Picnic Photos & Details

The picnic date took place on August 19, 2017 from 12pm to 5pm at Yvonne's place in Brighton. Check out the details here. Photos from the 2017 picnic can be found here. 

Grooming 101

Want to see how I get a smooth coat and what equipment I use? I am continually learning and perfecting but I created this video Windows version) and for you Mac apple folks - here's a conversion. - not a professional one, to help you get a head start and perfect your own skill. Got questions? Ask away.

Want to know how to create a bathing machine that will save you time, product and wash your dog better than ever before? Check out Dick and Irma's instructions on how to create your own machine for a fraction of the cost.

Certified Pet First Aid

Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid is a recognized National Pet First Aid Certificate course for dog and cat professionals and pet owners. Talemaker Havanese now has that certificate having taken and passed the course.

Woofstock 2018

Meet us at Woofstock. Dogs are welcomed. We meet at the restaurant across the street from Woodbine park. Here is the location. Meet up happens on May 28, 2016 at 9:30 to 945am. Rain date is the next day. Look forward to seeing your havanese there and the humans too! Don't have your havanese yet? Well join us anyway!

Our Magazine


Havanese Breed Magazine's 37th issue is available in an electronic version. After numerous requests, a new printed version is also now available. Click here

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Fun Play Upstairs

The rain affords us the push to take the pups to different places to expose them to the new. Sometimes it is easy to just take them outside but even though it is a lot of work to set up the upstairs, it makes sense to do it for them. This week I will take out 1 at a time to the front yard and carry them around so they can hear cars and see new things. They are also heading to the vets this week. That also affords them new exposures. 

Here is the gallery.

If the vets are busy, Nathan will take 1 or 2 out at a time so they can look around in his arms. these exposures help them build coping skills.


Sherpa Bags

The pups truly love the sherpa bags and have a great deal of comfort in them. This transporting them in and out works well for the new families.

Be sure to check out the videos.

They sure are lively and then they sleep. These bursts of energy is fun to watch.

More tomorrow...


Ella Crew

The Ella crew is gaining weight, growing and truly their personalities are coming through. She has some truly fun characters. This beauty photographed above wags her tail and snuggles into my neck like no other. It's such a great feeling. 

Here is the gallery.

They are getting adventurous and learning from their play. I can't believe how many teeth they have.



The pups are starting to chase Nathan. What fun. Check it out in the videos.

Anne and Russell brought some teethers for the puppies. I am freezing them now and they will get to play with them outside in the morning. Thank you!!

The Ella pups are truly fun these days. They run to you wagging their tails so happy to see you. 

I am amazed at the changes since the 5 week visit. They are wrestling maniacs - well not really maniacs but they are rolling and tumbling. Just love them!


6 Weeks 1 Day Old

I see a huge difference with the pups by the day during this stage. It is interesting. They have now started wrestling and due to having teeth they sometimes hurt. Their sibling will yelp, stop the play and walk away. This is how they learn that you have to have a soft mouth.

Here is today's gallery.

Due to cooler weather, the pups had a real blast outside. They are about to go out again!