Picnic Photos & Details

The picnic date is taking place on August 17, 2019 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos from the 2017 picnic can be found here. Yvonne's place is NEXT DOOR to her old place. I will try to put a havanese flag out front. Hope you can join us. Directions are here. The house # is 25.

Grooming 101

Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video Windows version) and for you Mac apple folks - here's a conversion. - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

Certified Pet First Aid

Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

Woofstock 2018

Meet us at Woofstock. Dogs are welcomed. We meet at the restaurant across the street from Woodbine park. Here is the location. Meet up happens on May 28, 2016 at 9:30 to 945am. Rain date is the next day. Look forward to seeing your havanese there and the humans too! Don't have your havanese yet? Well join us anyway!

Our Magazine


Havanese Breed Magazine's 37th issue is available in an electronic version. After numerous requests, a new printed version is also now available. Click here

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Ollie and his Beyonce Moves


The Ollie is Growing Up

Baby’s growing up!


Pingo Update

He is so adorable, don't you think?

Here is a video of Pingo playing his humans new whistle game. :) 


I wanted to send you a little update and share a few of Pingos little quirks! 

He isn’t much of a cuddler. He prefers snoozing in his pen and on the floor than on our bed or couch. So much so that we have gotten used to leaving blankets and pillows around for him to cuddle up against. :) we don’t mind, we understand it takes time to get used to our movements and smells. 

Pingo loves to play, he has fun toys but always opts for a dish towel. He is a simple creature, it would seem. 

When he is sleeping and not playing he can be found on his back, under a blanket, squeezed between two pillows, or hugging a stuffed animal. 

He eats his food happily, and drinks lots of water. And hits the pee pad every time. 

Pingo is incredibly polite with strangers, a bit cautious but warms up quickly. He learned sit, and lie down on the second day. He knows his name, responds to whistles, and LOVES fetch. We are slowly teaching him paw and stay. All in good time.  

He is nervous around microwaves and washing machines and today I learned that he barks at shadows. But honestly, I do not blame him, those are all very scary things.

My mom owns a Boarder Collie and a German Shepard mix and although they are renowned to be smart dogs, I think Pingo would give them a run for their money. 

 He is far smarter than I would have anticipated. Sometimes I look into his deep brown eyes and I can feel him, listening, thinking, and learning.

He is a little nervous around the brush, but he is getting used to the comb. Which is what I will use for the time being. I want to keep his coat long. And see how it progresses in colour. So eventually, with lots of treats, and patience he will get used to it. 

Below are images of him sleeping. All on his back, as usual. I am going to try to send a follow up email with a video of a game my friend and I play with Pingo. She whistles, he runs. I whistle, he runs back, he could do it for hours if we let him.  

Dusan and I love him more than anything. When he learns something new we tell everyone we know. We are proud parents and thank you all for all the work and love you put into these lovely creatures. 

Enjoy the photos 



Meelo's Visit

Meelo was here for a grooming session. He also got to play with his mom and she was thrilled. See the gallery. He had a total blast.

When I get the galleries up, you will see him playing with the 3 crew on Saffron's blog. You will also be able to see the videos with Meelo. 

It was a total blast. He loved it. Us too!


Hanging Brothers

Look who was hanging out with each other. The brothers.....


Meelo's New Family

Here is his family photos.

Got an update:

Meelo was a good boy and slept most of the way home.  He had his lunch and peed outside, he is currently busy exploring.

I just want to thank you once again as he is an exceptional puppy ❤️

Will let you know how he sleeps tonight.



Aww we miss the guy but rather nice people and that does my heart good. 

Here is the play before he departed.

Last of the Stormy pups - all rather exceptional beings. Till next time... 

Please send updates, folks!


Meelo's Last Bath

What a trooper he was. Bath - no problem. Dryer - no problem. Pads, clip around feet - no problem. No help required. Thank you, Meelo. We will miss your good natured soul. 

Here is his bath gallery.

I have a feeling he will do well swimming.


Sully Update

Hi Nathan and Darlah, 

I just wanted to write and let you know that Sully is doing really well! He seems to be a tiny genius and learned “sit,” “down” and “come” by the second day with us. He also seems to want to learn how to shake a paw, but one thing at a time. He has been really good about going outside, and yesterday he asked to go out! We are really so proud of him.

He is getting along well with Simon, although we do have to separate them completely for meals (Simon’s issue, not Sully’s) but they love playing together and racing around the house. Sully is also learning to fetch although he gets distracted easily at this point. He is such a charmer and loves meeting everyone, we couldn’t be more thrilled with him. I have attached a few photos below. Enjoy!


Meelo Update

Meelo had his vet visit today and now has his second set of shots. He fell asleep on the table and didn't make a peep. He is now 7lb 3.5 oz. He is a good car traveler.

Poor Stormy cried at the door. Think we are going to get her involved with the Cinnamon pups too. We are all falling but we all have to let go. 


