Picnic Photos & Details

The picnic date took place on August 19, 2017 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos from the 2017 picnic can be found here. 

Grooming 101

Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video Windows version) and for you Mac apple folks - here's a conversion. - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

Certified Pet First Aid

Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

Woofstock 2018

Meet us at Woofstock. Dogs are welcomed. We meet at the restaurant across the street from Woodbine park. Here is the location. Meet up happens on May 28, 2016 at 9:30 to 945am. Rain date is the next day. Look forward to seeing your havanese there and the humans too! Don't have your havanese yet? Well join us anyway!

Our Magazine


Havanese Breed Magazine's 37th issue is available in an electronic version. After numerous requests, a new printed version is also now available. Click here

Award Photos
Friends & Associates

Pablo Update

Pablo's first day outside.  Where is he?

Looking out the window

Visit from Niece wearing her very own "Doggie Dress"!


Kora Update

Kora says hello!!!!


Poppy's New Family

I hear that Poppy fussed all the way to the airport. I hope she has settled down now. Nathan drove them to the airport and he stayed quiet so she didn't get confused. Safe travels, little one. You have an extra special place in our hearts as you were going to stay here. Now you are on a wonderful journey. Embrace it!

Here is the family photo.

This is the last Cinnamon puppy to depart. This is the last of the updates until we receive updates from you.

Here are the photos before she departed.


Poppy's Last Bath

I had to do baths first thing as I need to crawl into bed until the next one departs. Meds are not helping. So, here we go, keeping in mind I am not up to this stuff at the moment, Poppy did fine in the bath though  she was a moving target.

Here is the bath gallery.

When it came to taking photos - no issue. When it came to removing a small knot on her bum - they do get them - she had words with me. Not bad - she just let me know don't tug on it so I sliced through it and pulled it apart. She was appreciative. Pads, bum clipping - no issue!


Till Updates

Swag is the only Cinnamon pup left so no more updates till pups all go home and then we will start posting update photos. 

These two are polar opposites. Misty likes to jump in your arms amd Swag likes to lay in your arms. 


Tanner's New Family

There are some wonderful photos of these 3. Such memories.

Tanner fell asleep half in and out of his sherpa bag before he departed.

You will find the gallery of the play before he departed here.

Thee is a different feel in the puppy pen tonight. They are playing but in a quiet way. 

Be sure to check out the videos. They are always uncut. So you get to see it all. LOL


Tanner's Last Bath

Tanner was a wonderful boy in the bath. Started out wonderful under the dryers but he wanted to cut the process short. LOL

Here is his gallery.

He is such a wonderful boy. I can't believe the colours bleeding through.

He will be the last Cinnamon pup that is departing to go. 


Pablo's New Family

Pablo has started his forever journey with his new family! 

Here is the family gallery.

By the time his family arrived (they were 2nd pickup), the crew was tired. Pups need to play then rest then play then rest. 

You will see how calm their were in the gallery here.

The pups are fast asleep. Miss him already!


Kora's New Family

Here is Kora's new family. See her family gallery here.

Kora was the first to depart. Activity was high.

You can see the play before departure.

I can't believe it's begun. Missing them already!


Finally a Name

Yes, finally a name that Nathan can agree on. I gave him so many. 

Her official name is Talemaker’s Got My Swag On       

Call Name Swagger or Swag for short


Last Baths

In order of departure - Kora is first

Kora was a great girl in the bath, out of the bath buit wasn't sure what this cutting the pads business was. She is going home tomorrow. She will be our 11am slot.

Here are her bath photos.

This is Pablo. He was fine for the bath. Fine for photos but decided the dryer was not for him. I think he wanted to play. I am always reminded you do not take a puppy away to have a bath when the others are running around. His sister was bathed before they came out. 

Here is his bath photos.

He departs at 1. 

Going to miss them dearly!


Oh Boy

They play, they conk out. They have a ton of fun. They are quite good at the treat bottle game. 

On Friday, two of Cinnamon's pups depart. The two sables. The girl's name is Kora (Talemaker Kora) and the boys name is Pablo (Talemaker Paint's a Muse). Then on Sunday the tri boy, Tanner departs. His full name is Talemaker's Happily Ever Tanner.

We are still mulling over a name for ours. That means by April 7th, Cinnamon won't have any pups departing. She gets to hang out with who knows what your name will be.


Our Name

We Are Still Working On It


You Have Mail

If you do not receive yours, please send us an email. Please copy me on the email with all the pertinent info and the date desired for pickup. 

Cinnamon's pups can start going home Thursday on. This is a reference statement so you have dates to work with. 

My email address is darlah@potechin.com

This will save Nathan from my repeated requests if he received the pertinent info. He does not check his email like me. 

Can you believe they are 10 weeks on Thursday - wow!


Walk All Over

It was a walk all over day. Doesn't this look like fun?

Be sure to check out the gallery.

Short blog today as we are dealing with something.


Lazing After Play

Yes, we do sleep. We do rest between. We actually sleep a fair bit of the day, at this point.

The pups have had a great amount of play today. We are still waiting for 1 person to tell us their choices. I know it is hard to wait.

Be sure to check out the videos. I am uploading a bunch now.

This girl would be my keeper if we didn't already have sables. I need to bring black back into my lines.


Please 3 Top Choices

Please get your choices in by tonight so everyone doesn't have to wait, please. We want to get this done by tomorrow. It's not fair for everyone to wait. I also have a lot of work to get ready for them to depart. 

Here is today's gallery in my office and hall. We try to get them to play in a variety of areas.

Short blogs today as I am tired from snowballs. Hope you understand.


Last Family Visit Then Home

Here is the gallery from the visit.

Now the process begins. Please send us your top 3 picks. I know this is stress-filled. It is for us too. So please get them into Nathan right away. This way by Sunday night, if all are in, we can start working on them. 

I have a lot to do before they depart. I so love the 3 crew. 


One More Day

Tomorrow is puppy visit day and boy are you going to have fun. Me too watching and recording it all!

You will see a huge difference from last visit. These pups are over 9 weeks old already. They will be ready to go home next Thursday on. 

This boy's colours are bleeding through. He now has eyebrows, Rather cute!!


Snuggles and Play

We make it a habit to be sure we snuggle each puppy MANY times a day. It helps them understand that snuggles are welcomed and for us humans, it just plain feels good.

Be sure to check out the videos.

Wait till you see them on Saturday. They run as fast as their legs will allow. They jump, leap up and down. You are going to love them!

I have all the items for the bags to go home ordered. Nathan is picking up the bahs of food tomorrow. He has to make sure they get enough in. Busy times. Going to hate seeing them depart!