Picnic Photos & Details

The picnic date is now on for August 9, 2014 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos are now here! Watch for next year's date when we figure it all out!

Grooming 101

Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

Our Choices

We feed Fromm exclusively. Why? Your pup can eat any Fromm 4 star food switching daily without tummy upsets. Plus our Havanese are worth it!

Doggie go doo doo? Easy open, longer and stronger, OXO-biodegradable and 100% CANADIAN! These bags are the best. Easy to open, doesn't rip and the right size! Get the scoop!

Certified Pet First Aid

Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

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Wet & Dirty

I can't keep up today.

It's been hell day when you consider how many times I rinsed mud off and dried the dogs and forget about the floor.

We won't talk about that and my white - ooops brown towels as I walk and yank on them across the floors.

But they do make me laugh and laugh. How about you?

Reader Comments (3)

who can resist. stella can be freshly brushed and within minutes she looks scruffy. i think you said risa has always had bad hair days. stella is follwing in grandmas foot steps. she always manages to have a devil/angel look on her face,looking for the next thing to get into or maybe just snuggle. i understand now how you get hooked on havanese !!

November 30, 2011 | Unregistered Commentervalerie

My white puppy looks pretty brown herself after we go outside these days *sigh* oh well, you've got to love them - especially when they're so cute!

November 30, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAlyssa C

The snow we got today will just bring wet and snowballs. I like that better than brown sandy dirt mixed with rain.

November 30, 2011 | Registered CommenterDarlah

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