Picnic Photos & Details

The picnic date took place on August 19, 2017 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos from the 2017 picnic can be found here. 

Our Choices

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Grooming 101

Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video Windows version) and for you Mac apple folks - here's a conversion. - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

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Certified Pet First Aid

Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.


Kai's Transition Another Day

Kai is getting adjusted to the big dogs. She runs outside with the rest of the crew as if she always did it. She also didn't sleep in her sherpa bag on the bed but instead just on the bed with everyone else. 

Saffron has stopped looking for her babies other than the momentary stop at the door to where the pups sleep at night. She is really enjoying Kai. Wait till she sees Margo again. 

If the dogs bark when someone bangs on the door she runs for the crate. I imagine that will go too when she clues in that the bigger dogs are just being silly. She's getting her daily combouts and getting a small treat. Otherwise she's not concerned about much. She's eating well and playing her hearts out. Deep down I think she thinks she's bigger than she is. hahahaha


Kai's Transition

Life has changed for this little one. She slept on our bed in her Sherpa bag. She wasn't relaxed out of the sherpa bag as a couple of visitors wanted Nathan's neck too. She did really well sleeping through the night. 

Since her last sister departed she has been out with the big guys. She is adjusting to not having an xpen. She runs out with the others and plays her heart out then falls asleep on Nathan's lap. He's hogging her as he will be gone next week. He wants to make sure she doesn't become all mine with his holiday. It has happened before. He goes away and the dog is forever mine. I don't set out to do that. It just happens. 

I am hoping she remains a Daddy's girl for him. 

We heard from the sisters and both are doing well. 

Saffron looked for her babies last night and today. She knew Kai was with her but it was as if she said where are the rest and she watched them depart. I think she is starting to adjust. A few more days and she will figure they are gone and Kai will remain.


Bria's New Family

What a great family photo, don't you think?

What a journey this has been. This has been a fabulous crew and I look forward to updates.

Here is the gallery with Bria's Family. 

Last night the crew played upstairs in the hall for a last time - well last time till Margo comes back for a visit. kai will like that as she seems to be in a funk. Here is the gallery from upstairs. You will get to see the fabulous couch Sherry bought for them. 

Do check out the videos here.

We will continue to update you about Kai and the siblings if we hear from them. Margo is doing well. Bria just went home.

Come the 17th Margo comes back for a few days and I bet Kai and Safi will be delighted. Nathan will be in Florida so I get them to myself in bed. :-) It's going to be fun!


Margo's New Family

Well the first gal is gone. Saffron is aware but doing okay. We will miss this one but she will be back next weekend, I believe and I am soooooo excited. Nathan is away in Florida with his guy friends and I get the sisters together with me in bed. Now how fun will that be? Nathan may get sun and time off but the pusp will be all mine. hahahahaha

Here is the gallery of the departure. Videos are going up shortly

There are 2 updates today. Oh boy it begins...

PS: Some of the very best family photos. Look at those smiles! Plus check out Jaimey's (owner) sister's baby in the photo and vodeos. What a fun baby! The pups loved the baby!


Bria Bath

How did she do? She was great. Curious on what was going on. A bit nervous about the dryers blowing both ways but good. Bria departs tomorrow. Oh my gad I am going to miss this crew.

Kai also had a bath but I won't put up her photos till after the 2 sisters are gone to allow them to shine.

Here is Bria's bath gallery.

We will not have an outdoor video today nor a play session in the hall. It's too cold and too busy. We will just have a gallery in a separate entry of the girls playing when Margo departs.

So it begins....