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Snow Where Are You?

We had a saturation day. The dogs kept getting soaked. I am on Aleve, tylenol 1 combo as my arm, wrist and hand tells me I am grooming too much when I am. 

I was grooming half the day.

Every now and then I stopped and clicked a photo (like this one) but Nathan has been doing most clicking and to be honest he doesn't click as much as me. He just says he wants to participate in the play and of course he has the pick up after dogs each time he goes out so photos are not his thing except when he has the time and then he takes them. So, if he didn't click your dog, blame him. I have nagged him enough. lol

Here is the gallery such as it is.

I have a full day grooming each day through Christmas so photo galleries will be on Nathan and Dennis. I will try to nag more intelligently. lol

Dogs  are hoping for more snow as they are sick of this wet grooming stuff and can you blame them?

Now, as i type they are sitting with Nathan in the tv room chillin and loving it!


Sorry No Photos

It was so cold that we didn't click. I so apologize but the dogs are having a blast inside, outside for a few minutes and then back inside again. Even they think its too cold - not just us fragile humans.

Nathan tried jackets and a sweater on Kai and she was less than happy. She wanted to tear the thing off. 


Clean and Messy

Sparky does the Risa roll and adores it. Of course this happened right after I combed him out.

These are messy times as we had a partial melt and the dogs got sopping wet.

Here is the gallery.

Clarity and Farley was bathed one day early. somehow I thought today was tomorrow. All I can do is laugh at myself.

Kai was playing with melting snow. She had such a fun time at it. It's amazing what fascinates them.

We had so much grooming and combing out that I think I have tennis elbow of sorts radiating down to my hand. Oh well, I best get over it as these are busy times with the holidays - dogs getting groomed, dogs coming to stay and or visit. Powder snow weather gods - please!!


Running in the Snow

We got to run like crazy in the snow. It was a riot!

Here is the gallery.

We also have a non havanese visitor that we spent lots of time attempting positive exposures. 

It has been a very busy day. 

It is sunny. Not many snowballs. Now that is nice!!


First Snow Fall

Everyone was brushed. We had our first snowfall but guess what, it wasn't much. I combed out these 2 but they don't appear like I did. hahahaha

Here is today's gallery.

Blogs are short today as I am yawning and have a terrible tummy ache so... we will do better tomorrow.


Cold But Fun

Barney was over to visit and get groomed. Here he is with his daddy. Barney and Truffie really like each other. It's amazing as Dad's don't bond with the litter early on but Truffie did play with them. He's kept up his bond with him and I think that is nice! Truffie is a lovee in a huge way.

Here is today's gallery.

As we had the 5 week visit the dogs had a mad crazy run with Dennis and then went upstairs to play with him. They LOVE, LOVE going upstairs as they know he plays all sorts of games with them. 

Murphy departed - sigh. Barney departed - sigh Sparky is having a great time. I just can't keep him combed out. LOL

Dogs had fun. Tomorrow if it snows I may just take snow out and not do my usual comb-outs. Every now and then I need to do that. :-)

So, do you think the snow is coming?


Such Fun! : Gallery Made It

While I groomed and juggled, Nathan clicked. Barney was here to visit. Don't worry, he was groomed. He plays hard similar to the Stormy one.

Here is today's gallery. 

Dogs had a ton of fun today but I still have to comb them out. Yes, it's almost bedtime but it has been one of THOSE days. Oh I so need a slower day. :-)

Tomorrow I will get everyone combed out in the morning. Clean house and have visitors tomorrow and some grooming as Monday I have decided if anyone needs to be groomed, Nathan can do it. Shhh he just doesn't know that yet.

As I type the dogs are laying all over Nathan and Dennis in the tv room. I miss my tv time with Nathan and the dogs. 



After all this time Saffron and Murphy are such great partners in crime. It is obvious how much they love each other. In a similar sense, Saffron now sleeps upclose and personal to Kai and Murphy. It is obvious how much she loves them. As Murphy comes frequently, that relationship was cultivated and they have quite the bond. 

