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Mom & Daughter

When you think your dog is in a funk and she lightens up when the pups come and go you tend to worry when they go what she will then do.

But I know from the past that it brings closure for them and for us. Sure you still miss them but you see how happy they are and you go, then that's the way it should be!

Since the puppy visit Abigail has found her full out play again with Roxie and Panda. The 2 daughters are rather pleased that mom is playing full on with them like she did before pups. It's not as if she forgets about them. She actually still plays with them but her focus is on the pups and rightly so. When the pups are gone moms can go back to teaching and playing and that is exactly what she has done.

Interesting enough Treasure has found her fondness for Monty, her son.

Someone asked do they remember and I think they always do but some feel their job is done. Other times their focus has to be on other things like pups. In some ways not falling back into that 'the way it was' is healthier for mom and pup. They end up truly moving on but as I see Treasure investing her time with Monty I see she is missing that connection too.

I am lucky as I truly have great moms.

On Sunday I think the moms are going to get an extra treat. They deserve it!! I hope all of the new puppy moms also get an extra treat. You too deserve it!

Perhaps now you understand why we do these puppy visits. Over the years we found it was important to do them for us, for the canine moms and the new parents. I wish other breeders did similar.

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Reader Comments (4)

I'm so happy to hear that Miss Abs has had some closure, as well as Wasabi of course. It certainly is a transitional time for all and we must do the best we can to help all concerned. It's an emotional time for everyone, I think. In past, I have felt we rescued our puppies, but in this case we know that is not so. To take them from a wonderful home is difficult, but we know you can't keep them all and of course we so wanted to have our own little puppy to love and to cherish. We're all moving on and it's good to know that everyone is adjusting well. We owe our thanks to you all . . . you, Nathan and your son, Dennis!

May 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDebi

Darlah: I think one of the reasons you have such great moms is that they feel so secure in your love for them. You raise them to be such balanced dogs. They way your moms work together is just amazing. Another breeder once told me how one of her moms wasn't really interested in looking after her pups and had to be put in the whelping box to feed her pups.I said "so I guess you won't breed her again" and the breeder looked at me like I was crazy. How sad. I had to leave quickly as my tears clearly were not understood.This was a breeder in the States and I was only there to research if a Havanese would be right for us. Yes, but NOT one of hers!

May 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterIrma

Irma: When a mom doesn't want to be a mom it is time not to breed them. Some brand new moms need help. They go from playing to a lot of work and it is so important to give them balance and support. I remember Risa trying to get her pups at 1 week to play with the toys. It's like a brand new human mom feeling their way through the experience and with your help and the other moms they perfect their skills. The support system is important.

Now I have heard of moms having to be held down to feed etc. If I was faced with that situation I would have mom feed the pups as they need mom's milk but I would use one of my other moms for the conditioning and spay the mom that wasn't up to it. There are some humans that have a different journey other than mothering and that's okay.

But there are some canine moms that truly don't like mothering. They find it confining and I imagine a great deal of work and some would rather play and to be honest that's okay. It's simply recognizing it and not forcing them to do something that they don't enjoy ever again. The pups, the moms and even you pay for that dearly.

Some are meant to be agility queens vs. moms or pets loved and coddled.

In our home when the moms have pups they get special food from steak to liver to lamb chops and much more. They get massages daily. I tend to take care of every one of their needs so much so that when they go outside through the rest of the dogs they literally prance as if to say - look at what I did and what I have. They are so proud of themselves but they do get an immense amount of support and due to that I do believe they are truly happy. I love the smiles they have when they are surrounded by pups.

I can't imagine trying to force a mom to mother.

May 8, 2012 | Registered CommenterDarlah

I am sure that the way you treat your moms makes all the difference in the world. It so shows in the proud and happy looks on their faces when they have their puppies. You really are special people and it shows in all your dogs. This breeder I spoke of didn't get that some dogs are not meant to be moms and neither was she aiding this mom. It broke my heart because the pups where not getting the mommy love like all your pups do. This happened a couple of years ago and the more I see the happiness of your moms, the more I think back to that breeder and her lack of insight.The puppy visits are such a great thing for everyone (human and canine).Abigail getting her playfulness back makes me so happy. Listening to everyone sounding so so happy on the video and watching all the dogs playing happily has me really looking forward to that too. Now I'm getting WAY ahead of myself! haha I can't help it 'cause I'm totally addicted to your blogs!

May 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterIrma

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