back in. We washed floors. We put all the items away. Leti knows. She is in a funk but she gets it. 

Time to get grooming.



Wanted to send a shot out of congrats to Moxie for getting her novice and intermediate Tricks Class certificates! Way to go!!!


Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Pepper was playing her heart out and this is what she looks like. I think she will have to get a comb out before she departs. 

Here is the gallery.

It's been a day. We have had a ton of play. Stormy has been whining non stop for the boys. She whined through 2 departures. Oh my. It is tough having girls in heat. You can hear her in several of the departure videos. LOL

Marlie has arrived and is having a total blast! Murphy - well you know Murphy always having fun!

Velvet has been enjoying hiding under this table then jumping out and pouncing on other dogs. She is so funny.

I could go on and on. Everyone is having a blast. Can't wait till tv time!


Cold and Busy

This is Mabel. I just love her so! Velvet is here as well and they are 2 that try tag team 2 on 1. It's a riot!

Here is today's gallery.

The dogs ran around a lot today. I think this cooler weather has made them frisky. We had pups going home and more pups to wash for tomorrow so I didn't click much. Sorry about that!

But fun was had. 

Unfortunately Willow is now in heat. Can they all come in now so we can get it over with? No, Willow is too young to be bred but she still has to be segragated - 3 weeks.

TV time soon!!


Happy birthday to Clarity and her siblings!  Thank you Darlah and Nathan for choosing me to be Clarity's forever family.  She brought life back into my home and joy to my life when there was a lot of sadness.  I will always be grateful. ๐Ÿ˜


Wonderful Weather

Ozzie is smittened with the girls. He's been having a blast. A girl goes by and there is Ozzie. Doesn't matter what age either.

Here is today's gallery. I am now going to groom the rest of the crew after the blog. These are busy times as we get ready for pups to go home.

Stormy has a new entry in her blog and Raven now has her own blog. 

Our car is in the shop - no brakes - yikes, broken door, oil, lube and change. Nathan had told me I could get an iphone after the pups go home. Well, it is going to the car. LOL Doesn't this happen to everyone? Can't win.

We need the car for a number of reasons but on Tuesday after pups go home we are in to see dad for the day. Blogs will be extremely short that day. Chester and Marco are coming that day but Dennis will be here. Let's just say time is running out to see him so we must. We will depart at 6am and come back by 8pm. 

Dogs had a blast today - quite literally as it was lovely outside. Tomorrow isn't supposed to be as warm but not cold. Friday the deep plunge and we have pups going home. After a grooming marathon today - yes I still have to do some more, I ate lunch outside and soaked in the rays. I surely wish this weather remained and looking at the dogs, they do too. 


2 Updates Today

This is Clarity and Farley. They are not here but Christine sent me a photo for Thanksgiving and I wanted to share as it was so adorable. So much love from these 2.

Here is today's gallery.

Barney went home. He will be missed! Abigail and Bentley arrived. They are here till tomorrow. Mr. Ozzie also arrived. I may not have clicked everyone. I thought I was over this acid indigestion but its back and its curtailing my taking photos. Sorry. I know I didn't click Ozzie as he came in the afternoon. Tomorrow...

It was an incredibly warm day. It made it up to 28c here. Oh my. I put shorts on and wished the pool was open. Another warm one tomorrow and then the deep plunge. Glad I got my plants in as i wouldn't want to do them now and may just let the lot die. Still have some that will die outside but got the majority in.

The dogs loved lazing in the sun. Abigail was highly interested in the puppies and their toys. 

Sky and Ali had puppy drop in last night and they had their rabies shots too. They are faring well though a bit sleepy.

Dogs are still loving the outside as I type. It's like us - trying to catch those last warm moments. Interesting enough not many were out in the neighborhood. 


Happy 3rd Birthday

Radar (photo above), Alvin, Mickey and Stone - did I get all of you? Hope you have a fabulous birthday!


Very Fast Blog

Doing short blogs. I was up till 4am as I had the worse case of acid indigestion. So I took a nap for an hour or so. 3 hours sleep is not sufficient.

Here is the gallery.

We have to fo puppy drop in. Not up for it but we will try to have fun.

Teddy departed today. Murphy departed today - miss them already and now I need to depart. Harper will depart when we are gone.



This is Mickey. He is Stone's brother - the only black and white in that litter. He was here for a bath and a trim. He is such a good natured soul. I really enjoyed having him here.