One of our grand daughters left their sock and guess who found it. It's the best toy ever. I have to laugh. At first I was concerned they would be after our sicks but not so. This one sock must have the smell of babies.

I did manage to comb everyone out early. Nathan took photos. I was going to wash the Jeannie pups but will do 7 pups and my usual groomings tomorrow. Oh boy...

Here is the gallery.

They say snow is coming. I hope so. It will be a riot to see the dogs enjoy as long as its powder snow. Wet snow will mean rinsing all those snow balls off. We shall see if it even happens.

It will be Kai's first storm if so. If it snows tomorrow it would be fun to get the Adele pups out. Jeannies is still too young but they will get their turn too. Time will tell!


Cold But Fun

No one looks brushed but rest assured this tired body got to them. It wasn't when Nathan clicked these photos. It was here and there throughout the day between groomings. If I do not make sense, it is due to being so tired. I really, really need some down time. Looks like maybe Monday as I decided if I can't have a weekend day, Monday will do. lol

Here is the gallery.

The dogs that are here all really like each other above and beyond. It's nice. Mr. Sparky I had all combed out and he went under the Japanese maple where we have damp soil and did the shimmy. That was interesting to get out. 

Looking forward to bed and snuggles. 


Wet and Mucky and Tuckered Out

Sorry not everyone was clicked. Some actually came out way too blurry. I didn't click - shh we won't mention who.

Check out the gallery.

Logan and Panda's dad made it through heart surgery. He will need time to recover but appears his heart is mended. We are ever so glad!

Ruth is still in hospital and we are hoping they find a solution so she can get home.

It's been a crazy few days starting with Leti going into stage 1 for a full day and then the next day having pups. We are still trying to recover. That's funny as I have 7 pups and 2 moms to wash come Saturday. I may have to do moms early. 

Between this rain and mud the house gets mopped and mopped and the dogs get groomed and look like wet rags after. You can't win.

Still, the dogs have an immense amount of fun. But can it snow or stop raining please!


Holiday Spirit

Not sure if I am going to have a gallery today. Sorry. It's raining off and on here. Dogs are having fun.

Hope these photos of Trigger sent by his Momma Shannon brightens your day.


Play and Waiting

We are doing all the usual things we are doing but we are also waiting for Leti to do what she needs to.

Here are some photos from Nathan.

I may try to take a nap with a few dogs but nathan is trying to get one too. My life...

Stay tuned.


Holiday and Dawg Fun

I am missing doing galleries as my focus is elsewhere so I hope this holiday photo with Marco brightens your day. We did put up a video of Katie and some of the other dogs so Ruth had a visual while she is in hospital.

You can find it here.

We also took some photos yesterday and today. Here are some photos that were clicked here.


No Blog Day

Sorry - we will play catch up tomorrow. Nathan is taking a nap with Leti. I am trying to finish blogs and we are trying to decide if it is safe to go out to dinner around the corner. We were also supposed to stop at the Apple store to get Nathan's ipad checked out. At this point we are waiting till just before to decide and if we go it is with loud cell phone in hand. :-)

So it's a no gallery day but I will try to make up for it tomorrow. Apologies. Off to trim feet on 2 dogs as soon as the blogs are done. I am not grooming anyone including the moms with the exception of the visitors. That includes Pippin in the photo above as he is heading home today. 


Rain, Wet and Dry

This is the weather of messy times. That's okay. Know if they are messy they are having a great time.

Pippin arrived late today so no photos in the gallery of him but there will be in tomorrow. It started raining and well if I click too much when it is raining the camera gets soaked and so do the dogs. So, I try to avoid excessive work. 

I met Sherry's sister. She's so nice like Sherry! I also met her dog though it was just a short visit. No time to love him up as we were feeding dogs.

When I groom everyone they get a small treat. Farley looked at me as if to say is that all you got? I just laughed and laughed.

