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The puppies and adult dogs love these. She makes sharks, dog houses all in a variety of fabrics. Check it out.

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The picnic date is on for July 18, 2015 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos are now here from last year! 

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Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

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We feed Fromm exclusively. Why? Your pup can eat any Fromm 4 star food switching daily without tummy upsets. Plus our Havanese are worth it!

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Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

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Mom & Daughter

When you think your dog is in a funk and she lightens up when the pups come and go you tend to worry when they go what she will then do.

But I know from the past that it brings closure for them and for us. Sure you still miss them but you see how happy they are and you go, then that's the way it should be!

Since the puppy visit Abigail has found her full out play again with Roxie and Panda. The 2 daughters are rather pleased that mom is playing full on with them like she did before pups. It's not as if she forgets about them. She actually still plays with them but her focus is on the pups and rightly so. When the pups are gone moms can go back to teaching and playing and that is exactly what she has done.

Interesting enough Treasure has found her fondness for Monty, her son.

Someone asked do they remember and I think they always do but some feel their job is done. Other times their focus has to be on other things like pups. In some ways not falling back into that 'the way it was' is healthier for mom and pup. They end up truly moving on but as I see Treasure investing her time with Monty I see she is missing that connection too.

I am lucky as I truly have great moms.

On Sunday I think the moms are going to get an extra treat. They deserve it!! I hope all of the new puppy moms also get an extra treat. You too deserve it!

Perhaps now you understand why we do these puppy visits. Over the years we found it was important to do them for us, for the canine moms and the new parents. I wish other breeders did similar.


Laci's Journey

Click on Photo for Larger View

Well when Debi and Doug arrived Laci was out with some of the adults running to the door wagging her tail.

Sometimes that craziness at the door (they calm down quickly but still craziness) sends the puppy running the other way as they don't quite understand what is going on.

Laci just thought oh fun, is this what we are supposed to do? Well you can but not vocally, please and thank you!

They also went outside and played. Due to the winds last night we lost our sunshade that goes on top of the sun shade thingie - what do you call them? It was shredded. Just like some of the shrubs Nathan hates he was glad to see this one go as he wants a new one - probably some interesting colour. Maybe I need to get it without him?

Pups still played outside. I found myself in a jacket yet again.

They loved running around and see some of Laci's last moments with mom.

It's Dennis birthday today and the chocolates that they brought - well Truffles after our Truffle of course was decadent. I am going to gain weight for sure.

Dennis is sitting watching Games of Thrones with his father draped in dogs. What better way to spend on a birthday?

On behalf of Havanese Rescue, thank you for the donation in memory of your treasured late dogs Tiffany and Tia. I will be putting it up on the memory page on the HFC rescue site and Nathan will be placing it in the magazine. The money will go to good use as we do get Havanese in need. Paula and I run rescue and the condition of a recent dog we took in would make you cry. It's terrible what some people do with them.

We take them in, retrain if necessary, get them medical attention, grooming etc and find them the forever home they deserve.

Enough about that.

The crew here is rather quiet missing Laci, it appears. Tomorrow Tre departs and I have to finish the paperwork but Tre will not be washed till tomorrow morning as he won't be going home till the evening.

We already got an update from Debi and she will fill you in more, I imagine. She made the trek home well. She doesn't want to be alone, ate half her meal and they are indulging her today and that's okay. She's checked out their yard and house and fell asleep on Debi's lap and now Debi has had to learn how to negotiate typing and a little one on her lap.

It appears all is well.

Here are a few photos of Laci. Tomorrow all the Abigail pups will be gone.


Next Two to Go Home

Tonight Laci will get her bath after Nathan gets back from a meeting at the club tonight. I wish I could go but can't.

Check out our All About Our Dogs blog for a gallery of Zoe a Schnauzer and the pups. She was great with them and them with her - no fear.

I was just getting used to 5 and tomorrow it will be 4.

Then the next day 3. Wow!

Tre indeed has chocolate in him. Some days he looks black and some days  you can see the brown overtone.

He was a riot with Zoe and Logan as if to say, wow another bigger dawg to play with.... fun!

Well off to play with pups and get them out before the rain, wash Fiona and then later on Laci. It's a busy night and Wasabi's blog will come later...


Mommy Attack

I should put a larger view in the storage area just so you can really see the expression on her pup.

I had to laugh as they really are starting to seriously wean - feeding only a couple of times a day from moms now. When they have more time for other things they can start the process of perfecting their skills with the moms help.

Moms both feed each others pups and correct and play with all.

I had one of Wasabi's outside by himself. I have started doing this to see how they are away from moms and litter mates and Abigail is the one that didn't do okay. Hey where is that baby?

Wasabi knew what I was doing and had to lick him all up and sniff him when he got back.

Pups have visitors tonight. Me, I have a bed calling me.


3 Weeks Old Today

Can you believe they turned 3 weeks old today? No Wasabi video, just an Abigail puppy video day as a celebration for 3 weeks coming into this world and brightening up my life.

Check out the video.

As you will see in the video they are checking out the action outside of the pen. Curiosity is a 'good' thing.

They now react to noises and tune in when they hear Teaser's pups playing as they walk by or Wasabi checking in on them, which she does from time to time.

They are getting to be fun and I have a great time sitting in the pen and letting them investigate my legs, feet and the clothes I have on.


The Panda

Panda had a bath and so did her house mate, Logan. I also washed Treasure and groomed the rest. Panda and Roxie is going to handling class with Nathan and Lynda (Lynda owns Logan and Panda) and I am staying home to watch Logan while they go and to catch up on my blog and relax. I am not sure I will get the relax time in but going to class would mean a late night updating the blog. So I am being proactive despite Nathan's disappointment. hahahaha

This photo was taken about 90 minutes after she jad a bath. She looked gorgeous but in that time she stick her head into a bed, rolled all around and shook her body so she had that natural look. I had to laugh.

Abigail is back to eating just one meal. Unless you give her filet mignon....

At least she is clean.