Here is a small gallery.

The dogs don't want to go outside so we are changing pads frequently. When they do go out, they get soaked. 

The dogs got some extra turkey tonight. They were in heaven. I tried to do some mass sits, down etc. It was a riot. 

Everything is drying out. The gopro is dead. One lens is still having a heart attack. That spill really did some damage. Printer still has issues and Dennis has this grand idea he can fix it. I need it this week so I will give him till Monday night. I did all the troubleshooting that HP said to. Oh well.... It is frustrating to lose so many big ticket items. It's all on me.

I groomed quite a bit today due to the dogs going outside and my usual schedule. Tomorrow is mega busy. We are supposed to be doing a drop in at Whos Walking Who tomorrow night with Sage and Ali. Nathan is in bed sick we think due to iritis meds as they are having him blitz it 6 times a day. Poor guy. Hoping he is better tomorrow. 

May tomorrow be sunny - please! May Nathan be well! May I get tons of snuggles tonight!


Messy Times

Harlow goes out but like some others she says really when it is raining. I can't blame her. Harlow and I are real pals. She is a gal after my own heart.

Here is the gallery.

Kona departed. I was upstairs combing out wet and mucky dogs while watching the puppies when Kathy arrived. It's called multi-tasking. LOL

As you will see in the gallery everyone looks downright unkept. Dennis said to me, have you washed Bria yet? I said no, that's tomorrow. He said good. Come look at her. She was a wet, black leggy thing with a grin on her face. It's a hopeless cause.

We are cooking turkey and all the dogs will have their turkey too. They have been sniffing near the stove. The ones that remember knows what this smell is about. Poor Kona was also staying near the food area. Too bad he doesn't live closer. I would bring Kathy and him some food.

I am still getting everything ready for pups to depart this week. My printer died - a 329 dollar all in one. It's now on sale for 259. Still too pricey but we use it all the time and did I get an extended warranty? NO. While I was trying to figure out why it was putting streaks over everything, I knocked a glass over that went all over everything. I had a grooming schedule that was insane. Yes, I was also juggling grooming and dogs while Nathan and Dennis was out. My desk looks like a war zone. I have no time to clean and dry out important things but I am. It's all hanging everywhere. Then I also had files I needed disappear. There was much, much more but its a better day today. I just said whatever will be will be. I am using a black and white printer. It will have to do. The paper and electronics will dry and it will work or it won't and if it won't I suppose I will cry then gain perspective. It's called life. My gopro may be dead in the water quite literally but we shall see. It's old. There is a new one out but maybe for next years birthday. 

Pups are going on Friday till Sunday and I suppose I am bummed. Don't get me wrong. I am happy for them but going to miss them. 

No connection with either Stormy or Raven but too early for both. 

Dennis already is starting a list at what we can accomplished in chores when we don't have pups. Can you imagine? He knows it will be just him and I. I have a closet that the sliding doors need fixing. I haven't a clue how to do it and I need to empty it and get rid of things that we never use. 

But it's Thanksgiving weekend. The dogs are dirty, messy and wet. One has to pause, give thanks and laugh at it all. I hope you can do it as well with whatever is going on in your life. Nathan's dad is still alive. I smell turkey and so do the dogs. It will be a feast tonight then I have 2 dogs to wash - yes really as if I do them too early I will just have to do them again. 

I think on the 16th, I may take the day off. That seems like a long time off. 


Bad Day

Kona goes home tomorrow. I started doing Kona and said not tonight. I will take him shorter tomorrow. As tomorrow is get ready for family and Turkey day, I thought I was up to doing him all today and just wash tomorrow. Who knew what today would bring.

I had a really, really stress filled day. Not my usual but it happens and it hasn't stopped. Each thing I undertake comes with issues so I wish it was tomorrow with less headaches but I am afraid this is it till pup stuff is ready and the other stuff fades.

Dogs are still having fun. Buddy has arrived and although Stormy stood for him he did not connect. Kona sure loves Stormy as you will see in the gallery.

Dogs went nuts - well boys did when Buddy arrived. They know.

Raven is now in heat. Roxie and Jeannie may be too. No, we are not breeding Jeannie and Roxie - just Raven and Stormy. Boys are howling. Girls are whining - okay only Stormy - go figure and I need a stiff drink. 

There's more but I am not up to it. Cooking a turkey tomorrow - I must be nuts.

Yes, Magic was here too for a spruce up. I had several others too. Long day...