Types of Play

Sky Playing With Meelo

I had a couple of people that was concerned with how Meelo plays with mommy Stormy in the video. This was NOT aggressive play. It was fun play. When a dog makes that purring growl play sound they are playing not being aggressive. I am positive Meelo doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. He is a fun, fun puppy who plays with ALL! I find him napping on his back in a sea of dogs without a concern in the world. That is trust. 

When Roxie growls to say no, I do not want to play - that's how dogs communicate. He play bows and tries to get her to change her mind. Sometimes he is successful. Sometimes not. He is learning how to effectively get another to engage and learning dog communication.

There is NOTHING to worry about Meelo. This entire litter is a fun, fun crew. Each has their own personalities but due to Stormy and her fun engaging personalities, they are too. 

By the way, Meelo is using the pad 100% here or going outside. He is just following the others and following suit.

I am pleased with all of the crew!


Meelo Update: Video Added

Meelo was returned to us yesterday due to serious health issues with his human that make keeping up with a puppy impossible. It was a sad day for all.

Meelo came back and a few hours later we had some puppy potential visitors. Angela, one of the visitors fell in love with him from his name to his personality - the whole package. I can see why. He slept in Nathan's neck last night on the bed. He has no issue running in and out with the dogs. He plays with everyone. He is a wonderful puppy. He is such a lovely puppy through and through.

Our prayers and thoughts are with his human that dropped him off.

Sometimes life throws us curves. May the fight be won! 

May you find solace that Meelo will be on a wonderful journey. That last line is what gets me by when each depart.

Meelo will be departing for his new home on Saturday. Till then, you can follow his photos and watch such a ball of fun that he is!

Here is a video of Stormy and Meelo playing.


Ollie Update: Reunion Video Added

Ollie visited today and got his first bath and pad, belly trim and bum cleanup and he stuck around to play. It was great! I do not have videos. I know his human mom does and Stormy and Ollie was excited to see each other.

Here is a gallery.

I have to say both Ollie and Stormy was delighted! I have to admit, we were too!

Here is the video Rochelle took of the reunion.


Ozzy's New Family

Gallery before Ozzy departs

I made a joke that he was shy. Ozzy is NOT shy. This is the last Stormy pup to depart. I have to say I am going to miss their enthusiasm and zest for life. I hope they visit especially to come swim and play.

We shall see.

Here is the gallery of Ozzy's New Family.

What a wonderful family. Really wish I had more time with them. 


Ajax's New Family

Ajax just departed. It's why blogs are going to be short today. We had a 11, 3 and 6pm departure today. 

Here is the family photo.

Ajax was a riot playing with Stone and the remaining pals. 

Here is the gallery of the play before they departed.

Tomorrow the last of the Stormy pups depart and all that will remain is 2 Raven pups till Thursday. 

It is such a transition for the new family's, the pups and for us. We get excited to hear about the journey. 

We will try to get videos up tonight but not sure if I will manage it. I will try.


Ozzy's Last Bath

Here is the gallery.

This boy was a dream come true for his bath. He enjoyed every aspect without complaint. He was relaxed. He has a sensational attitude.

This is the last puppy to depart tomorrow from Stormy. Stormy has already started to notice but she is refocusing her time with play. 

By tomorrow night we will have 2 Raven pups only till Thursday. 

Nathan says he wants a Stormy pup as they indeed have her personality. Here's to a girl next time, Stormy. LOL


Pingo's New Family: 2 Updates Today

They had a long drive so hoping all went well. Here is the family gallery.

It is getting quiet around here. Not to worry about Stormy as she will play her heart out after they are gone. She may look for them here and there and then get distracted with play. 

Here is the gallery before Pingo departed.

This was Stormy's largest boy. He would rile the others up if the rest were too mellow. Well, not always but he indeed has that got to play spirit!


Ajax's Last Bath

Ajax was amazing in the bath. I find myself calling him Jax or AJ just because I always look for shortcuts if I can. I rather like Jax as a name as well as Ajax.

Here is his bath gallery.

Ajax will be the last puppy departing tomorrow. Then on Sunday Stormy's last puppy departs. 

He is the littlest of Stormy's and has this Stormy spirit. Going to truly miss this crew!


Pingo's Last Bath Before Departure

Here is the gallery of Pingo's bath.

Pingo was great in the tub and under the dryer. He didn't like me shaving his pads but he wasn't bad. Perhaps it tickled too much. LOL

Pingo will be departing tomorrow morning. He's got a long drive to Ottawa. Tomorrow he won't be having lunch but instead will have dinner when he arrives home. You never feed before a drive. They can survive just fine. You have to set them up to succeed.

Happy to see their families excited! Going to miss them!


Check It Out

Check out the Raven blog tonight. That's where the gallery is. Pups have been having a blast and as I am typing they are running like banshees with Dennis upstairs!


Ollie Update

Who is checking whom out?

Ollie is doing really well in his new home!