Fish Beds

The puppies and adult dogs love these. She makes sharks, dog houses all in a variety of fabrics. Check it out.

Our Choices

We feed Fromm exclusively. Why? Your pup can eat any Fromm 4 star food switching daily without tummy upsets. Plus our Havanese are worth it!

Doggie go doo doo? Easy open, longer and stronger, OXO-biodegradable and 100% CANADIAN! These bags are the best. Easy to open, doesn't rip and the right size! Get the scoop!

Picnic Photos & Details

The picnic date took place on July 18, 2015 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos are now here from the 2015 picnic.

Grooming 101

Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

Certified Pet First Aid

Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.


Princess Ines Update

They call her their little chameleon. Look at that hair! Lovely!

This is when she went home


First Class

We had a blast but no class next week. It starts again in 2 weeks. So, we have no excuses not to practice. Here is the gallery. The video will have to come later.

Thanks to those that joined us. Wish you all could have.


Puppy Heaven

I went out to get my mail and who was outside on a walk? Moxie. She wriggled with excitement. It was so fun to see that Spicy action that they all do. They tend to wriggle with their entire body in excitement.Spice has been really lucky seeing many of her beautiful babies. Roxie jumped in to mother her too.

Well, Cinnamon and Moxie went into the pool. We were going to take Bru as we call him in but the thunder and lightening came. Next time, Bru.

Here is a gallery of the pups playing their hearts out. Can't wait till Velvet gets back here so she can swim as well. Now who hasn't visited?


Farley and Clarity

Two amigos off for a short early morning walk with a quick rest in the shade before heading back.

Both Clarity and Farley had a bath yesterday - Farley's first by me - a little squirmy, but overall very good.

It wasn't a fluke ...  I've seen Farley lift his leg three times now when peeing.

Yesterday had 9 family at the house, including a 5 year old (he says Farley loves him :)!  Farley was great with all the activity and attention (all three of us slept until 8:30 this morning!).

Still working on the swimming ... Perhaps we can work in a swim visit at Talemaker's or you both visit me (I'd crank the pool another couple of degrees to 86). You guys let me know.


Visit to Murphy Gal and Sherry's Home

Here's the gallery. 

Here are the 2 videos

Visit Part 1

Visit Part 2 

It was so much fun. We had the pups and Saffron as Saffron and Murphy are best of friends and sisters. Murphy gal was wonderful at getting the pups to chase her and she shared her home and surroundings and toys with the puppies. You will laugh when you see the videos. 


Puppy Play

Murphy came to play for the day and will be coming a few times in the week. We are excited and oh my gad Cinnamon and Brulee were so excited too. 

We have puppy heaven here and no matter who comes the pups are meeting new people. It's grand!

This is a no gallery day as I had way too much grooming including dematting so.... no pool, no gallery etc. It is what it is!


Velvet Update

Did you notice Velvet has a heart shaped nose?

So cute and appropriate  :)

Here is a short video of her playing with Mabel.


Archie Update

Hi Darlah and Nathan,

I am just sending some photos : )

We are going to the Vet this Saturday for vaccination.

Hope it won't be very stressful for Archie.





Your photos and subject is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


Velvet's New Family

We had so much fun with this one. Jayne didn't tell her sister and her mom so all weekend long she was mum about it. She told them they had a couple of pups over so meet me over at our house so we can socialize some pups and then she sprung it on them. Here is the photos from that meeting. Look at #45 where Jayne's sister said you are taking her home today. It still didn't digest. It was a fun moment to be a part of.

We also have Murphy (the boy) visiting us till Sunday. He is so much fun! Check out the photos of all 3, Velvet, Murphy and Cinnamon playing before Velvet's departure.


Toupie Update

Hello Darlah,

Last night was my best night, the Sherpa bag on the bed was a great idea, a big THANKS for that. When I put Toupie in the bag she cried for about five minutes after she falls asleep and woke up at 5 o’clock. 

Carole & Toupie