Spicy just snuggled up to me last night and that is where she remained. Nice gift of having a moment with her. Cooper squashed Nathan's legs. It was a wonderful night in bed with so many cuddles. Best time next to tv time!! Why? I get my snuggles in and those are special!!

Here is today's gallery.


Busy Day

It's been a busy wet day. It is absolutely crazy with rain. The clean up of the floors and the dogs are funny. It's the only way you can view it.

Nathan sat at the 403 and QEW to hand off a pup of Paula's. Madam was fun! He is not home yet and waited for hours. lol Maybe he got a nap in?

Dogs are not crazy about going outside so photos was not in the cards. I took a few head shots. Best I can do as I need to dry feet, rinse and do all that stuff each time they go out. 

Here are a few headshots taken quickly just so you have something to view.

Anne and Russell gave us an early holiday gift and it was so nice!! It was fun to explore the bag. I also got a beautiful blanket for the Leti pups whenever they deign to come plus a gorgeous bone with Talemaker on it. Will have to take a photo so you can see. They also gave us a solution for our anniversary in case this litter comes on the 2nd. So all would not be lost if she decided to share our anniversary date as we could get takeout. Thank you, truly!

If this litter comes on the 2nd, I am naming them - temporary names just for the fun of it. Can anyone think of a theme with a gal from Praque?


More Sane Day

Playing with my manual settings and trying to get that motion blur.

The sisters had a blast today!

Here is the gallery.

Sherry gave me a delightful early holiday present. Deepest appreciation! If Leti cooperates I will give her something special too. 

Can you believe it is almost December. One more day. How did the time fly?

I watched Kai and Bria and they were a riot! They played and played and Kai napped so Bria played with others.

Tomorrow we have an early visitor. Then Nathan has a delivery of a pup in rush hour. He's talking about leaving at 1ish. Not tomorrow, Leti. :-)

Tonight Clarity and Farley come - wonderful! Tomorrow Cooper and the Spicy one! Zach and Coco is also coming - hooray! Our anniversary is December 2nd and we will see if we can eat out or not. Leti yoo hoo.. 

If not maybe I will take a day off grooming... heh 

Oh busy times but fun times!!

Also Logan and Panda's human daddy is going in for a heart operation. Keep him in your thoughts. Good karma going his way as we need him well for the holidays - magic wand stuff and all!

Thoughts also head out to Ruth (Katie's mom) that she also gets good news and she is able to get out of hospital. 

You are in my thoughts!!


Like the Wind

Ever notice how fast the dogs can run? It's poetry in motion. I just love it!

The house is emptying out. Humans, canines and the likes and again it is getting quiet. Come Thursday Cooper and Spicy will be visiting. So nice! Bria - Kai's sister is back for the day tomorrow. How fun is that?

Got everyone combed out. They don't look like it now but they are knot free.

Check out the gallery.

I am exhausted. The dogs still have lots of energy in them. It's 8pm and I haven't eaten yet. geez

Fun times are coming!


Cool Weather Play

Sorry blogs will be short tonight. Family just now left. 

Harper left today - Mazel Tov to Yael on her wedding! Two of the schnauzers departed. Shlomo was here for grooming. The Luna gal departed - sniff. Teddy - well Teddy is a grand dude!  Ozzie departs tomorrow. 

Here is today's gallery.

as you can see, i am late so short it is.


Before Bath

I just adore this photo. Aren't they cute? Yes, this was done before their baths and I just laugh as it means  they were having fun. When it is dark and we are in bed, I have a tough time telling Pepper and Saffron apart other than the length of their ear furnishings. So, I literally go down the ears with my hand and say oh Saffron - oh Pepper. I have to feel my way to knowing who. heh

Here is today's gallery.

Pepper and Scruffy had a great time and are departing tonight.

The schnauzers are here till Tuesday and as you can see Stormy is giving Ozzie love. It's endearing!

The dogs are having a great time. I am going a tad crazy but we are hoping Leti is okay for a couple of days and we play recovery from a very busy weekend. We shall see.